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The Peace and Collaborative Development Network is an open source for networking, resources, and exploring the fields of peacebuilding, conflict resolution, development, human rights, and more. We are constantly developing the site and also seeking feedback on how the site may have impacted you. Below please find feedback from some members. To see additional feedback and make your own comments, visit the feedback discussion.


APSIA brings together the leading graduate schools around the world, which specialize in multidisciplinary, professional international affairs education. Being a part of PCDN helps us to share information on our in-person and virtual recruitment events. It also provides access to information about jobs, internships, and other opportunities for us, which we can share with students at our member and affiliate schools.  Carmen Iezzi MEZZERA Executive Director, Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs


Dr. Victoria Fontan, Associate Professor, Head, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, University for Peace

What I like the most about this network is its diversity. Not one person, institution, or epistemology, ranks above others due to geography. PCDN has kept me informed, allowed me to voice some opinions, and most importantly, has allowed me to carry out two successful job searches in the past two years. The quality and diversity of candidates that applied to work in my department has just been outstanding. Before posting my job advertisement to PCDN, I had a handful of serious applications. PCDN increased the application numbers by more than 400%. The diversity of the candidates allowed me to interview qualified candidates from all over the world, hence reflecting in my department the diversity of our student population at UPEACE. I find PCDN to be an invaluable job search resource. 


Cameron Chisholm, President International Peace & Security Institute, DC
PCDN is a crucial tool for any organization seeking to communicate and collaborate directly with the global peace community.  The impact that the International Peace & Security Institute (IPSI) achieved through our trainings and publications in the last year has been multiplied many times over by utilizing the incredible networking power of the PCDN.  No other new technology or social networking site even compares to the PCDN, and we, as the global peacebuilding community, are hugely indebted to the site founder for having the vision and passion to unite us under the PCDN banner.        

Scott Beale, Founder & CEO, Atlas Corps

PCDN is vital to the work of Atlas Corps as we recruit professionals from around the world. It has also become a network builder as the majority of our Fellows use PCDN to forward their long-term professional goals. Since Atlas Corps started in 2006, PCDN has helped us reach more than 130 countries as we receive on average 500 to 1,000 applications a month. 


Jose Zalaquet, Head of the MOOC Chile Project. Lawyer, Universidad de Chile.

PCDN has been a tremendous resource in our recruiting for our online course on Human Rights Education. In fact PCDN was the third largest source of Traffic to our site after Amnesty International and the Chilean Museum of History.

Libby & Len Traubman, Co-founders, Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue
PCDN is our very best resource to discover partners for creating a world beyond war. It's the world's finest gathering place to find colleagues, tools, social science, human experience, learning opportunities, and employment on the road to creating together a global learning-community that works for all and excludes no one.


Meeghan Zahorsky, Associate Consultant, Vera Solutions - PCDN played a key role in our hiring process, allowing us to connect with and hire an excellent candidate. When it comes to peacebuilding and development, PCDN is the most comprehensive network and resource that we as practitioners have at our fingertips.


Emily A. Mallozzi, Membership & Operations Manager, Alliance for Peacebuilding - The Peace and Collaborative Development Network (PCDN) is an essential tool for professional peacebuilders worldwide, and serves an important function for the peacebuilding and conflict resolution fields. As the institutional home for the peacebuilding community, the Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP)knows that many AfP members utilize PCDN as a source of information pertaining to current events, networking, jobs, new research, and more. As a valuable tool for individuals, PCDN complements AfP’s own work to advance the field of peacebuilding through innovative programming and policymaker education. PCDN’s value can be measured in the sheer volume of information that is generated throughout its network, and is a service we as peacebuilders should all be investing in.


Manmeet Mehta, Sr. Program Manager, Crowdsourcing Social Innovation & New Partnerships, GlobalGiving

GlobalGiving is thrilled with the launch of a Strategic Partnership with Peace and Collaborative Development Network. PCDN is an invaluable resource for civil society organizations seeking to network and stay informed on key opportunities in fundraising and capacity building.  Recently, this partnership has resulted in more than 74 entrepreneurial organizations to connect to potential opportunities for funding and expanding networks on the GlobalGiving platform.

