Please Help the PCDN Network Thrive by Paying What You Can to Support Our Work


(Payments can be made by logging in and clicking on your profile page, see below, or via the Support Page)

The PCDN network has helped impact thousands of individuals and organizations around the world to help connect, inspire, provide sources of funding, scholarships, training and much more. We are now asking you to consider paying what you can in any amount ranging from $1 and up. To date out of our 28,100 members around the world, only 700 (which is less than 2.5%) have contributed to the network). While we are grateful for all of the payments to date,  to sustain our work we rely on your support and would like to increase member support to at least 40% of the entire membership.


If everyone on the network would contribute a few dollars each year, this would easily help PCDN to grow, expand and scale up our impact around the world. The cost of maintaining the network in terms of staff and intern time (the equivalent of three full-time staff), hosting costs, outreach, advertising, product development (see below for some new initiatives we are developing), responding to the hundreds of inquiries each month takes considerable investment (thousands of dollars) and we need your support. Our goal is to keep this network free, but we do rely on members to contribute what you can in any amount. If you can afford more than $1 great, and if you represent an NGO, university or business that uses the network please consider making a higher payment. If you can or cannot contribute for some reason please then please do some of the following:

  • Invite your networks to join and inform them about PCDN
  • Follow us on Twitter , Facebook, Linkedin
  • Contribute New Content to PCDN
  • Consider Giving in the Future

Please contact us if you need an invoice or have additional questions.


Upcoming Developments: With your support, PCDN will continue to grow and thrive and work on the following initiatives.

  • Expanding interviews with leading practitioners/scholars in the field (To date 15 interviews have been conducted with leading practitioners and scholars from around the world).
  • Increasing the number of resource guides in key areas
  • Soliciting a greater number of job and scholarship postings
  • Advancing our outreach to key organizations and individuals around the world
  • Increasing our staff
  • Improving metrics to measure the impact of PCDN
  • Examining how to start doing offline, live or streamed events on key topics such as careers in the field
  • And many other areas (please feel free to suggest new ideas)

To see the concrete impact the network(and add your own feedback) is having around the world see the member feedback section.


To see why others are supporting PCDN (and add your own reasons), see the supporter feedback page.



The PCDN network has been in existence for over five years since launching in June of 2007. The network has rapidly grown and become one of the leading sites in peace and conflict resolution, development and international affairs. Site membership has reached over 28,000 and is attracting over 300,000 hits per month. PCDN has helped thousands of individuals and organizations around the world network, obtain fellowships, jobs, undertake new research projects and explore development, peacebuilding, social entrepreneurship and related fields.


Since starting the network has not accepted any donations nor charged any membership fees despite having many on-going costs related to hosting, site development, staff time, research. We are able to cover some site costs via the advertising presented on the site. However, given the growth in the network, we would now like to ask for everyone to consider paying what you can to ensure our on-going development and growth.

If you have benefited from the site in anyway (gotten a job, a new grant, fellowship, found new information), we would strongly encourage you to consider making a payment.

To learn more about how PCDN is viewed in the field and the need to support the network see the wonderful article, A journalist and writer comments on the need to support the PCDN. A... by Ed Giradet


Here are two stories of the concrete impact of PCDN:

PCDN is a crucial tool for any organization seeking to communicate and collaborate directly with the global peace community. No other new technology or social networking site even compares to the PCDN, and we, as the global peacebuilding community, are hugely indebted to the site founder for having the vision and passion to unite us under the PCDN banner.  Cameron Chisholm, President, IPSI


I support this network financially for three reasons: 

1.  The utterly compelling idea of connecting conflict resolution pressionals around the globe in a way that is of value to all.

2.  The superb leadership investment that Craig has shown in getting this going, which I think deserves tangible support.

3.  The very real business opportunities that can come out of this.  I have had two already that have repaid my modest contribution many times over.

 Dr. Mark Young, President, Rational Games




Questions and Answers Related to PCDN Membership/Payments:


Is my Payment Secure? Yes, we are using Paypal one of the leading online payment systems in the world. Payments are processed on their network. Of course as with any online financial transaction, users should ensure they have adequate security on their computer (such as a firewall).


