21 December 2010

I read the 10 suggestions of Craig Zcelizer to be more peaceful and read many feedbacks from a lot of perspectives including that of CNVC that I loved so much. What great ideas! As a writer, Critic, Certified mediator and negotiator I concur with most of them but came to know that my knowledge be good or huge as it may is nothing before the love of God, the true one, and all mean nothing if they cannot lead me to enjoying life in heaven. I am actually 40 years old and was shy before to ascertain what I am writing on this network of very important, knowledgeable and respectable people but now can dare do that to make you understand where this knowledge lead me. Please give them sense in testing it with the authentic love of God. I have never experience being in the hands of Satan after death and nor did you. I have never experienced living authentically with God after death and nor did you. I heard about the voice of Jesus Christ who was dead on the Croce for our redemption, read about God's servants and prophets, prayed and got to know that the Bible is the book of the books. Mediation has its techniques but its purpose is only achieved when the mediator has love for people in conflict. You can forget about the words that may be disconnecting you from your own "religion", but if you keep God's love then you will know those of God and believe them whether you want it or not.
So, dear sisters and brothers, keep the very good words of Zcelizer and other good people who contributed and remember to be in line with what God asked us to do. His love is not a vague one that we recall to our friends when we have well eaten and are satisfied "Tssss!!God is great!! Praise the Lord!!", His love needs knowledge and understand and wisdom that we get from the Bible. To implement it, we need some "techniques" like in nonviolence or mediation.

It is wonderful to apply your techniques and good suggestions to create peace keeping in mind that peace comes from God and only from God. I am sure that most of you do. I am a poet and Critic and you all know that when a good fiction simulates a situation, it just looks like real but it is not. It is the same with peace without God.

I wish all of you to enjoy meaningful peace in heaven. Prepare for it from now.

Merry Chrismas and God bless all of you


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Comment by Felix Monsia on December 25, 2010 at 10:57am

Thank you Dear brother for what you said about peace. I really agree with you that whatever a peace theory may be it cannot work without God's love in our heart. so peace without true God's love is like a car without fuel .

May God bless you .Have a Merry Christmas

Comment by Anastasia Rosen Jones on December 23, 2010 at 3:40pm



What you wrote was touching. Have a Merry Christmas.




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