Rajkumari Amrit Kaur and Mahatma Gandhi, Part- VI

Prof. Dr. Yogendra Yadav Gandhian Scholar Gandhi Research Foundation, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India Contact No. – 09415777229, 094055338 E-mail- dr.yogendragandhi@gmail.com;dr.yadav.yogendra@gandhifoundation.net Rajkumari Amrit Kaur and Mahatma Gandhi, Part- VI Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Harijan work stops everything else. I see you had a good time in A. You must take rest.” 328 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Your resolution will go in. You will see I have dealt with your report of two Englishmen’s complaint. I suppose someone has reported to you about Babla, Munnalal, Bhansali and two policemen having been bitten by a rabid fox. They are all having the serum treatment. The course is 14 days. B. has fever today, not due to the serum, they say. Maulana Saheb presses me to go to Poona. I have resisted the pressure. He is coming here on 21st. Let us see what happens. Since taking to Gujarati writing I have become indifferent about sending you copies. The weather is quite cool. But when it is dry, it will be hot of course. We are fairly full and yet not too full. There is no sickness worth speaking of. Om was married last Saturday. It was raining heavily at the time.”329 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Some people are never pleased! Why not Chi. Amrit? I give satisfaction. But I must have ‘Idiot’ occasionally. What is the poor ‘pleaser’ to do? Therefore the safest way is to please oneself and let the others do likewise. But I have not followed the safe way. Heaven help me! And then to please idiots! Hard job Miss Kinnaird is that the spelling was here for an hour yesterday. Kept her in roars of laughter and she went away well pleased though without converting me to her Christianity. You must ask me to describe the visit when you find me idle. If you don’t, ask P. He was present and so was Nayakam. Your first article I have accepted. The account of the meeting is unnecessary for Harijan. It is well written. Send it to H. Times, etc. I return it and three old articles revised. All the translations were good, some portions quite idiomatic. The writing is much improved and firm. Babla had fever. He is better though has still some? Pandit Kunzru is here today and Kodand Rao is coming. Maulana is coming on Tuesday. I do not want to go to Poona. But I won’t refuse if he insists. as you see I have to write for Harijan also. Therefore you will hardly notice any gap. Do give yourself rest. About khadi you should write to the different Bhandars and correct them. Publication will serve no useful purpose. If you do not get satisfaction I am at your back. There can be no relaxation about cash down. We have suffered a lot by giving credit to notabilities. It was therefore right for the erring sales man to suffer. Hard cases make bad law.”330 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I never said to K. That M. must or even should become a doctor. I understood that it was her wish. If that was so I had approved of it. But my strong recommendation was for your institution. I thought there she would really grow and enjoy freedom. I had also asked M To see the institution and then arrange for K. to go. But it did not happen. Therefore you should pursue your project to have her in your college. I shall write to K. S. about this. You have assumed my advice as suggested by K. Never repeat the mistake. Always have confirmation from me of whatever is reported about me, before even accepting it subject to correction Always reserve judgment. This should apply to all. But for me, it is a peremptory command. Mira is in New Delhi. Khurshed was good this time. I have heard again from her. I am not moving from Sevagram. Hope to be here to receive you on 3rd August, unless you alter the date. It will be said if G.’s eyes are damaged. I do not know whether Mira is here. In any case you shall have a girl of your choice. But meanwhile bring anyone you like for a few days. No question of settling in Gujarat. I am sending you an advance copy of article from which you will know how my mind is working. I hope not to go to Poona. The fate will be decided tonight. The Maulana is coming. Hope you are all right.”331 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Your resolution did not go in this week. Do send Spear’s book or bring it with you. Why waste stamps? I have dealt with the English complaint. My “Appeal to Every Briton” is being translated. It will go to you with the next collection and it will be the last. No use sending you only one. I see jackal and fox are used interchangeably. All the patients are doing well. I have inquired and have been told that Mira is available but going through her sixth or seventh month. Not much good for you?”332 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I sent you a full batch of corrected translations. Two more and last were ready but overlooked. They go today. Together with them go leaflets from Atulanand. He must get ill every three months. It is Remarkable that in spite of such advertisement his books have no sale. It shows the reading public has no use for such literature. Cultural unity can’t be brought about by books. Some of your translations are good; all are not uniformly so. The language is not yet settled. The choice of words is laboured. No wonder. The wonder is that you have made so much progress. You need more practice and fair reading of current Hindi. I have suggested Pratap. There are other good papers, too, which may be read with profit and a good grammar. Babla still has fever though there is nothing to cause anxiety. Ku comes here. He needs rest from routine work. A. S. is weak. She is attending to correspondence under P. and doing Urdu translations.”333 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “From the above you see I am advising Mira to go to Adampur instead of coming here. I see you will come on the 6th. Do not strain yourself. Finish your work well and without hurry. Your work here awaits you but does not suffer. You are not tied down to dates even as you would not be in going to your home. This is your second home if not the only home. Whilst therefore you will long to return but sic will not endanger your health or work to return here. I may write one more letter. I hope nothing radically wrong with your teeth.”334 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “So you will be delayed again. I have said don’t hurry. I shall postpone remaking your mattress till after your return. The mistakes you point out are there. When you come they will be avoided. I do revise the English translations, can’t revise the Hindustani. Khanderia’s letter I shall see. Maulana is just coming. Ku is here under my direct treatment and so is A. S. She is on her back. I have put her on a few ounces of milk.”335 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Although you say I may post your article to you I think you are in error if you leave on 6th. Hence it is being sent to Lucknow. No corrections. Doesn’t much appreciate this article? The thing requires a lot of work behind it. Discuss it with me when you come. I am handing your note to Babla.”336 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I am writing this in the A.I.C.C. meeting. My heart is there, though the body is here. Your being there eases my mind. Your reports are good and business-like. I hope the typhoid case is progressing as it should. I have talked exhaustively to Dinshaw about Sarala Devi. He is firmly of opinion that, if she is to be cured by nature treatment, she should put herself under his care. He is ready to take charge of her whenever she can go to Poona. If she will not go, he is of opinion that she will not be cured except by quinine taken under observation. The spleen must be reduced. She ought not to trifle with her body. Please read this to her. If she decides to go to Dinshaw she should do so at once. Let her not think of his bill. If she