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Over the past 5 years I have been blessed to meet some brilliant legends of our time. Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Stephen Covey, Nobel Peace Prize Winners Prof. Muhammad Yunus and Prof. Wagari Maathai who all shine their light so brightly.

Before you read any further, please take time out to listen to this powerful video with Desmond Tutu's message to unite as one family if we want peace.

I also attend many conferences all over the world and this is the feedback I get from many who attend:

Humanity continues to re-invent and waste precious time, effort, energy and money doing their own thing. There are nearly 7 billion people on this planet but very few major peace groups who have a strong membership base and a voice that gets aired in the public media, press, tv, radio etc.

As a result very few know that you exist unless you have a voice with 100,000+ members who unite and interact more effectively.

As change makers we must find new ways to attract as many like minded people if we truly care about living and leading a better legacy for humanity to establish a world without poverty and with peace.

I have started the ball rolling by planting peace links everywhere I go. Let's make Peace Happen asap.

Be aware that less than 5% of people will take any notice of sharing links as many prefer to sit on the bench and then play the blame game. We know that many are called but few chosen, thanks to the continued Fear negative conditioning process that keeps millions stuck in the 50 year PITS Painful Insecure Toxic Scams Trap.

Below are useful links including one group promoting 10 million clicks for peace:

Some powerful videos to share:

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Comment by Robert WoW De Souza on January 4, 2010 at 9:08pm

Engaging with Muslims Worldwide:

President Obama’s Remarks in Egypt
Obama says the cycle of suspicion and discord must end.

How China Stiffed the World in Copenhagen
Comment by Robert WoW De Souza on January 4, 2010 at 9:01pm

Against All Odds

The Web Facts of Against All Odds are designed to provide more information about the activities in the online game. Each section contains fact sheets, profiles, videos, or other interesting links about refugees.
War and Conflict

War and violence are all too present in our world today. This section contains information about the rights that all people, including refugees, have. There are links to information about the numbers of refugees and who protects them. This section contains profiles of people who fled their homes because they faced political persecution

Not everyone who leaves their country is a refugee. This section contains information about who is considered a refugee and descriptions of the different options they have for finding a safe haven. There are links to profiles of people who are trying to find a new home in a new country. It also has profiles of famous people you may not have known were refugees.
A New Life

Life in a new country can be very different from the country of the refugee's origin. The profiles in this section describe how refugees try to transition to their new life in a new country. It also contains information about the true origins of things you use in your daily life.

There is more information available on the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees website:
Comment by Robert WoW De Souza on December 28, 2009 at 3:11am
Earth is adjusting as all self aware energy systems do. People pass away. People suffer. They always have. What is different now is that we understand more as a collective that the body may perish but consciousness is eternal. It remains intact through lucidity, peace, bliss/awareness, love and compassion. And now the opportunity to evolve into a new form fully consciousness is upon us as well. Embrace the changes. Use your intuition.

Remember the SELF and that you are eternal. Earth is not being destroyed it is seeking balance just as all life forms do. Generation Operation Deconstruction. There is no end of existence just the end of the world or realm that is no longer necessary. WE are making that choice and we are making the changes through mass consciousness. The areas that are not stable will stabilize. Those who have fulfilled their objectives will move on to something else. We will all evolve. No one is left behind. Once again, fear not that which does not exist~ death. Release fear of change, everything is change. Release fear of pain. Pain is telling you what needs attention and can be overcome if we can master the mind and body. Fears arise out of the illusion of duality, that we are separate and therefore alone. Love is not desire, it is oneness. Seek not love from others, BE LOVE and those who are still seeking will learn from your example. This is how we heal and exist in harmony.

Love is a wave. Surf’s up!
Cari Eden Kindl

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