What is PCDN Membership? When you join PCDN you sign up for a 12 month membership (and we encourage all members to make a payment from $1 and up. Free membership is available for those unable to make a payment. See more details below).   Your membership is critical to expanding our work.

How can I tell when my membership expires? Click My Settings on the Right Hand Side  the Page (after you have logged in, see sample below).

Then click on profile and go to the bottom of the page. Go to the bottom of the page. There you can see PCDN membership and the expiration date. There is also a space to click renew and follow the steps (see sample below).

How do I make a payment? Payments can also be made via the donate link on the Support Page or you can make a payment through the renew option at the bottom of the profile page by following the steps outlined above. You will be brought to the membership page and you can choose the payment option you prefer (or free account) as can be seen below.


How much should I pay? We leave this decision up to each person/organization, but urge you to consider the impact of PCDN in your work/life. Particularly if you represent an organization using PCDN to promote your work, learn about opportunities and disseminate information widely, we encourage you to consider making a higher payment.

Why Should My Organization Consider a Paid Membership?

A paid organizational membership can benefit your organization in several ways.

1) Distribution of Job Postings - Paid organizational members are eligible to have up to 4 blast emails sent per month to to all 27,100 members and have up to 10 postings featured on our Twitter and Linked in accounts each month.
2) Find Candidates on PCDN - Paid organizational members can search (by sector, geographic location, years of experience, etc.) PCDN can also provide guidance in identifying candidates.Employers can also access and search the PCDN Linkedin Group.

3) Featured Job Opportunity of the Month - Paid organizational members are eligible to have one position per month featured on PCDN's home page (space permitting).

4) Technical Support - PCDN offers organizations support for how to best use the network through email and phone support (by appointment).
5) Help PCDN Grow -  Financial support helps to support and grow the PCDN network, one of the premier international affair networking sites in the world.

The rate for a yearly membership varies according to the size of the organization.

If you have questions about the rates for organizational memberships, would like to discuss customized options or for additional questions please contact PCDN at info(at)

Can you invoice me or my organization: Yes if you or your organization requires an invoice please contact us at info (at)


What happens if I cannot make a payment?
Our goal is to keep PCDN accessible to all, but we do urge you to consider making a payment. If this is not possible please follow the steps below:

a) Please wait until your account has expired (do not attempt to renew/request free request prior to this)

b) Sign out of PCDN and then sign back in (this step is important)

c) Once you log back in, the Payment Page should show up (again only if your account has already expired).

d) Follow the steps and choose 0 for payment

e) If this doesn't work, send us an email at info(at) with the following details:

  • Your name, email address and if your account is expired (please do not submit a free renewal request if your account is currently valid)
  • Confirm that you have tried to renew online but the option to choose 0 in the payment system was not available
  • Provide a brief (2-3) sentences explanation for the request.

How long is membership? Membership in PCDN is for 12 months. After that time you will be required to repeat the procedure.

I have already made a payment, but my membership hasn't been extended? We have tried to ensure all accounts are up to date, but if you run into problems please contact us at info(at)

Is my Payment Tax-Deductible? PCDN is setup as a Limited Liability Company and is not a nonprofit organization, thus your payment is not tax-deductible.


What will my funds be used for? Your funds will be used to support the costs of hosting, maintaining, outreach, product development and initiatives. This also includes staff time, as the PCDN network now requires the equivalent of three full-time staff to keep the site going and the time involved continues to grow.


Will the site ever require payments? Our goal is keep this site open to all and only request voluntary membership.

I live outside the US can I make a payment? Yes PayPal accepts credit card and bank payments from most countries in the world.


Do I need a Paypal account to make a payment? No, once you click on the link you will be brought to the PayPal page. If you have a PayPal account you can login, if you do not, you can click on the bottom left side of the page and indicate you don't have a PayPal account and follow the steps to pay via credit card or bank


Who should I contact for more information? If you have questions feel free to send an email to info (at)

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Please Pay What You Can to Support PCDN

Please consider Paying What You Can to help PCDN grow. We encourage you to consider any amount from $1 and up. Read the SUPPORT page prior to making a payment to see PCDN's impact and how your payment will help.

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