Dr. Jacob Bercovitch, Professor of International Relations,University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Web sites on conflict, as indeed on any other aspect of human endeavor, have proliferated in the last few years. So much so, that at times one is left all too bewildered by the vast array of possible sources on what is new in the field of conflict. To my mind, one web site truly stands above all others, and that is the Peace and Development Network. This site offers the most comprehensive information on what is happening in the discipline, on new books, new sources of funding, and new fellowships. In fact it offers information on just about every aspect of conflict. It is also wonderfully interdisciplinary. It will appeal to the scholar, practitioner and students of psychology as well as those from history, political science and sociology. It is well organized, it has a great number of features that make it user friendly. It brings you into contact with like minded people in every part of the world. I have learned a lot from it, and I daresay so will others. It is a wonderful and comprehensive resource. I urge you to use it, and do so now

Tim Hicks, Director, Master's degree program in Conflict and Dispute Resolution, University of Oregon
The primary benefit to me has been as a source of information on a wide range of current activities, publications, initiatives, jobs, etc. related to the fields of peace and conflict resolution. In addition to helping me keep informed, some of the information is of direct use for our students.

Secondarily, and equally as important, I think that the networking, linkages, and community-building that the network can foster is of great service.
Professor Fred Dubee, Senior Advisor, UN Global Compact

First a note of admiration and appreciation. It is impossible to estimate the importance and value of participating in the Peace and Collaborative Development Network.

Personally I find the new research and new information the most valuable to my work as a student, explorer, researcher, writer and teacher.

But even more important is the rich information, insights and opportunities I can share with others in the various networks that have accepted me as a participant.
Fabian Schuttenberg, Academy for Conflict Transformation, Germany

We are a training institution offering courses and trainings for civil peace service personnel. Located in Bonn, we are quite well known in Germany and some neighbouring countries. Being a member of the network helps us, to inform peace workers, scholars, and other interested people abroad about our institution and our offers who would usually be hard to reach for us. In that way, the network creates benefits not only for us but also for those interested in acquiring practical skills for conflict transformation.
Dr. Carolyne Ashton, Senior Research Assoc., Inst. Learning Team
Search for Common Ground, Washington, DC

I have found the site very useful for keeping up with what is going on in the field. I especially appreciate that things come my way on this site that I would never have thought of looking into, e.g., manuals and some topics that are outside of my direct work area.

As the editor of an internal newsletter for Search for Common Ground staff, I highlight, in the newsletter, the announcements that are particularly related to our work in media, youth, governance, etc. I do not have a way of tracking if anyone follows up on them, but staff often thank me for including a specific one of interest to them. I have also encouraged our staff around the world to join the site, and many have.
I run CHALK4PEACE, the global chalk art project for peace that takes place every fall. The Peace and Collaborative Development Network has time and time again provided much needed information, networks, available grants and contacts that have clearly assisted us in our efforts to reach out to the world about peace. Thanks to the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, we are rising rapidly as a significant program of global Peace through Art. This network, for anypeace minded person or organization, should be considered invaluable.

Cheryl Duckworth, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, NOVA Southeastern University http://teachforpeace.blogspot.com
The Peace and Collaborative Development Network is essential. It is the most multi-sector and international network I have yet come across. Being a member has enabled me to connect with resources, research and, most importantly, colleagues worldwide. It is applicable to any sector of peace building, from peace education to non-proliferation. I visit at least several times a week to find new discussions, publications and projects in the field.
Maria Lucia Zapata, Balsillie Fellow, Ph.D. Candidate, Balsillie School of International Affairs Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada
The Network is an important tool for any person -newcomer or professional- interested in peacebuilding, human rights and development. The network is constantly sending information about scholarships, reports, discussions, events, training and news around the globe. etc. It has allowed me to meet new colleagues in the field, and to access information (reports, videos) that otherwise I wouldn't be able to find. I personally recommend this network to friends and colleagues, not only because it is a good network, but because it is trustworthy.
Ping Ping Worakate, Project Coordinator, Peace Revolution, Thailand
Like Peace Revolution, this network is a very significant platform where we meet like-minded peace activists from around the world. Knowing such key persons from different organizations helps in networking to a much wider and deeper level. Also, the immense source of information such as peace events, fellowships, grants, or updated news give us insightful perspective of what going-on in the world. This is truly an amazing hub of peace activists and educators who are prompt to react to the fast changing environment.

