Peace Won, 70 Years of War, Cold War & Surrogate Wars Against Drugs &Terror is Over

The 2012 elections led to celebrating the fact that young people vote after all, gay marriage can win at the ballot box, and that voter suppression backfires, the Constitutional Party was kicked off the ballot in Virginia for the sole purpose of preventing Romney from losing Conservative votes.

But the biggest celebration has yet to sink in. When the Cold War ended new enemies kept the war spirit alive. Sometimes it was counties. Remember remember when Saddam was compared with Hitler. Sometimes a war against drugs or terror. Suddenly 70 years of war-fever is behind us. Besides marijuana finally winning ballot initiatives for recreational instead of just medicinal use, Islamophobia lost in almost every case,

Before I continue. Each progressive group thinks it has something to celebrate, but no one added it all up. How very different the American attitude is this election. Progressive is the wrong word because adding together so-called isolationists with those who want to interviene in a peaceful way, once called a Ron-Paul-Dennis-Kucinich dream ticket, is a huge winning combination.

The Jewish vote going 66% for Obama despite the Prime Minister of Israel condemning him shocked the pro-war Jewish lobby,

The Miami Cuban-American community shifted 10 points, Some exit polls claim Obama won,

More significant that two hardline Cuban-Americans lost.

But the finally proof of the end to 70 years of hysteria is the big peace votes. In Virgina the Republican Party had and ad accusing Tim Kaine of being weak on defense, boldly placing Council for a Livable World website links after every accusation, readers found the Livable World rebuttal very convincing, e/18

Livable World unlike other elections where they had two or three victories finally had mostly victories. But I noticed something amazing. Where the peace organization's list lost, peace fever actually won. The Council for a Liveable World doesn't like Arizona Senator Jeff Flake's positions on the UN and related issues ignoring the fact that he actually voted against an Afghan funding surge and an Iraq War supplement and against the embargo on Cuba.

Coalition For Peace Action had ads in a Pennsylvania race for Kathy Boockvar, as her opponent ads said she supports all of Obama's Wars. She bragged about asking Obama not to let (on Yom Kippur ) Ahmadinejad speak at the UN, not very peaceful. Despite the fact she did wonderful things to help the poor etc, my guess in that Fitzpatrick as a Republican could do more at this moment for peace, and Kathy could at some point be the liberal facade for unity on less peaceful votes. Right or wrong Fitzpatrick's win doesn't show voters aren't for peace.

Shelley Berkley's positions on foreign policy “On the Issues” site is somewhat more progressive then then her opponent's. She stands up against anti-Muslim bigotry yet gets a zero rating on Palestine. The winner got 10%. She unlike the winner Dean Heller likes the UN and nuclear reduction agreements. There was a heated exchange where the Dean Heller claimed she lost defense jobs, and she claiming that the automatic across the board budget cuts won't go into effect anyway, so her vote on mandatory across the board cuts in a deadlock doesn't matter. My guess is peace lost but I wonder in defending herself she looked like more of a hawk then her opponent.

Since the anti-Islamophobic scorecard was overwhelming, this is a sudden basic change in US attitude. America finally learned that you don't make yourself more secure by baiting, taunting and insulting those you disagree with, such as depicting historic religious leaders as porn stars. The film created a different new world then the film expected. The October Surprise totally failed in making Democrats look weak on foreign policy besides failing to get Romney elected. If we don't leave Afghanistan this year than when might be better? Trying to leave while US paychecks were bouncing would be awkward and make al Qaeda rather brazen in seeing if they can seize US equipment and supplies. And the dollar getting psychologically weaker with every attempt by them would excite them greatly.

There may be other moments where the US could get out of Afghanistan besides this November and December without confusion and chaos, but that awful baiting taunting movie putting America in the maybe temporary position of realizing that baiting and insulting others is not good for National Security. When the budget crisis pases will Americas be in as progressive mood as today to leave Afghanistan despite cries from some there than we are betraying them?

At one point there was a suggestion of a Ron-Paul-Dennis-Kucinich ticket for President, in that joint spirit peace won an overwhelming mandate. If others like me see the following as part of the peace surge not right-wing victories, the peace surge would be overwhelming,

All that is needed now is for those who want peace to start celebrating.


Continued at,

The reason for the continued elsewhere is the potential bad news like trying to leave while US paychecks are not being paid and al Qaeda feeling particularly empowered would be bad news. I think likewise during the economic melt down when Obama first got elected was another bad moment to try peace, getting Obama into habits that peace people don't appreciate. This kind of discussion won't fit in the celebratory outlook of this article,

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