Like the various social networks where the reputation has a significant weight, YOUTH AND WOMEN FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND PEACE opted to enhance the effectiveness of non-governmental mechanisms in forming men and women who are able better by the fact that human life is a sacred gift from God.
Fail in this noble duty means to stifle development in the bud.
During the ceremony for what not to insist on this, FELMMES AND YOUTH FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND PEACE have the advantage of stressing that, in Kinshasa as elsewhere much must be done in terms of strengthening better conditions of life in larger freedom in the practice of tolerance, acting as peace makers, placing every man and woman at the center of our material worries.
The experience of YOUNG WOMEN AND FOR THE RIGHTS OF THE PEACE AND HIOMME these areas to understand that it is not enough to focus on the content of laws and regulations but should also take into consideration any pedagogy coupled with an appropriate teaching to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, namely:
- Goal 1 Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
- Goal 2 Achieve universal primary education
- Goal 3 Promote gender equality and empower women
- Goal 4 Reduce child mortality
- Goal 5: Combat HIV / AIDS, malaria and other diseases
- Goal 6 Ensure environmental sustainability
- Goal 7 Develop a global partnership for development
- Goal 8: Improve maternal health
Convinced that achieving the Millennium Development should progress in a setting where human beings can not be marginalized whatever happens, YOUTH AND WOMEN FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND PEACE not cease 'develop strategies up to the training of activists in human rights and peace by holding the modules are: The operation of the International Criminal Court
Peaceful conflict resolution
The culture of peace and nonviolence
The concept on development and social work
Sexual violence and UN / AIDS
New technologies of communication and information
Organization and judicial
Criminal Procedure
Fight against corruption
Human rights
On behalf of the growing interdependence between men and countries or institutions, YOUTH AND WOMEN FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND PEACE received in another with the assistance of some natural and legal persons :
- The public administration sector of the Democratic Republic of Congo have helped us to evolve within a framework of peace. That all our political and administrative authorities find our patriotic consideration.
- The multilateral development agencies and human rights continue to assist us. We say thank you deeply, owing their presence here is always active.
- Trainers have taken the risk of being in the oven and the mill to make possible what seems impossible to find here the expression of frank cooperation and that their company is moving forward
- Some compatriots are free at our disposal an adequate infrastructure for training activists for human rights. God of our fathers bless.
Ladies and gentlemen activists of human rights, you have proved that "a day teaching is better illustrated than a thousand days of diligent study." What we thank you. Courage and long life on land.
Whether you wish to put an end to our message asking each other to contribute conscientiously to the security of militants and activists of human rights everywhere and always.
Thank you

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