Almost everywhere, you can here violence, conflict, deaths and human suffering. Here in the Philippines after two aftermaths of Typhoons, a lot of talks came about logistics came about on how it helps the people. Logistics covers the supplies, transportation, distribution and disposal. It encompasses almost everything that a conflict have. I mean of this, is that after the disaster in the Philippines conflict came because of logistics. Logistics refers to the lifeblood of activities either for the good or bad. With that, Peace logistics is esssential to bond the people together and to move forward for development. This Peace logistics is backed up by two studies that supports this thesis.

First and foremost, Logistics bond the people together for they need it for survival. People who have nothing and who have a lot share a common belief of survival. People after the calamities loof for relief goods and help in order to move on with their lives. People who hav a lot share some of their blessings that when join together become a lot. One example of which was during after the typhoon onslaught in the philippines, the tsunami in indonesia, the hurricane in the USA, that with the help and join hands of people involve peace could be attained. One gives what he has and the others collect it and then distribute it to those who have nots. Thats logistics isnt it. Nobody thinks about it. But the reality is that logistics plays a mjor role. Through this i can say that logistics run in a peaceful way can be used to join people together to become one.

Second and the last is Peace logistics move the people forward out of the slump. It makes everyone keep on moving forward in order to stand up from its fall. As we can see in New Orleans, after the debacle they were able to move forward at an enormous pace towards its goal. See, the wonders of peace logistics. Another thing is the devastation in Indonesia, after the distribution of relief goods and the help it needed most it moves forwards, not backwards. Peace Logistics unite the people to have one goal in order to move forward. Everyone help each other, not leaving anyone behind. Peace logistics is a great power.

With that, Peace logistics plays a vital role everytime there is conflict either after the man made or nature made calamities It units the people and make the people move forward. With that we can say that in the future if peace logistics plays its major role we can attain our most deared goal of Peace in the world.

This is my initial draft hope i can solicit some ideas from you all over the world to propagate the importance of peace logistics. I encourage your comments and recommendation.

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