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Comment by Neri Bar-On on July 22, 2007 at 7:31pm
The amazing woman Helen Titchen Beeth who wrote the transcriptions:

What I’m trying to say to you, as gently as I can – and I’ll say it in Palestine starting tomorrow – here is a strategy for defusing, taking the stinger, out of the radical RED-to-BLUE system. It’s not Hamas. It’s RED-to-BLUE. There are elements of Hamas that are very intelligent blue. And we met some of them. And I’m sure there are some elements in Hamas which are BLUE-to-ORANGE. So Hamas is not a monolith. And the more we can speak in terms of the spectrums of differences.

I helped FW De Klerk to see ANC RED, ANC RED-BLUE, ANC BLUE, ANC ORANGE. And once he could see ANC ORANGE, then it became possible to strike a deal, because Afrikaaner had moved to ORANGE. And with Mandela – bless his saintly heart – he would ask me: am I being BLUE enough for you? I’d say “No, you need to give a BLUE speech to your youth and colleges, insisting that they exhibit discipline”.

The assimilation contrast effect shows how spectrums of differences emerge from flamethrowers, to zealots, to ideologues, to moderates, to pragmatists, to conciliators. It was really fun watching the Hamas faces the other day when I put this (slide) up. And went through the process with them of showing that the conflict is always between the radical influence (at flamethrowers/zealots) and these elements here (ideologues/moderates) – the term ‘moderates’ is used, which I don’t like. It looks like its this extreme – Hamas type – versus Zionists over here (both at flamethrower level), when it’s really flamethrowers/zealots versus ideologues/moderates/pragmatists – for the hearts and minds of people. And the extreme positions here need for these to exist here (indicates RED/RED-blue) Because they have to convince the population that a moderate view is not tolerable, because this entire wing, all Israel, is RED, controlled by Zionists. And, from this point of view (the Flamethrowers on the Israeli side) all Palestine is controlled by radical Jihadists. Do you see that stereotyping? Which means the mid-range disappears.

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