will not, she should go to the Civil Hospital and get definitely cured. No false modesty should deter her from taking the course which commends itself to her. I am afraid I cannot leave before Tuesday. You may expect us therefore on Wednesday. Of the political situation, you will learn from Mahadev and the papers. Though the work is heavy, I am bearing the strain well. God be thanked. I am glad Shummy’s condition has not meant you’re going to Simla. I hope you are not feeling they want of a Simla servant’s presence for your minimum comfort. I take it Sharda and her mother has arrived there and that she and the baby are well. I am glad Parachure Shastri is doing well and so is Akbar.”337 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I was in the midst of mad. They had besieged me. With difficulty they had carried me to the door of my abode. But one admirer had possession of me and won’t leave me. So I howled for help.”338 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I was glad. Everything is going well. You will know the contents of your parcel. Evidently it was a conspiracy. Why should there be prunes? Do you know that the bottles cost a lot in transit? But you will retort, ‘Love counts not the cost.”339 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I had fully intended to write yesterday. But it was no use. The interviews which began at 3 p.m. ended after the second dinner bell. So you were crowded out. But you had some letters redirected to you. That must have been some consolation. I hope you are having a profitable time there. You will insist on seeing Ambujam and on going to the Hindi Prachar Office. Ascertain the prices of the fruit you bring. You will bring coconut of course. But bring lemons (sour) too. They are scarce in the Wardha market. Das’s experiment is spreading. I have joined it with greater zeal than when you were here. I have given up cooked vegetables and the blood-pressure has dropped in a phenomenal manner. All the three times are near or under 150 systolic and 100 diastolic. The reason is absence of gases. The note I was drafting was finished today. You may see it there or on your return journey. Shastriji is better. Remember me to your hostess.”340 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I am reminded of you today because you are going on a difficult task. Of course God is with you. Will you remember the second? Ultimately Subhas Babu could not be arrested. Manu has fever today also. I am quite all right. It is pretty cold, so I slept under the roof. Kishorelal has come.” 341 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “These partings must come. They must be cheerfully borne. Your gadi is occupied by K. Don’t worry. Keep your times there as far as possible. The library room is undergoing innovation. Amtul Salaam is the same as when you left her. Sita has fever. My blood-pressure reading was 156/98. Heat has commenced today. I have a wet wrapper on the head.”342 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Padmaja has arrived. Have not you met her yet? Gosibehn goes today. Pyarelal came in last night. He has gone to Nagpur for his teeth. Mahadev Desai is still between Bombay and Poona. My blood-pressure: 156/90. All well otherwise Sita out of fever today. Sharma leaves tomorrow. Amtul Salaam is still on fast-diet. Shastri shows distinct progress. I hope you are having good time. You were to have wired but there is none yet.”343 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Here are some enclosures. Do send your voting paper before the due date. I won’t guide you in your selection. Vote as you like. I sent nothing yesterday. Pyarelal offers civil disobedience tomorrow. Mahadev returns not before Thursday. Probably Harijan will be out on 29th. Shastri is getting on. Heat continues. Blood-pressure is under control; not taken at the time of writing. Your umbrella is being used. Prabhavati came in yesterday. She goes back to Jayaprakash tomorrow, if I am ready for her.” 344 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Here is letter about Gaur. What can be done? Do you remember that little ointment-box that Radhakishen brought for Janakibehn? Where could it be? I think I gave it to you to put away in a place of safety. If you remember it, you may even wire or write just as you like.”345 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Your Hindi writing is perfect and composition very good. If you have as much practice there as possible, you will do well for Hindi. Harijan publication may be resumed on 29th. Ramnarayan letters I did not like. There is a desire to hide truth. I have written to him and asked him to send you my letter. I have not kept any copy. About the Law Committee, I have already written to you. I am expecting a letter from Mridula. Ba has gone to Delhi to have Sushila’s treatment. Sushila wired that she would be able to give her better treatment in Delhi. Ba is very brave. She got ready in no time and she went without an escort. I am glad you stick to the Indian style of living for the college. All unreasoning opposition will melt before your firmness. I have got your textbook. I propose to read it. Send a copy to Sushila. You will have seen my appeal about Andrews Memorial. I want you to collect as much as you can from all and sundry.”346 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Your wire was prompting and-useful. I know that you would remember the place where it was put. Amtul Salaam had suggested, and so also Lilavati, that I should look into the box. I pooh-poohed the idea. But they were right. I thought my letter to Farooqui was just the thing. I have not answered all the impertinent questions. I am quite sure my answer cannot be exploited with any success. I am glad you had a good report about your college.”347 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “You never doubted the welcome you were to receive there. I did not. I hope Tofa remembers us all. I know your love of flowers. But I cannot give you satisfaction here. The place is much too disorganized for sporting flower-beds. Harijan will be out on 5th April unless some mishap prevents it. Probably it will be Ahmadabad. Chandrashanker seems to have neglected his duty to an unforgivable extent. I am hoping that he has not been willfully dishonest. But neglect such as he seems to have shown produces almost the same result. I am keeping well in spite of the heat.”348 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I have sent you the wire you asked for. I do not want you to be involved in men’s meetings, etc. You must not be made cheap. Students, yes, if they behave and really want you. Women always. You may not go to Gujarat. The ointment was in its place. It is for Janakibehn. I am keeping quite well. 142/901 in the afternoon. About women I have given no final opinion. You are not in a hurry?”349 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “You will care to read the enclosed. You may destroy it. The weather is getting warmer though I remain unaffected by it. Manu Trivedi’s father has come. He is one of the rare men I have met. He is a good man. He is suffering from blood-pressure and is under my treatment though living in Wardha. Janakibehn is getting on. Madalasa is still causing worry. Amtul Salaam is keeping fairly well. All else is as when you were here. Do drop a postcard to Ba. She is to have an injection today.”350 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I could not write yesterday. I have your letters. I sent you a wire about not going to Delhi before 14th. I told Amrita Lal Chatterjee about Good Friday. He says he is himself a Christian and was even crucified because he was married on Good Friday. You will find herewith my final opinion on the women’s part in the Law Committee. Mridula has made ample reparation to Joshi. Here is a letter from Zuberi. I think you have corresponded with him. Kripalani has said that the letter has been forwarded to you for disposal. Your Hindi writing is daily improving. Hope