By Freddy Ortiz Nishihara (*)
“ Mi dreams are white as the light on the morning calm, as an open spring and free as the hearts smiling to the inner Peace in you and in me”
Lima, Peru August 6th 2010

Today is a new anniversary from the sorrow episode of war in Hiroshima, on August 6th 1945 and then repeated again 3 days after in Nagasaki, another Japanese city. As a descendant of Japanese I feel that must to write something on the matter and to remember anybody that never again this should happen again, still if in a conflict some of the parts feels insecurity and fears most to the other. But this kind of illogical thought can appear in the most shining minds and erase all the good feelings in a person or still in a human group.

During the last years from the 1900 and the present century we have saw important technological changes, improving the standards of human living in information, transportations and similar systems, but these developments had an impact on the military field too, this is dangerous for our societies, because groups of people with no good intentions only trying to make money with the wars every where and looking for resources from developing countries have continued with their nuclear search and keep dangerous arsenal in all the globe.

USA, Russia and their allies owners of the biggest deposit of this kind of weapons gave and still continue giving bad examples and with this image want to forbid other countries as North Korea and Iran not to develop nuke weapons.

The story from Mr. Tsosomu Yamaguchi is from a survivor from that war, until in January from this year died at 93 years old due to cancer that he carried since that morning in Hiroshima. He declared to NHK, japans television which that day was sent since his hometown Nagasaki to Hiroshima as an engineer doing his labor. He didn’t know that USA has sent a message of unconditional surrender to Japan after the defeat from the German Nazis.

During six months 67 Japanese cities were bombed and thousands of people had died or were seriously injured, but they could not believe that the worst and unknown catastrophic event in the history from Japan and the world was coming.

Yamaguchi san didn’t understand as the 166,000 death people and the thousand of survivors what happened on that August 6th from 1945, when he heard that clatter and felt something indescribable on his body and soul, taken in the air by the force of the firsts nuke explosion, experimenting as the people from Hiroshima the most terrible heat that a human being has experimented.
A few minutes later recovered from the impression and with terrible burns on his arms he saw the city in ruins and terrified people with horrible wounds crying and dying on the floor by every where, all thanks to the first nuke bomb called “ little boy” by the American government, as if that barbarian act could be compared to the innocence from a children

The engineer Yamaguchi left the city and returned to his native Nagasaki, looking for safety and healing for his wounds, but three days after on August 9th when he was on bed another nuke bomb called “fat man”, hit his city. Damaging most his health and obligating him to stay in bed for months.

The rest of his life a question disturbed to Mr. Yamaguchi: “ I am a lucky man for surviving in Hiroshima and Nagasaki or I am a bad luck man because twice was in the wrong place and at the wrong time?

In 2007 a documental movie was made on his experience, but not was still until 2009 when the Japanese government recognized officially as a “double victim” (according to official statistics almost 100 people were in the two places when the nuclear weapons were dropped)

Once he said “ the reason because I hate the nuclear weapon is because the effects on the human being dignity…I can’t understand why the world can’t understand the agony caused by these arms , how can they continue producing this kind of weapons?”
The story shows the obvious, the inhumanity from the humanity, but at the same time the courage from a person fighting against his pain and trauma caused by a conflict.
In the name of the real Peace, please never again violate Human Rights from innocent people who could be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Every body must to condemn the countries producers of nuke weapons as their false leaders speaking on a vacuum Peace on international forums, but acting as war criminals and enemies from humanity.

I wish too that any body could have to heal war wounds and traumas in their families as we had to do us, when my mother’s family was disintegrated between 1940 and 1941, because the prosecution, imprisonment and death from innocent civilians in some countries from Latin America, obeying orders from Washington government. Mi grandfather Uishi Nishihara for example is still missing until now.

Is time for the USA to apologize to the Japanese people because Hiroshima, Nagasaki and by the violation of Human Rights committed by its allies against innocent civilians from Japan living in Latin America’s countries.

(*) Lawyer and mediator, Master in International Relations

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