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Teaching, I am working as Associate Professor in The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), New Delhi
Peace Education, rights of The child, Teacher education.
§ Human Rights Education in Schools : The Indian Experience Human Rights Education in Asian Schools. Vol (8) , March 2005, 95-108. § Teacher Education Researches in Developing Countries : A review of Indian studies. Journal of Education for Teaching Vol. 30(2) Nov., 2004, 205-224. § Education as a Fundamental right in India : Promises and Challenges. International Journal of Education Law and Policy. 1-2, Dec. 2004. 27-33. § Para Teachers and quality concern in primary education : The Indian dilemma. Learning organisation in a Learning World. Conf. Proceedings April 2005. 622-628. § Problems of Indian Distance Learners. 16th World Conference of ICDE on Distance Edu. Thailand Nov. 1992. § Gender Factor Influencing choice of Courses: A case study of IGNOU. Accepted and Published. IX Annual Conference of AAOU China Dec. 3.5.1995. § Attended the International Seminar on Teacher Education for Peace and International Understanding. From 27 Sept to 8 Oct, 1999 at NIER, TOKYO, JAPAN. Presented a Country Paper entitled ‘ Peace Education in School and Teacher Education Programmes in India’. § Attended Second Consultative meeting on education for conviviality in Asia. 14-15th April, 2005 in Seout, Korea, organised jointly by International Christian University and Asia-Pacific Center of Education for International Understanding (APCE 14), presented paper ‘Teacher Education for Peace and Conviviality - The Indian Perspective’. § Attended 19th International Conference ‘Learning Organisation in a Learning World’, Bangkok, Thailand. 18-22 April, 2005. Presented paper ‘Para Teachers and Quality Concern in Primary Education : The Indian Dilemma’.

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