Well over the years I have had many people ask me what coaches do. I want to take this time to share with you what I have had the benefit of attaining when working with a coach and what I see my clients receive when working with me. First, I must add that coaches widely use coaching services. Any profession that is highly used by its practitioners gets my vote. Remember coaches all have their specialty areas.

What I Do For My Clients as a Coach

I am a Conflict Analyst and Strategist. This governs my Life and Interpersonal Wellness Coaching practice. It provides the foundation expertise with which I work with my clients.

What my clients get from me is a path to excellence. I help learning organizations, mid-career professionals and entrepreneurs excel. I help them find solutions and create new paths by applying Interpersonal Wellness strategies to difficulties, changes and challenges they face, so they can live well, work well and play well.

I help my clients strategize their next best move, learn new skills, brainstorm to save time, gain clarity and focus 3 times faster than doing it alone. I help my client create a vision, set reasonable goals, devise strategies to attain them and design actionable steps with which to achieve them.

Don’t forget, my client needs to be ready to face some hard truths, be open to feedback, and be willing to take action, build trust and have faith in themselves to achieve the best results.

I help my clients structure their thoughts so that they feel rested and confident in their decision making. Working with me will mean less self doubt, freeing up time one didn’t know they had and improving concentration, energy and working relationships.

Working with me also means my clients will handle difficult relationships in their professional and personal life better. This means improving their negotiation skills so that they can ask well enough to get what they want, without conflict. I help my clients improve their ability to work collaboratively with others and mend broken relationships.

Overall, working with me means fewer conflicts with customers or employees, fewer fights with your spouse, and even your children. You will rest better, smile more, have fewer ulcers, be more confident, advance your career or win more customers with your winning attitude. I will guarantee that you will be healthier, happier and a more playful you by our eighth session. That’s what I do for my clients. My coaching practice includes working one on one with a single client, working with teams, small groups and also working with large groups. An assessment of the client’s needs, their budget and other factors will determine the format best suited for their needs.

Over the years a number of wise people have had lots of time to express what coaches do. Here are a few to consider: James Flaherty describes coaching as: “giving one a chance to examine their actions in light of their intentions”.

John Whitmore describes coaching as: “equipping people with skills, and knowledge … to commit to their work, life and self”.

Margaret Wheatley describes coaching as: providing executives with a time to think. Lack of thinking results in not knowing who we are becoming, where we are going, the implications of our actions….Stress, overwhelm and anxiety reduce our capacity to see patterns emerging. Coaching creates an oasis of reflection that helps people remember……inner capacity”.

If you feel stuck, unable to move forward or just want to move along your path faster, then it’s time to consider coaching for yourself or for your team.

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