Healing Multi-Generational Trauma Can Promote Peace.

Dr.Peter Levine Methods and Tools For Trauma Healing and Recovery,called Somatic Experiencing Can help End the Cycle of Violence of The Frozen Fight Energy Stuck in the Body of Both Solder and Freedom Fighter and achive a Win/Win for Peace.Combat Energy is Stuck Deep on a Cellular Level.It is Key to Heal this Trauma Before Confict/Resolution and NVC.

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Comment by St.Thomas SpreadingEagle on July 15, 2009 at 2:17pm
Human Being when faced with Life threaten Stituation go into a Somatic survival response called,Flight,Fight,and Frozen,Regardless of the Mind the Body does this Automatically.Danger Happens so fast the Mind does not have time to React.Rapid Heart,with quik deep breathing.Adrenalin rush.All preparing the Body for Fight,Flight,or Frozen reponse to Danger.Normally the Energy will Disapate in about 12 to 48 Hours.In extreme Trauma it take weeks or years.In the case of Multi-generational Trauma it is a Group Dynamic,Tribe,Clan,Community,even a whole Country.Grandfather,Father,Son.The Trauma of War,Terror,and Conflict perpatuates the Cycle of Violence on Both Sides.Specifically the Fight(Combat)Responce Unhealed and Unprocessed is carried Deep in the Body on a Cellular Level.You notice I am Not talking about what the Mind is Thinking.Individuals,Groups(tribes),and Nations Carry PTST.Peter Levine Somatic Experiencing and EMDR can be used to Release and Heal the stuck Combat Trauma Energy.The Somatic Component is neglected and Missing from the Peace Equatuon.If your wondering why Confict/Resolution and NonViolent Communication is Not Working.Its Obvious you Left the Somatic Component out.You deal with the Mind and Totally Forget the Body somatic Component.Peter Levine gave me a Gift of Treatment.I used to be a Freedom Fighter and Carry Assault Rifle.I carried Multi-Generational Trauma,Frozen Stuck Combat Energy for Years.Heal the Frozen Stuck Combat Energy in Both Institutional Solder and Freedom Fighter we can End the Cycle of Violence,Achive a Win/win Peace for Both sides involved in Conflict.

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