Shummy is better. Ba had an injection, Bharatanand had the operation yesterday. Sailen is all right. Shastri’s greed is on the increase, but he is well.”351 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Man proposes, God disposes. Yesterday the announcement went that Harijan will be resumed on 5th April. Now a letter from the Government has been received which practically amounts to prohibition from my point of view! I have, therefore, now announced that Harijan will not be resumed on 5th April. There is no post from you today. Of course I do not expect you to write every day. I am keeping fit. In a way the re-suspension removes a burden from my mind.”352 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Your suggestions are sound. I want to take no hasty step. I am not perturbed by the discoveries. But if what you have heard about Iftikhar is true, it will be a grievous shock. I still feel that there is some serious misunderstanding. But you will make what quiet inquiry you can make and let me know. Yes, Rs. 100 has been received from your college. I have sent a postcard. I have readdressed three or four letters including a Patrika to you. You won’t grieve over the suspension of Harijan. Good is bound to come out of this. I am sorry about Shummy. I hope he will soon recover. I am A-1.”353 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “You must not upset your system. The contract is not to eat rather than eat hastily. You know, too, that you can live on fruit juices. Take a little longer rather than endanger your health. No sign of Shah. Don’t worry if you can’t collect for Andrews Memorial.”354 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Zuberi is all right and so are your suggestions and replies to Lala Dunichand. Let us see what happens. If Mridula has her limitations, she has very great qualities. Her gate-keeper in her Ashram was murdered. She has taken no fright. She is handling the situation in a cool and brave manner. You have to nurse such girls. She is a rare woman. Mahadev has written to you fully about Harijan. I hope Shummy is better, if not fully restored.”355 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I have not intentionally avoided answer to any of your questions. If I have, you will repeat the question or questions. The fact is I never have your letters before me at the time of replying. I have to rely upon memory. I was afraid the letter was overweight. You have done well in telling me of the neglect. Yes, the library has undergone the necessary change. I think you will like it. It has now become a proper room, the coolest in the Ashram. Madalasa rests there. Mira can’t bear the heat. She is off to Nasik today.”356 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “He will be here a few days. It is now 10.35 a.m. Here are three letters. Haskell’s I have read carefully. It is a good letter and requires a reasoned reply. Discuss the letter or the argument with Datta or any other learned Christian and send your answer. Even if you do not feel like sending it without discussing it with me, do have the discussion. See if you find a supporter for our position. I hope you got Pyarelal’s pamphlet. The weather has become less unbearable. The nights are cool.” 357 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “We are all fasting today. Continuous spinning is going on. Hot wind is blowing. All the news you give makes sad reading. But your account of the poor women is cheering. Here is a letter from Cochin. I keep the original and send you a copy. You asked me about extending the verandah and making another on the other side. It shall be done after your return. I have let Mira take one of your Gujarati grammars. She will be careful about its use.”358 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I shall keep the recipe for missi chapati. There is not much in it. Ba often makes it. And it will be often made if I would allow it. Gram flour makes it too nutritious for all but the heavy-work labourers. The proportion of bhaji is not enough. Our bread is far superior and any day lighter. I am glad you have been able to finish your Jullundur work. Ba might have to give a month to Delhi. Sushila expects to cure her completely. She may drop in for two days. I do not think I ever met Sardar Sunder Singh. I am, therefore, not writing. I hope you are taking care of yourself according to our new discovery.” 359 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Your Lahore programme is strenuous. I shall heave a sigh of relief when you are back in your corner. How nice not to have a room but a corner or even a part of a wall. Nevertheless when the hot wind blows as it is, while I am writing this, I feel tempted to say, pass a month or so at Simla. But I know you won’t be happy anywhere else. Ba is not likely to come back for a month though she is decidedly better. Sushila may come during Easter.”360 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Ba is not likely to come for a month, nor is Sushila coming. She is wanted by Ba. Mahadev will come probably on 11th. Bhagawati has gone to Raipur for a change. Shastriji is eating more and more daily and is yet improving.”361 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I suddenly remembered that you had written to me about the porch. The idea is sound. But the addition will be made after your return. In my case the workmen are few and the work much. Therefore nothing can be rushed. Nor is there any hurry. I am simply delighted with the change I have made in the library. It has proved a positive blessing to Madalasa. She rests there from 10 to 2.30 p.m. Amtul Salaam also often rests there and has her hip-baths. The door too opens. Mira has gone to Chorwad, a seaside place in Kathiawar. What an escape you had! But life is made of a series of escapes, living as we are in the midst of death. Do avoid overwork.”362 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Madalasa has torn a1 bit from this. She holds her impromptu poem on seeing my trinity. Here is the bit too. Three letters accompany this. It is better to let you have such correspondence than to keep it awaiting you. There is one defect in the otherwise beautiful blue paper. In this darkened room, it is difficult to read the writing. You will check this yourself. I do hope you will not allow yourself to be overworked.”363 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “After all said and done, nothing like white or cream coloured paper. I am glad you are meeting the people you ought to have. (I went so far and felt so sleepy that I dropped the pen and slept.) I have your wire. Of course you will drop Delhi. I trust you have informed Aryanayakam of your inability. Two additional days will give you more scope for work there. Durga is a little better. Mahadev has gone to Bombay. He returns on Monday or Tuesday. You come back on Wednesday. This, therefore, is my last letter to you.”364 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “You are well out of this sweltering heat. I was afraid of a bad journey for you and so it has proved to be. Never, so far as I remember, have you had to send such a wire as todays. Hope you were quite well after settling down in Bombay. Here are four letters. I am writing to Shivaji. Metcalfe’s letter is quite good. You may write to Cunningham, if you know him. My blood-pressure is quite steady-154/92, about the same in the morning. Madalasa occupied your place. The night was a trifle better.”365 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I am sorry the jaw is still giving you pain. You will carry out instructions. I hope you got my letter of yesterday. Your resolution is not up to the mark. We will discuss it when we meet. Here everything goes well.”366 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Do you know anything about a cheque for Rs. 251 from Khambatta? Here is a letter from Rameshwari. I am fasting for 24 hours in compliance with the wish expressed by Osman Sobani for the sake of Hindu-Muslim