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Comment by Catherine Akurut on January 16, 2010 at 1:55pm
I have just joined this network and am enjoying the site and all and i can know anything about peace, conflict and hey those University posts are great. Am searching for a University to do my PHD and ope i find it on this site, ha ha

Thank you the site is Amazing
Comment by Juliana Amal Obonyo on January 16, 2010 at 6:27am
Juliana Amal Obonyo: MA. International Studies/Human Rights, University of Connecticut, USA.

Because of the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, I don't have to worry about where I can look up any information about peace and conflict, career and other related resources. It is the best online network I have subscribed to since I started involvement with online forums. I cannot thank Dr. Craig Zelizer enough, he is doing an excellent job. Through this network, I have learnt to establish my stamina on peace and conflict issues from varied perspectives, this, I find so rewarding to my career. The resources are detailed and meant to cater for people that are heading to the same destination using different routes. I visit this site everyday, and I always looking forward to reading from Dr. Zelizer.
Long live PCDN!
Comment by Sofia Giranda on January 16, 2010 at 2:26am
It's amazing network to gain and share information related to the peace in the world topics . We have much friends around the world through this site
Comment by ROSE NOO on January 15, 2010 at 11:27pm
i wish every one a great year. lets invite many young people from Africa to join the network its part of the peace making process.
Comment by ROSE NOO on January 15, 2010 at 11:23pm
going by the population and the the rate at which the net work is growing, you will agree with me that this is a pointer that peace is sought by many and it is everyones desire that it prevails. i work with young people in a local organization and honestly i have learnt a lot from the views in this net work.
Comment by Marian Hassan on January 15, 2010 at 8:27pm
I am a member of one of the NGOs in Somalia that work for peacebuilding initiatives, in the department of the social reconciliation, I am really so pleased to be a member of the PCDN it really encouraged me to go through many things, gave me a lot of information, have made many friends, have learned many and many new things with in the network thanks alot Mr. Craig and the other friends who always post for us whether its an info or training or what so ever once again thanks all of you.
Comment by KELMAN NOMHWANGE on January 15, 2010 at 7:48pm
The Peace and Collaborative Development Network, has enriched my knowledge in the field of peace and conflicts resolution. Sure it is a Network with great opportunities taking you around the world.
Comment by Isioma Kemakolam on January 15, 2010 at 7:39pm
If money were to give me up-to date informations/ assess to publications,current activities, initiatives, trainings, events and even materials for my intellectual and professional development related to the field of peace and conflict resolution i will never be able to buy them. In addition, if i were to travel round the world, perhaps it will take me a life time to make quality connections that I have made with people in the network.
What more can i say but thank you so very much Craig!
Comment by Solomon Inuwa on January 15, 2010 at 7:11pm
I cannot quantify the enormous benefits I have gained of my membership of the Peace and Collaborative Development Network. It has become a ready source of materials for my intellectual development in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies. I have also found several information about job opportunities in the field of peace building and other related activities. On the whole, the network has kept me informed of the latest developments and opportunities in the field of Peace and Conflict Studies, Peace Building Activities and International Security. I always recommend the network to like minded colleagues and friends on a daily basis.
Comment by Dr. kamal kumar saha on January 15, 2010 at 5:05pm
The Peace and Collaborative Development Network is essential. It is the most multi-sector and international network I have yet come across. Being a member has enabled me to connect with resources, research and, most importantly, colleagues worldwide. It is applicable to any sector of peace building, from peace education to non-proliferation. I visit at least several times a week to find new discussions, publications and projects in the field..................................................................................................................................................................................................for world peace.

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