One day
I don’t remember da day
I was
I don’t remember where
But decided to leave, it was a safe place but I decided to go
So I came….
It was on the 20th day of June 1989
I finally reached tha new place, tha new planet, the earth…
After some years of rest
The trip was so long!! 9 months!!
I began to explore, explore like Stanley and Livingstone in Africa…
1993, it was my 4th year on the new place, the earth
I was exploring that wonderful place, wow the earth, so wonderful…
I was astonished to meet so many creatures so nice, so good
I would ask my mum (the only person I knew on the earth)
“Who are those nice creatures?”
“People” she used to say
“We call them men and women”
“You too are one of them, you are a man”
“A man?”
I was so grateful to be called a man!!
“Here are your brothers and sisters” she continued.
Some months later, things began to change…
October 1993….
I heard on radios…”many people were killed yesterday”
"Even the president of the Republic"
Killed? What does it mean mum?
“yes my dear” she told me
“people are killing each other”  
“We call it war, they are in conflicts
That’s how we say here”
I wept…
Why??? Why those nice creatures are killing each other?
So many questions, never answered..
1994, I was in Kigali, Rwanda
I could not stay in Burundi, I was fearing to be killed…
But some months later in Rwanda, the same happened!!!
People killing people….
Tha new and nice planet I would admire
Had become a dangerous place, so dangerous…
I could not stay there for long…
I thought of going back…
When it was so hot in Kigali,
I had to travel, to run, to flee as we say…
Zaire or DRC…1996 I was there…fearing
But the same was taking place,
I asked my mother, where we go now?
Is there any other place to go and be safe?
She never answered…
So I began to think, no I began to weep and tear…
Weeping for the lives
Tearing for the blood…
Crying for safety and peace…
I began to make calls…
Many calls…many calls
Calling peace, calling safety, calling security…
With a so loud voice, calling peace…
From Africa to Asia
From France to the US
From Somalia to Afghanistan,
From all parts of the planet
Calling peace
Still today
Still calling for peace…
Can you help me and say
Hello Peace COME IN THE WORLD????
Can you join????


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Comment by Stany Nzobonimpa on December 31, 2011 at 3:32am

Thank you Michelle Rosenthal, LMSW    and Anita

Yes Michelle, I will prepare the Going For A Global Truce Poetry Book and audios. So We can share with the PCDN members.

Thanks and have a Happy and peaceful New Year 2012.

Comment by Michelle Lee Rosenthal, LMSW on December 31, 2011 at 12:13am

This is a really great poem.  I think you are very talented.  Would you like to make a Going For A Global Truce Poetry Book? Michelle 

Comment by Anita on December 30, 2011 at 5:34am

You are so brave and courageous...

Thank you for these words, written with passion and heart...and calling us all to peace...I hope this message will go far and wide...I will share it for sure. 

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