TED Talk, Josette Sheeran, Head of the World Food Program: Ending hunger now

Josette Sheeran, the head of the UN's World Food Program, talks about why, in a world with enough food for everyone, people still go hungry, still die of starvation, still use food as a weapon of war. Her vision: "Food is one issue that cannot be solved person by person. We have to stand together."

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Comment by Fieyim Anomboundem Njonguo on August 9, 2011 at 10:00pm
This is coming at a crucial time in reference to happenings in the Horn of Africa. Thanks for the address and also for invoking other solutions being used in different places... with political will and determination, hunger won't be a problem anymore. Mankind must stand united in order to challenge hunger. Keep up the good work!!! Thank you
Comment by Dr Mustafa El-Hawi on July 30, 2011 at 2:03am

Unfortunately, most of the time food used for political reasons like the situation in Palestine. We run a local NGO in Gaza and we distribute food parcels and other humanitarian aid after each Israeli incursion to Gaza but most of the international organizations put restrictions on our work which make it very hard to reach volunteer and poor communities. I wish you can support us develop our work and reach the most remote and poor people in the Gaza Strip during the current sanction and closure of boarders

Comment by Merekaraka Tipoki-Caesar on July 29, 2011 at 7:30pm

Hello Josette, I think about this topic every day why is there so much hunger, I am preparing a program to use our landholdings in New Zealand to start our World Food Program so that we can provide food for poor nations, returning to N.Z. December to discuss with my tribal people.  It will be our start to support the poor and hungry.  Would really like to stay in contact with you please?  Look forward to your response in anticipation.  Warm Regards from Merekaraka

Comment by lana on July 29, 2011 at 5:25pm

i liked it so much , it is one of the most important issues that people need to discuss.

palestinian now , has no salaries. and the workers , cant all acsess to food ,some has people to support but plenty are headed house hold as me , i dont know what to do !!

i have an ambition killed by politics , i cant plan for my right in studying abroad, becuase i am worried if i can make balance between my studeis, and children :food &health

i have children , i cant support them,

how can women acsess to food, money when you work with low salary , and nooo salary at the ende at all.


i am worried .


hope things will get better


Comment by Lucia Quachey on July 29, 2011 at 1:56pm

The world has to stand together to fight hunger, we do it continent to continent and across continents.

African Countries must focus more on Agriculture and it's related activities like cost effective irrigation by taking a clue from Israel. We must do things that will reduce conflicts and direct all that energy and resources to grow more food using high yielding seeds and affordable technologies. If we start by using appropriate technologies to address post harvest losses, we will be saving 60% crops that go waist or allow to go waist due to low price as well as lack of preservation facilities at the farm gate.

We can not live in the midst of plenty and be hungry. We need to motivate our farmers to grow more food just as the US has done for it's farmers, we can do it too if the political will is there!

Comment by Rosemary Cairns on July 29, 2011 at 12:59pm

Everyone should watch this presentation and share it as widely as you can.  It is the best argument for locally-driven development I have ever heard. And this is a woman who believes in what she is doing, from the heart and from the mind. Powerful!

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