The DRC President, the actual threat for peace in the Eastern Congo.

Four thousands Rwandan troops have just crossed the DRC border in the East by the invitation of the DRC President Joseph Kabila. These troops are forming a joint operation effort with the nonexistent DRC army to root out Rwandan Hutu Militias who operate in the Eastern DRC and whom Kigali has repeatedly claimed to be threat to its security. To many people who haven’t been following the development of the Eastern DRC conflict, this sounds like a good thing to do to bring about peace. However, the truth is that Kigali’s political calculations are higher and misleading. It is only recently that the UN released a report accusing both the DRC and Rwandan Governments of supporting rebel groups in the Eastern Congo.

The Rwandan President Paul Kagame wants the international community to believe that he is a “good boy”; that he wants to restore peace in the region but unfortunately Kinshasa has been hindering this process from taking place. Today in complicity with the President of the DRC, Paul Kagame has sent his troops to the Eastern to hunt Hutu militias and has arrested his longtime proxy General Kunda in Rwanda.

This political theatre must stop; General Kunda will not be extradited to the DRC for trial of mass atrocity crimes he has committed on civilian populations. As Kagame is looking for a cover up to show the rest of the world that the UN report was unfair, our own president Kabila is joining him in this plot by authorizing Rwandan troops presence in the DRC soil without the approval of the Senate, the General Assembly and the one of the army’s chief of staff. The Congolese people need a lasting and durable peace and do not need joint military operations. It is clear that there is no possible military solution for the DRC conflict; Rwanda should and must stop any military operations in the Congo immediately.

Rwanda is using propaganda of the Hutu militias to justify its presence in the DRC, but on the contrary, it exterminates innocent civilians in the Eastern DRC and loot mineral resources. As a matter of fact, Rwandan troops occupied the Eastern Congo from 1996-2001. What made it impossible for Rwanda to root out the Hutu militias who were still operating in the occupied territories? Will the joint operation efforts by Kigali and Kinshasa be successful to root out the Hutu militias now? This is another way to perpetrate new mass atrocity crimes and killings of innocent civilians that the Congolese Government will be responsible for this time.

 We will continue to bow down, and decisions about the fate of the Congo will be made in Kigali by Paul Kagame, the Rwandan president. That’s why I believe when a government appears to go in a different direction than its people want, that particular government should be ousted by the people. It is up to the Congolese people to keep Kabila in power or ultimately become victims of political manipulations.

I denounce these joint operations and I hope the international community understands the political football that is being played by both Kigali and Kinshasa.


Bernard Londoni

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