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Laitia Tamata is a lawyer by profession that has been involved in Development work in policy, project implementation and management in Constitutionalism, Democracy, Human Rights, the Rule of Law, Governance and Leadership which enbales him to make the connection into peace building and conflict resolution. Mr. Tamata is an internationally qualified Trainer with the UNDP/UNAIDS Trasformational Leadership Programme and the Australian Election Commission/UNDP Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Leadership (BRIDGE), Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment by Training Australia Training Unlimited and as a Training Development Officer with the New Zealand Defence Force. As an international Peace Keeper and now a Private Security Employee, Mr. Tamata is aware of the local regional and international issues in Peace Building and Conflcit Resolution.

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Pacific Region Fiji Islands Vanuatu Kiribati Federated States of Micronesia
Vehicle Commander, CLDA Baghdad Contract, Armorgroup Iraq. I am researching Transitional Justice as an Optionn for Pacific Island Leaders following national conflicts in the Pacific Region.
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Civil Society, Conflict Resolution, Conflict Mainstreaming, Democratization, Development, Education, Environment
Advocacy, Evaluation, Program Design, Research, Training
Transitional Justice; an Option for Pacific Island Leaders when compared to the shortcomings and absence in peace building and confclit resolution options under the Criminal Justice System
1. The Rights Based Approach under the Fiji Island Constitution; School of Sociology, Social Policy and Social Work, Massey University Palmerston North New Zealand and the Fiji Association of Social Workers; Fiji Social Work Journal, Volume 2 2. The Legal Justification of the Affirmative Action in Fiji, For the Good of All, A Progress Report on the Implementation of Affirmative Action Programmes under the Social Justice Act, Parliamentary Paper no.66 of 2004 3. Policing Child Abuse through International Law, Papua New Guinea Annual Judiciary Convention 2002, CRIN - Child Rights Information Network - Resources - 17k 4. Pacific Island Courts and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Development Bulletin, (56), 35-37. (2001). Special issue: Involving Young People in Development. 5. The Application of United Nations Human Rights Conventions in the Pacific Island Courts; Journal of the South Pacific Law – Working Papers 4 of Volume 4 – 2000

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