unity. The fast finishes at 5.20. Seven have joined me of their own accord. The rains have set in properly. It has been raining the whole night. It has stopped just now. I have been working full speed, none the worse for the fast. Sushila has gone to Nagpur to accompany Usha for medical examination of her womb by Dr. Martin. She will see Pyarelal too. Mahadev will be leaving Ahmadabad tomorrow for Dehra Dun to see Jawaharlal. He returns here 9th. From Dehra Dun, he will go to Bombay, thence to Panchgani to see Mathuradas.”367 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “It is still raining. Your Hindi writing is almost perfect. I have a batch of cuttings about Munshi. They make interesting reading. I may issue a statement. I have advised Nandan to accept Prof. Indra’s resignation. The more the merrier. The atmosphere will be cleared.”368 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I hope this will reach you safely. Not a day has yet passed but I have written to you. It is blowing cold. For the moment it is like Simla. It should delight S’s heart. I hope he was not shocked by your appearance. All well here Sikander is coming here today. I shall be at sea without you. But Damodar has made friends with him. He has promised to look after him.”369 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Here is Jhind’s reply. It is bad, it is evasive. But what can you do? I am glad they were all agreeably surprised to see you looking so well. I am glad; however, I got nervous and packed you off. It was necessary for you to go to Simla, well or ill.”370 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I am in no hurry about Jamnalal Bajaj. And if you experience the slightest difficulty you will tell me without the slightest hesitation. It is a grand thing to feel that your movements are fixed for you without taxing you. If servants do so they are faithful, if friends do so they may at least get that much credit. And imagine what opportunity you get for doing your work! But we are living in an ungracious world. What is to be done? Sikander is here feeling lonely without you. He goes to Hyderabad and will come later.”371 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “You may expect him there next week. I have kept your letter for showing it to him. All other letters are destroyed as soon as I have read them. Your letters show at what tremendous sacrifice you live in Sevagram. It is clear to me that you have to pass all the hot months in the hills. You must not do violence to yourself. I quite believe with Shummy that violence will result in a sudden breakdown. Self-suppression ceases to be good when the saturation point is reached. I would like you to take your bearings in Simla this time. Deprivation to be healthy must bring joy within. It is good you will have Jamnalal with you. Here is Shummy’s letter. Let us see how fast you become by the stay in Simla. When you return, you must not lose what you bring. Amtul Salaam continues to be a difficult problem. She is uncanny. Her asthma is not gone altogether. She is very weak. Her temper is just the same as it was. Mahadev returns on 9th. Of course the weather is quite cool. It is still raining though not incessantly. I sleep in our room instead of verandah. It is required for the inmates. Last night I slept between the two doorways. That produced a fresh breeze. Of course my companions were with me including Sankaran who slept on the pat behind the wall on Pyarelal’s side.”372 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I forgot to tell you about Farooqi’s visit. We passed an hour in exchanging views. But it was only a preliminary talk. He said he would come again. I do not think anything is lost by having met him. Nandan ought to give me his opinion about Farooqui especially as he is a Delhi man. Yesterday we had Purshottam Trikamdas here. Khan Saheb is arriving on the 9th. Jamnalal may be coming tomorrow or Wednesday for certain. What business has you to develop headache? Raja has been released for the sake of the child. I had a note from him. Dhiru had asked the Police Commissioner for Raja’s discharge. Since when have you learnt the science of reading your past? How do you know that in your millions of previous births you were not worse than a Bania? In any case did I not suggest that if you would ask the paper man not to render any bill at all, he would accept your request? And I had told you that I would not feel at ease using that paper. His bill, as it was, was a true bill. He would exact that price from any other customer. But there is no hurry about a final decision. You will appeal to my reason and if you satisfy it, I would gladly use the pads. The rains have been violent everywhere. Let us hope that it does not mean dry season hereafter.”373 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I shall send you intimation about Jamnalal’s food when he is here. But nothing special. You have everything he can need. Fresh vegetables, fruit and milk. Mahadev says he reaches on 10th. With the breaches on the railway lines, nothing is certain.”374 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Both the language and the writing are good. And if you write your Hindi as quickly as English, the progress is marvellous. Jamnalal came in today. He looks very healthy. He wants to stay till 15th at the latest. He wants to finish certain things. I do not want to rush him. You must not become cheap. I do not like the officers always sending you a polite ‘No’. It is a hint that you must not expect anything now that you have openly come over to me. From their standpoint I would justify their conduct. You cannot blow hot and cold. All this would be sound argument from their standpoint. They can have no other. But if you think otherwise, you should act accordingly. For there would be nothing inherently wrong in your writing to officials, the same argument applies in Bull’s case. After her notice they have asked her to await instructions from them. She has consented to wait till 10th. There too you should use your independent judgment.”375 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “In my view summer lasts Lord Krishna was accidentally killed by a hunter’s arrow while resting under a tree for two or three months only. Yes, I do believe that we should not worry about the body. For individuals it is quite all right, but at times people staying in the neighborhood are forced to worry. This letter is from Sailen. Do write to him from there. Sushila has left for two weeks to gain some medical experience. Dr. Jivraj stayed back yesterday. Today he left for Calcutta. Khan Saheb has arrived. The rains have again started today. Nature is behaving in a strange way this season.”376 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “If I had remembered your message. But your instructions to destroy your letters make it difficult for me to carry things in my head and reproduce them at the exact moment. Khan Saheb has returned from Nagpur less all his teeth. Some were too strong for removal but Bare to be determined to remove all. He suffered much pain. He is better today. He will go to Bull as soon as he is better. Mahadev returned with Ghanshyamdas yesterday. Ghanshyamdas goes to Nasik on Saturday for a change. He is not over well. White ants have invaded our hut and so Ramdas is digging up everything for tracing the mother. It means rebuilding walls, etc. More money. Terrible to contemplate! Prabha is here and will be for a few days. She has to go to Jayaprakash again. You need not bother about Sushila’s exam. Col. A. has written to her how she failed, why and what she should do to ensure success. Her clinical experience is not up to the mark. And so she has gone to Bombay for a fortnight. That is the beginning. It is a difficult job to earn and study. She has got to do the trick. For she will take no scholarship. She is very wonderful in this as in other directions. And she is growing. Amtul Salaam is better.”377 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “As far as possible I want to send you a daily line. But at times it becomes physically impossible. I have your wire about Jamnalal’s safe arrival. I do hope it will be all well. I am 991/2 blood-pressure 160-94. It has a tendency to rise at night. But I am quite well.”378 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “You have your mouthful. May you have full success? I hope your tooth trouble will be completely dealt with. Mahadev is preparing to go to Bombay.”379 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Tu, tum and aap are one and the same if they convey the same feeling. If the attitude is otherwise, the particular form of address has no meaning. Am I not barred from speaking and writing in Hindi? If the correspondence is allowed freely in Hindi tu would become natural. Wouldn’t it? I have wired you today to wire U.P. Government, i.e., Mudie, about Agra prisoners. They ought not to be unreasonable or stingy. Here Bhansali is down with gout. He is fasting and so better today. Veeramma was cross with her would-be husband and drank permanganate. It was known in time and she was saved. J. should have the simplest vegetables, no starchy things, no fried things. I had given you one month. You thought two were the least. So you may stay there till end of August. But if Jamnalal makes good progress and it becomes necessary for his sake to stay longer, of course you will stay. If he becomes strong physically, mentally and spiritually, it will be worthwhile prolonging the stay.”380 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I have faith in your wisdom and discretion. In spite of Shummy’s laugh, I persist in my advice about tennis. He won’t have the professional touch but he can hit the ball to the amusement of all of you. It is a question of his passing 30 minutes in idle amusement in the open air. Don’t bring him many visitors on business.”381 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “This is just for the sake of writing. I hope Jamnalal has recovered all the lost ground. I know that he will have all the loving care bestowed on him. He says the attention he is receiving is embarrassing. Give a cart-load of love to Jawaharlal. You should try to see Anandamayi Devi who is somewhere near Dehra Dun. She was Kamala’s guru.”382 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I thought I had told you I had added 11/2 lb. to my weight. Neither you nor Shummy need give anything to Gujarat. Noakhali and Malabar have better claims. The damage in both is infinitely greater. Mira knows all about what has been done about Prithvi Singh. Sushila has come back from Bombay. She has certainly benefited by the experience, short though it was. And she was able to see many patients of ours. Mahadev is having some difficulty in making collections but he will get his sum. Khan Saheb is off to Bombay today to see Khurshed. I hope Jamnalal’s progress is steady.”383 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “You must have heard that the Agra strike is off. So you have become Jamnalal’s outfitter! As Tara was due here today I vacated this house for her and transferred myself to the dispensary. Dr. Das has gone to Janakibehn with his patients. So I am literally aniketa, houseless. I do not mind. Sushila has gone to see Pyarelal with Prabhavati and Kusum.”384 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Your Hindi is getting better and better. I have no anxiety about Jamnalal. When this reaches Simla you will be in Dehra Dun. I expect from you a full account of your visit. I am not surprised at your not being with the Rani. What a wretched agreement has Bajpai concluded with Burma. No more just now. Sushila is going tomorrow to Delhi.”385 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “So you see it works the same way at both ends. We must suffer these little pricks of life. If Jamnalal must leave earlier, he must not be prevented. I am glad you are pursuing the Agra case.”386 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Yes, I had sent the message privately that the hunger-strike should be given up. How the news went abroad I do not know. Farooqi was angry with me for prohibiting him from publishing his report of the interview. Instead I sent him a few sentences. He returned that. Mine looked like advertisement and he did not see any use in seeing me again. But he has sent a courteous letter today and says he will see me when it becomes necessary. Iftikhar has sent me a long and interesting letter about his tours. The news about you is disturbing. You must get rid of your weakness or return.”387 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Kanu is going to Rajkot. His mother has lost one eye through glaucoma and is in danger of losing the other. Poor boy!”388 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “What is the use of your suppressing your illness or weakness? It leads to greater anxiety. I shall learn to shed anxiety not by companions suppressing truth but by experience which faithful companions should not deny me. Do be well and strong. I understand your instructions about not writing on other people’s letters. In the case referred to, I was careful to write on that part which you would have easily cut out. Let Jamnalal have the pleasure of beating you each time. Your report about Dehra Dun is exhilarating. You will never succeed in telling me when you come what you cannot tell me through letters. You know you did not succeed last time. I do not mind. You will be right in retorting that I never give you time. Such is life. What is really worth telling I know you will never omit. But what is of that nature as a rule admits of writing and cannot await long delay.”389 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I cannot understand this irregular delivery. Something wrong at your end. What can’t be cured must be endured. This public kidnapping of Khurshed is an atrocious thing! I do not know that your organization should not take up the case from women’s standpoint. You should carefully consider the thing. This is too under the Defence of India Ordinance. What an untruth! You’re being ill is not a comforting thought. You have not fared so badly before in Simla? You must bestir yourself and get thoroughly well. Or is old age creeping over you? Who is Prof? I can’t make out the name. Of course Saran must not be in a hurry to go.”390 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “You will remember the girl. Nothing need be done by you for the time being. If Jamnalal leaves in the middle of the month you will be without work! ! Yes, you can get a 1st class certificate for packing and general neatness. You will have to get one for general fitness of body. Just now the family regards you as too delicate to be handled anyhow. Ask Shummy how to deal with flies. They are a pest at the present moment. If the rains keep out long, they will devour us. I would not like you to take part in the battle unless you come with some special remedy which admits of no failure.”391 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I am quite sure he must not speak for some time. His speech will be all the better for the restraint. You will make out all the reasons. You were right also in vetoing his going to Hardwar. He must have uninterrupted stay there whatever it is to be. And you can truthfully say that he can’t have equal quiet, equal facility and equally good and clean arrangement for food. May all these conveniences result in permanent benefit to his body and mind?”392 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “You have done what you have condemned in me written on the blank part of correspondence. Tulsidas was right when he wrote: The king can do no wrong. You may do that, pleased with the progress made in the Harijan welfare work. Your raksha has been received and will be duly used tomorrow. Madalasa is making grand preparations for distribution on a large scale. She is preparing special thread and making centre pieces. Ramakrishna