Nepotism is the word that i want to emphasize upon at the moment. defines it as ‘patronage bestowed or favoritism shown on the basis of family relationship, as in business and politics’. Wiki defines nepotism as ‘ favoritism granted to relatives or friends, without regard to their merit’. A word that has plagues all of our institutions. While reading the newspaper i came across this interesting and shameless story about the NUML University family business scandal. Lets explore whats happening there;

Brig. (retd) Aziz , the Rector of NUML (National University of Modern Languages) is running the University as a family business whereby all his immediate relatives are running the show. Before i mention the irregularities lets explore a bit about the NUML University. NUML university is one of the largest universities in Pakistan with campuses in all the major cities and offer high education with great standards. The President of Pakistan is the Chancellor while the Federal Minister of Education is the Pro-Chancellor .The day to day administration is controlled by a Board of Governors headed by the Chief of Army Staff. Federal Secretaries of different ministries and prominent citizens from both private and public sectors function as its members. So we are talking about a national level major organization here and the sort of Nepotism witnessed here in the presence of such powerhouses is astonishing. Here is a list of points that were highlighted inthe article about Brig Aziz (r);

  • Appointed His Daughters, nephews, brothers and daughter’s father-in-law on key positions in NUML University.
  • Sent his daughter and son-in-law to UK for Phd on NUML scholorships.
  • Granted employment to Maj. (r) Akhtar, father of his son-in-law in the university’s Peshawar Campus as deputy director.
  • Lt. Col. (r) Saeed Ahmad, now carrying the tag of professor, is rector’s brother and holds the highest position in the university’s Lahore Campus where he served as director.
  • The rector’s maternal nephew, Azhar Manzoor, is heading the department of management sciences in Lahore’s campus.
  • His other daughter, Dr. Amina, is employed as the NUML’s medical officer.
  • Lt. Gen. (r) Tauqir Zia who was army chief’s nominee to look after the NUML’s affair when in the service, had his younger brother, Col. (r) Tanvir Zia, as head of the university’s Karachi campus.
  • Close friend, director administration Muhammad Yasin, has his two sons inducted on important positions in the NUML. Bashir Ahmad, his elder son, is working as acting director examinations and Nazir Ahmad as deputy director.

One might argue that the hired relatives might be the best people available for the job, but than again are they THE ONLY ONE with suitable profiles? is it a mere co-incidence that all of the siblings ended up in NUML? or the Scholorship funds are only allocated by luck to them!!! its for you to judge.

A source close to the rector told this correspondent, on condition of not being named, that ability was the sole criterion in all these appointments. When asked whether the ability was found only in the relatives and not in others in the country, he did not respond.

At this point i would request the President of Pakistan, Chief of Army Staff and all other members including the students of NUML university to take Mr. Aziz to task. Well on the contrary how can i ask Mr. President! who himself is running PPP as a family business, with Bilawal Zardari as the party chairman? Its models like these which have rigged our society with Nepotism and all sort of other evils, which over the years have become part of our culture. Lets hope authorities wake up and ask Mr. Aziz about this family racket right in the middle of Pakistan’s capital.

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