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Rizvi is an award winning documentary filmmaker who has worked with news and infotainment networks in Pakistan and Dubai. His work has managed to incite government policy change on issues of public and national interest and some of his work has been aired on CNN, Al Jazeera and BBC. He has collaborated with international Emmy award winning filmmakers on various projects and is a contributing artist with the United Nation mandated millenium development goal project.

Recently, his work has been solicited by advocacy agencies and featured as awareness content on multiple platforms in the aftermath of the 2010 Floods-dubbed as the worst floods in history by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

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Pakistan, Afghanistan, Canada, India
Documentary filmmaker
Civil Society, Conflict Resolution, Culture, Dialogue, Education, Human Rights, Media, Peacekeeping, Terrorism
Advocacy, Capacity Building, Curriculum Development, Program Design, Program Implemenation

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