comes out on 9th to go back as soon as he is ready. Kanu writes saying his mother had a successful operation. No rain yet. It is exasperating. The farmers are having an anxious time. Yes, what you say about Amery is too true. Can a leopard change his spots?”393 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Sailen’s you need not correct if you have not done already. I wrote to him strongly about his great carelessness. I have not the Hindu Law Committee’s report by me. But I have read the two articles in Indian Social Reformer on it and some other reviews. It appeared to me to be a good report. I do not know that anything is coming out of all this effort. (I am writing this in the midst of interruptions.) Your letter is disquieting. You don’t seem to have profited by the change as much as I had expected. So you are obliged to doubt your ability to return even at the end of the month. I hope your doubts have no foundation. Kanu’s place is filled by Laxmidas so far as office work is concerned and by Dhiren so far as malish is concerned. Amtul Salaam is keeping well and eating well. Our outbursts continue but that is the normal state.”394 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I hope Shummy’s prescription will set you up. Glad Jamnalal is making steady progress all round. There is no knowing when Mahadev will return. He has to go to Ahmadabad after finishing Bombay. Sardar is not keeping well in Yeravda. It is a sad thing we can’t keep good health in imprisonment. Kanu is due in Bombay today. His mother had a successful operation.”395 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Yes, you would not allow flies to enter the cottage. Thanks to Shummy for his hints. I see you have sent me a parcel. Jajuji has just come in.” 396 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Why should you have such bad headache? What had you done? You must be well and strong. The apples have arrived. It is still raining. The Poet’s death has left a void that cannot be filled. He was a rare combination of goodness and genius. I am glad Jamnalal is keeping up steady improvement.”397 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “You do not say whether you lost your headache and why you had it. I do not mind you’re imprisoning Jamnalal for a year, so long as you do not have to be with him all that time. I have heard that Simla is at its very best in winter and it is the cheapest—rent is nothing and vegetables and fruit you get for a song. Valji was there during a winter and profited by his stay. I have another commission for you. Find out from somebody what to do to get rid of white ants. We have a positive infliction. They have now attacked my bathroom and may spread throughout the place if their mischief is not stopped in time. The agricultural department must know the remedy. Have I not told you that malish is done by Dhiren and office work by Lakshmidas? Amtul Salaam is quite well. She has added seven pounds to her weight and is active the whole day long.”398 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “You have given me good news. I hope the improvement will be steady. You will see the message I have issued regarding Gurudev. Appa of Aundh is coming here for a week. The Burma deputation on 15th. And so the day fills in. Dr. Shyam Prasad wants me to preside at a Gurudev meeting in Calcutta. I have wired ‘No’ for the simple reason that I must finish Andrews Memorial first.”399 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I can easily plead guilty. Had I been always right in everything I said and did with Amtul Salaam, she would not have developed as she has. But as I told you in another connection, I am not past redemption. I can improve, am improving. I now understand about you. I agree with you that you should not return till you have regained your strength and weight. But it may also be that you will do so ultimately only here. For the winter months are always good here. But I don’t worry about the future. Kanchan who was ill is now out of the wood. I have just received a wire from Bull that she has been released but says she cannot come here. I shall know more fully tomorrow. Here is a letter for you. You will tell him I had as yet no time.”400 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “The thing is this. There is only one clearance from Sevagram and that is at 4.30 p.m. The post for the North and the East leaves Wardha the morning following. But sometimes I write after 4.30 and send through some reliable person. Though reliable, he may forget to post the same evening. Then the letter will be delayed by a day. At this end there is no other possibility of a mishap that I can think of. Remember also that at times your post is also delivered the same way, two letters coming together. Let us bear without grinning. No news about yourself in the present letter. Is it a sign of good news? Bull’s letter has come in. She seems to be no better off. The order remains what it is. It seems that the game now is to try and convict her. She has been told to apply for permission to go to Wardha. She has applied by wire. Let us see. Here is a letter from Sarangadhar Das. I have sent a copy to Mahadev to make use without using names. You will write to Sarangdhardas. I may send him a few lines.”401 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I ought to have sent you a copy of my letter to Sarangadhar Das. But there it is. I never succeed in doing such things as they should be done. Your apples are extra fine. Ba likes them very much. That I do likewise goes without saying. This is not to be taken as an invitation to send more. What about the price of fruit in winter in Simla? A crowd is coming in. Do make small collections in Simla. I see this will be in your hands after the event. So it is withdrawn.”402 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “So far as your own apples are concerned you may send as often as you like. I take them practically every day and so does Ba. For the bazaar ones you must let me know the price. I am glad Jamnalal was able to have his wish fulfilled. The solid gain he had made can never be lost. You will be sad to know that Vallabhbhai has a polypus in the rectum and a suspicion of cancer. He is much pulled down. What is the cause of your rheumatism? Is it an extension of what was here or is it a new thing?”403 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “This thing about the post is vexing. But what is one to do with a village Post Office? The second vexing thing is your indifferent condition. Why should you not feel first class? Could it have anything to do with your having taxed yourself too much over Jamnalal? He is in raptures over the kindness shown to him by you all meaning you and your. The thought has just occurred to me and I have passed it on to you. Anyway it is time you got well. We had a glorious day here. We had prayers at which Gurudev’s songs were sung, the morning Jivana jakhan by Sushila and the Anand lok in the evening by Prabhakar who is proving a fine singer. We had a pice collection from every adult and more from those who could pay more. The Ashramites not having any money of their own spun for one hour and got one pice for their labour at market price. Maganlal gave Rs. 2,500, Janakibehn Rs. 110, Sushila Rs. 500 in 10 instalments, i.e., Rs. 50 out of her salary. Therefore, we have a goodly sum in Sevagram. Ashadevi went out for collection and prayer in Wardha. I have not yet had the report. But it was good there too. Vallabhbhai’s condition is bad. You must have seen the report. Let us see what happens. It is a big load on the mind. Mridula leaves today for Bombay. She has come to solve her little difficulties. I must not give you more time today. What about khadi sales there this time?”404 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “You have used the same or a synonymous term. You must get rid of your illnesses now. If Shummy and others relieve you and think that you might flourish under humble surroundings I shall gladly nurse you to health. If I am solely responsible, I shall not be nervous.”405 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I hope this is not due to illness. Jamnalalji liked Anandamayi Devi’s Ashram. He could get peace there. He sent me a telegram to permit him to stay there for some more time. I have said yes. He had a long talk with Jawaharlal and had fruit with him. He also met Indu. Here everything is all right. Sardar was released, and I had a talk with him on the phone. I hope you did not find it difficult to decipher this letter. Do you mind its being in Hindi?” 