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Copenhagen 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference

Ask, Answer, Learn and help our leaders lead with fresh insights through collaboration.

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Opinions about the Carvings

Background Information

To learn about the images and symbols found in the Kathmandu Valley, it is important to learn about the cultural past and religious and political settings of the Valley. History suggests that Kathmadu dwellers practiced both Hindu and Buddhist faith systems in the past and this tradition is carried out till date. The amalgamation of Hinduism and Buddhism can be seen in the arts and architectures found in different corners of semi-urban life of Kathmandu and of… Continue

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Arts for Peace: An Study of Erotic Carvings in Hindu Temples in Kathmandu



This study tries to understand the erotic images carved on the struts of Hindu temples in Kathmandu valley in the light of theories on sex and sexualities. People living in the valley take sex strictly confidential but there are numerous temples in Kathmandu where erotic images are publicly displayed which is otherwise against the moral values of the people.

This study claims that the motive of… Continue

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"Promoting Peace through Dialogue" Jerusalem August 2009

Dear friends,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and International Advisory Board (IAB) of Global Majority, I would like to share with you the latest information about our upcoming program on conflict resolution that will take place in Jerusalem later this summer. Below is the overview and attached is the flier for the program. We kindly ask that you please review and consider distributing this information to your students, alumni, faculty and… Continue

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A father and a child at Cantonment in Nepal

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children from the borders

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N Korea at crossroad

can humanity defend human beings?....................................................

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Human trafficking in Nepal

Yes, this is one of the burning issues of the developing world, and Nepal is one of the major source countries. The types of trafficking that we have observed in our context are as follow:

Intra State Trafficking:

Trafficking within the state, like from rural setting to urban settings. Particularly girls and boys of adolescence ages are trafficked to the urban settlements in the form of forced laborers, commercial sex workers, domestic workers, etc. Similarly, during the Maoist… Continue

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Failing the state: recognizing Somaliland -

Written by Caplin, Jessica

May 30, 2009 at 08:49 AM

Harvard International Review • Spring, 2009 • AFRICA

As nations across Africa struggle to maintain law and order, the international community has forsaken one of Africa's most promising states. Somaliland announced its independence from Somalia in 1991, seizing its opportunity during a power vacuum in Mogadishu. A stable democracy, it contrasts dramatically with Somalia, its war-torn neighbor, which perpetually… Continue

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Tihic Re-elected, Brankovic Resigns

Tihic Re-elected, Brankovic Resigns

Originally posted at -

Two significant political developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina will have important repercussions for the process of constitutional reform and the country's deal with the IMF.

By Ian Bancroft

Whilst the re-election of Sulejman Tihic for another four-year term as president of the ruling Bosniak Party of Democratic Action… Continue

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About Child Soldiers in PLA

The presence of child soldiers at the People's Liberation Army's (PLA) Cantonment has attracted sufficient attention for the public debate. National and international organizations are lobbying for the safe landing of this critical issue with a view that these child soldiers may turn out to be a constant source of militancy in future which may permanently jeopardize the peaceful social transformation process in Nepal. Others are of the opinion that keeping children in the Cantonment is against… Continue

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Ahmadinejad is not a lame duck

Rarely does a day go by that president of Iran is not a major news item- The sixth president of Iran has consistently condemed the aggression of the Israeli state and especially their oppression against Palestinians. He has consistently criticized the United States of America and Europeans for the full support of the new apartheid in Middle East. His critiques have been met with an attempt to demonize him both by the Israeli´s and most western media… Continue

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I LOVE EGYPT Egypt is the mother of all countries and nations
7000 years of civilization
the kindness and hospitalities of the Egyptians
the pyramids
the River Nile

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$ Conscious

One of the last frontiers for conscious living is the financial frontier. That’s a fancy way to say: It’s hard to get conscious about money and it’s even harder to stay conscious about it.

Money. What we know about it. What we’ve learned about it. What we do about it. How we act around it. Getting conscious around money is well worth it.

Here’s one of many suggestions: get a conscious credit card. I laughed out loud when I saw the ad.

Finally, a credit card for… Continue

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originally posted at Enjoy Mediation HERE

Note, for active links below, click the above link

For the 3rd and final post highlighting the Office of Quality Improvement & Office of Human Development (OHRD) at the University Wisconsin I want to first list their definition of conflict:

a disagreement through which the parties involved perceive a threat to their needs, interests or… Continue

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Jelveh and Aung San, Defending Humanity, Defending Conscience

By Elahe Amani

Friday 29 May 2009

Jelveh Javaheri of Iran and Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma have many differences at personal and political level. But, other than sharing the same biology, they have one thing in common, they both are prisoners of conscience by authoritarian states in countries where respect for human rights and human dignity is undermined and violated.

Aung San Suu Kyi, the acclaimed Burma leader and Nobel Peace Laureate in her famous speech “ All we want… Continue

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urtak insights - The Law

Urtak Insights - May 28, 2009

The Urtak project has had a tremendous month of May, seeing over 30% growth. We are advancing!

Top 5 - The Law

While some of us believe that the rules are meant to be broken, the reality is that by transgressing we risk being locked in a cage or even put to death. It is a good idea to know the law.

But power comes from the people. This week's Top 5 looks at what this community thinks about the laws that govern us. As more… Continue

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Sovereignity for Sale: The Niger Delta Crisis and the Nigerian State

Recent military engagement in the oil rich Niger Delta bring to question the sincerity of the nigerian state in protecting its civilian population and above all resolving the issues of development in the region.The current military hostilities negates all international norms, particularly the Geneva convention common Article 3 that forbade attacks on civilian population especially women, children and the elderly.This hostilities will bring about a deadlock in the peace process already started… Continue

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The role of the International Community in Kosovo in a Globalization Context

In these recent years Kosovo was part of a process building a new society and a future for all communities. This process was charged by the international community, as a neutral and main actor, leaving in one way out the local leaders.

Kosovo is not an island, to be isolated from the world. The history of deeply division started in a fragmentation process after the cold war, which happened in former communist countries, where some states failed, especially in Eastern Europe. Ideas and… Continue

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Sweets, Sex & Mediation!

Originally posted at Enjoy Mediation here

Being a 'People Person' May Be All in Your Head

According to that title, I am sure I was a tabloid headline writer in a previous life. There is a connection to the three, really!

This headline has been making the rounds all over the Internet, including the homepage of Yahoo!

The opening paragraph to the US News &… Continue

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