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Philosophy in Action : From  Abstraction to Pragmatism

Proposed date :24-25 November ,2011

Venue : Nong Chok , Bangkok, Thailand


  In recent years different disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences have been attempting to apply their theoretical approaches to achieve functional outcomes. Philosophy, including ethics and religion, as the main foundation of humanities suffers from abstraction, especially in combating crises and challenges of modern human society. Lack of proper philosophical, ethical and religious direction has found expression in abject poverty, concentration of wealth, consumerism, and depletion of natural resources and pollution of Mother Earth. Everybody talks about peace but the global trillion dollar arms trade can shatter the tranquility of even a quiet, remote village. As Aristotle points out, a relative sense of deprivation creates grievances in the minds of sufferers and a feeling of injustice against the oppressors ( usually against ruling authority) ignite the prospect of revolt that can severely upset the whole society.  Total ignorance of religion, generates extremism. Religious differences are being used less for promoting peace, and more for fuelling conflict. Lack of transparency, accountability and good governance combine to create lack of  trust and confidence on the part of the governed. Governance which is supposed to serve people, in practice, routinely indulges in suppression and coercion.



Narrowly conceived self-interest devoid of ethics (Morgenthu) and not enlightened self interest (Hobbes), commands the foreign policy of big powers. In such a world scenario, philosophy, ethics and religion, if properly structured according to the practicality of the society, can act as curators both for the  outer as well as inner faculties of the human race; that can reduce conflicts and pave the way for peace.  

The main goal of this forum is to bring together professors, scholars and researchers to exchange and share their ideas, theories and experiences with a view to pragmatization  of philosophy and to applying  philosophy in action.


We know that the compassion of  Buddhist philosophy can lead towards removal of Dukkha; discourse for action by Lord Krishna in the Mahabharat can be of utility to humanity; love and non-violence of Christianity and the concept of equality and justice in Islam can reduce the problems of the modern world.


We also know that religious and philosophical teachings have, thus far, largely gone  by default and rituals  have become  central to all religions.


This Forum proposes that entire sessions be devoted to the presentation and discussion of each of the religious and philosophical schools of thought and their relevance to contemporary issues, challenges and problems.


Proposed Program

Arrival : 23th November 2011:

 Informal session:  for orientation of the Forum .finalizing the agenda, followed by dinner


Session I

Session II

Session III


Human Nature and Philosophy:

Philosophical schools and temporal powers; and their relevance in present context

Human Society  and Religion:  

Origins  and evolutions of religions  and their relationships with Philosophical schools

Modern World and the Place of Philosophy and Religion in governance, economy and ecology



Love ,Compassion and Peace

Abstraction to Pragmatism

Rights , Equality &Justice

Abstraction to Action

Concluding session


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