406 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I see how you are struggling against your fever and cough. Victory to you. You will write to Dharm Yash Dev that he has first to purge himself to be true to himself. Sushila stopped for two days on her way to Bombay. She is on duty leave. She has been sent to Bombay to gain more experience in anesthesia. Her last experience enabled them to work an expensive instrument that was lying unused. Kanchan has gone to her mother for a few months. I am first finishing the Deenabandhu Memorial which becomes also partly Tagore Memorial too. I shall take from you the highest amount possible in its time. You see I have taken Rs. 500 from Sushila. Yes, you may send the spray. I now see it is expensive but not very if it is effective against these fellow-creatures of ours. I have also told you, you could send apples twice a month. Now I must stop. Oh, I forget. Sardar’s has proved a hoax. Seven doctors miss the polypus. So there is no anxiety.”407 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “So you see the irregularity is not one-sided. And it is a regular irregularity! But we must be thankful that there is not greater irregularity or that there is postal service at all. Fifty years ago, the postal system was not what it is today. Between Rajkot and Porbandar we had to send special messengers. So I am satisfied when I get a letter at all. Renunciation of rights brings special happiness. Annapurna is lying in bed with slow fever unaccountable. I hope she will be free in a few days.”408 “Of course I have not lost hope of seeing swaraj in my life-time. When you return I shall see to your chest being kept out of harm’s way. I am glad you met Prakash and invited her. She is not married. The one who was married is Satya. Prakash is in Bettiah. Kusum is leaving today.”409 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I see that I can keep you going even there. I passed on to you yesterday Narendra Dev’s case. Read the enclosed cutting. See if you can do anything about it. Perhaps you are the best medium. Sarup is doing something. The Press reports are so hopelessly one-sided that it becomes difficult to know the truth. I wonder if my statement on the wretched Indo-Barman Agreement is published in the papers you get. If you see Bajpai tell him I was deeply grieved to see him involved in the national dishonor. I would like to know his defence if he has any. I have said the least about his part in the affair.”410 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I think I have told you that I do not worry about your health. I know you are getting on. I have resigned myself to your return being indefinitely delayed. And just now I am glad you are not here. The heat is severe and damp. You know what it is after the rains. This heat is needed by the crops but not by you at any rate. I had your apple today. It was very good. P. will be going to Bombay and thence to Delhi. He would return here to offer Civil Disobedience. He has visibly increased his knowledge of the Koran. Are you keeping up your practice of Urdu writing? You should, if you are not. Amtul Salaam is keeping quite well and working in the kitchen, etc., etc. Annapurna has not yet got rid of her slow fever. I have not thought over the League resolutions. But I agree with your criticism. Yes, Satyamurti had acted most unwisely.”411 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Why not has your women’s meeting in Simla? Those who will attend are most of them well-to-do, are they not? But if it is not important it is better that it takes place in your absence. It will be a tax on your energy, if it is in your presence. Here is a copy of my letter to Satyamurti. Please destroy after perusal. I do not want you to write to Mudie. It is enough what you have done. Sarup and Kripalani have seen Sloan. They have got some satisfaction.”412 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I have now begun to send you business. You know that Ratlam has passed unconscionable sentences on certain members of the Praja Parishad. The men are important people. Do you know anybody there? If you want any literature, it can be supplied. If you do not know, you need not worry.”413 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I have not heard from Agatha or from Henry. But I saw H.’s article in a magazine which contained the attack. I thought I should correct him. If you want to see the article I can send it to you. And as I did not know H.’s address I wrote to Agatha. Of course you were right in refusing the Hyd. invitation as you would be in refusing every other. I sent it to you so that you may know it and send a reply. You were bound to refuse. Before you take up anything you must be thoroughly restored. Even as it is, you are giving a good account of yourself. You remember the pamphlet containing the Lahore resolution on Pakistan! Two copies have been traced in the library. I never anticipate evil. So the answer to your question stands deferred till the .evil overtakes us but which shall not. Is that satisfactory answer, if it is any? Do you remember your question? For the time being you need do nothing about Narendra Dev. I shall inquire. I do not know anything about the Dehra Dun offer. Prabhavati wrote for the transfer of Jayaprakash on the ground of ill health, which is patent. Her application is summarily rejected. They can’t do anything because it is right. They yield only to pressure bordering on violence. We are on that portion of Ramayana which relates Narad’s confusion because he had to be corrected. Truly does God confound the wisdom of those whom He seeks to destroy? Here is a telegram about Ratlam. I have already written to you about the case.”414 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “It has been raining off and on. The sky remains overcast. Mira is happy in her new cottage. She is putting in artistic decorations on the wall all sacred things. Mahadev is restored but weak. He has to be in Ahmadabad. Jajuji is to go to Narandas. Bull is not so easily led as you. I would have loved to send her. But her heart is in the Frontier work. If she gets the freedom she has asked for, she might be induced to take up work like what you suggest. I must send you Sarvodaya.”415 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Your cough is taking a long time going. Are you talking too much? Can you take a few days’ complete silence? It will work a miracle. The Ratlam papers make heavy reading. I won’t inflict them on you unless I find it absolutely necessary. The apples were not damaged. They might have kept fresher if they had been wrapped in paper. Don’t you worry about them?”416 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Sarojini went yesterday as chirpy as ever. She was interesting without being instructive. What new things could she tell? Sarup is still here. She leaves tomorrow for Allahabad. She tells me J & R5 are both keeping well. She herself is pulled down but is otherwise fit. Annapurna is better. Rajen Babu Came in today with his wife. I have not met him yet. He is resting in Wardha. He is well though weak. Mahadev won’t be here till he has finished Ahmadabad. They want me to send you to Alwar on 1st October. I have sent a flat refusal. If you were well I would certainly have sent you, but there is no knowing when you will be quite fit. When you return it might be well to bring