When "Trafficking" in Refugees from Cabinda in Europe becomes a Lucrative Business!

CABINDA is Africa's longest and least talked about "colonial conflict". Few, even among those vaguely aware of Angola's significance to European and American interests, however, have ever heard of CABINDA, the former Portuguese protectorate surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville), and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where more than 70% of Angola's oil is produced and from which it (Angola) earns nearly all of its foreign exchange, inasmuch as CABINDA is also full of gold, hardwood, uranium, diamonds, etc.). Even fewer are cognizant of the protracted conflict that has been going on in CABINDA since Angola occupied it by military means in 1975. In order to perpetuate the colonial plundering inflicted on the tiny CABINDA, the Angolan government is sparing no effort to muzzle and subjugate the Cabinda People to its order based on an extreme violence.

It goes without saying that Angola's crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of genocide have forced two-thirds of the Cabinda population into exile so far. Since ANGOLA's blind ambition is to defeat at any cost the Cabinda People's legitimate and peaceful struggle for self-determination, its army goes as far as to regularly carry out intensified military attacks on "Cabindan Refugee camps and settlements" in the neighboring countries, i.e. Congo-Brazzaville and DRC. Furthermore, in the African continent and beyond, particularly in Europe, the Angolan government is coercing its partners both into denying international protection and humanitarian assistance to Refugees from CABINDA and into doing their best to postpone the granting of independence to the colonial country and people of CABINDA, in exchange for valuable forest concessions or rights to minerals and oil. Do you still need to ask yourself why Angola's genocide in CABINDA is downplayed by world's leading p...?

Switzerland, for instance, is a European country considered to be a State under the rule of law. Yet Bartolomeu Capita, a refugee under the UNHCR mandate, has been deprived of international protection and humanitarian assistance for four years. Unlike Cabindan Refugees in Canada and US, who are entitled to private roof, health insurance and valid travel documents, Capita is having great difficulty living in Switzerland. Since return to the home country is unsafe, and local integration is impossible, the solution is a third-country resettlement under the aegis of a specially trained nongovernmental organization. Yet this mandate refugee from CABINDA is deprived of either a valid CTD (Convention Travel Document) or a UNLP in order for the resettlement to be feasible. However, well-placed Swiss people have anonymously told Capita that ANGOLA and some of its European powerful allies are exerting upon Switzerland strong pressures aimed at forcing the Swiss to only grant a valid CTD to this Cabindan Refugee in case the resettlement is either in China or in Brazil. Strange !!!

Since the CABINDA ISSUE is a legal-political problem that falls within the competence of the United Nations; since Angola's internationally wrongful acts in Cabinda entail the most serious crimes of concern to the international community as a whole, as referred to in the Rome Statute, and which, as a result, fall indisputably within the jurisdiction of ICC (International Criminal Court); and since the standing device of the ICC Chief Prosecutor is that crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of genocide must in any case be prosecuted, even if the perpetrator is an acting head of State; it is high time that Switzerland and other European countries (having Cabindan Refugees) expressed their sincere commitment to push for the establishment of a more just and reasonable international political and economic order, by explicitly urging ANGOLA to come down on the right side of human rights and international law with regard to CABINDA. 

Thanks for your time and help in this matter.

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