someone with you.”417 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “So you are not yet out of the wood. What is this rheumatism of the mouth? Why should you have it at all? There must be deeper cause. How I wish you allowed yourself to be overhauled in Delhi in Hardinge College Hospital. But I suppose Shummy won’t listen to it. I would suggest Bombay as an alternative. Sardar is now under a homoeopath and is better. The chief thing is to get well. Here are two letters from your pupils. Did I tell you Sailen had returned? I have put him on Hindi and charkha. He has not wasted his time in Nagpur. He has become more amenable to discipline. I must inquire about the apples. Annapurna has gone to Nagpur to be examined by Dr. David. Rajendra Babu has not yet come to Sevagram.”418 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “What a tragedy that you cannot use your right hand! I repeat my suggestion of yesterday. Go to Delhi or even come here for the cure. If you are not cured here you can be sent to Bombay. I am quite clear that Simla is not the place for you just now. In whatever you do, Shummy’s willing co-operation must be there. The cottage has become usable. The walls are being filled in. But it is quite habitable.”419 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Nevertheless you should move out of Simla. That is my feeling. Sushila agrees that for rheumatics Simla and the like are bad places. She does not think much of Bombay either. You were right as usual. The previous apples were wrapped in paper. Prabha had seen them well-packed. Some busybody removed the wrappers. Next time you should send me the number of apples sent. Bull has received a reply saying the Government would leave her free, if she gives an undertaking not to enter Frontier Province and tribal territory. She is giving notice that she will not give any undertaking.”420 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Sushila came yesterday and gone today. Prabha has been to her mother for two or three days just to feed her superstition. Her brother had a child born and she has to attend some ceremony. She returns on 23rd. Annapurna has gone with Sushila for treatment. There was suspicion of tuberculosis. Dr. David however says there is no trace. But she had slow fever and has grown weak. I have two deputations Alla Bux and Sidhwa and the other from Burma. Munshi’s daughter Sarala who is here for a few days has taken Prabha’s place. She is a very fine girl. She is one of the three Indian women solicitors in all India. But she is exceedingly simple in her tastes and has made friends with everybody. She has come to pass a few days with me.”421 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I am more and more confirmed in my opinion that you should leave Simla and if you have confidence and if Shummy agrees whole-heartedly, you should come here before being sent elsewhere. I flatter myself with the belief that probably my company itself will put you right. Just think this over and if your mind agrees, discuss the proposal dispassionately with S. and decide. If you decide, do so quickly. If you come, you will bring someone with you. Wire your health and your decision. Let not K’s book sit on you like a load. Never mind if it takes a little time. I have Munshi’s daughter still here. She is a very good girl, a lover of children and hard work.”422 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I expect a wire on Thursday to my letter of yesterday. This is being written before the incoming post. Can you throw any light on the enclosed? Jajuji has gone to Rajkot for the Charkha Week. An ex-jail-bird satyagrahi from U.P. came last night suffering from tuberculosis to see me! Poor Chimanlal could not turn him out, so gave him a bed in his verandah. His is a pathetic case. It is difficult to treat him. These unexpected visitors make the running of the Institution most difficult. Fortunately the workers rise to the occasion at such critical times and make it possible for me to face difficulties of this nature.”423 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “Your submission to the simple drugs is worthy of your submissive nature! Do refuse all appointments there too. I had your apple today. This variety is not as good as the previous one. Ba told me that one had gone bad and very soft. This is no criticism of the buyer. I simply pass on the information. Our room is being rebuilt. The verandah porch is being transferred to the gate through which the monsoon rains pour in. And there will be an extended verandah where we used to sleep. It seems building operations will never cease. And yet the crowding grows. How to limit the crowd is a serious question. There is going to be much charkha work done in the village.”424 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “You are having regular ups and downs. We may not always have an even surface to walk on. Some day you will be entirely free. Apples this time are an inferior type. To look at they are extraordinarily good. But some parts are bad. Do not take anybody to task. Next time the variety should be changed. And send them only once a month. Presently there will be santras when apples will no longer be required.”425 “I dare not give you more than this today. For the first time after his arrival I was able to give some time to Rajendra Babu. The patients here are getting on. The Ashram is still filling.”426 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I have not missed a day so far as I know. Why the delivery is irregular is more than I can say. You should simply believe that I have written. Then when you get two letters the same day, your belief is confirmed. Jamnalalji is full of the tales of your hospitality and kindness. He delights in describing your 30 servants to five or six inmates, Tofa counting as one.”427 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I sent you a hurried note yesterday. I am giving myself time before the arrival of the post. There is a complaint again that Narendra Dev is steadily going down. If you think it worthwhile, you may write again. I am writing to Sarup too to do what she can. Since writing this news of his release was received. Herewith receipt for Rs. 100 which will go to the Andrews Memorial. It will be good if you are declared entirely free. Submissiveness is both a virtue and a vice. Circumstances determine the quality each time. Are you satisfied? I told Jamnalal he was not looking well. He does not feel it either. The Nainital visit took it out of him. You did write to me about your Conference taking a village. It might be possible to find someone. We shall discuss when you return. The cottage is undergoing extensions. Khadi Jagat is in the press. The Maharajah’s order can be reported only next month which will be done.”428 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “I wonder if I wrote to you about Mr. Hancock. He may come in October as written by you. I hope he won’t run up on 27th. I have cancelled that appointment and filled the day with others. I am sorry to hear about Raja Saheb. You will be quite right in putting a check upon the loot. I know how difficult it all is. His death would certainly be deliverance for him and to you all who are helpless witnesses to the tortures he is suffering. Though the post leaves here daily at the appointed time evidently you receive two at a time. I am keeping extraordinarily well. I am thinking of going out for the Andrews Memorial about the middle of October. Nothing is fixed yet. But the idea is taking shape.”429 Mahatma Gandhi wrote, “You should accept the proffered nomination on the Education Board. I hope the Raja affair is being smoothed. Mahadev is definitely coming tomorrow only to leave for Alwar on 29th. There is a rush to the Ashram. I simply cannot stop it. I never told you that Surendra was arrested and being tried in Wardha. All well. Hope you will be able to report yourself here by 15th October. 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