My Prophecy: Global Truce Cease Fire & Mass Destruction of Weapons Treaty Will be Enacted From 12/25/11- 9/21/12 The Road Ahead for USA & The World: My recommendations to USA's President!

Greeting to all American's and to all people on Earth,

I, Michelle Lee Rosenthal, LMSW a Licensed Social Worker from the State of New York, am giving my recommendations to the President of the United States of America and all those candidates running for the office of the presidency of the United States of America in the 11/2012 election.  In order to be able to govern this country in the manner in line with our values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness I must first request and advocate for the following changes to be made on the global level.  I seek to have these changes made before Inauguration Day 1/20/13 so our government can function effectively upholding the laws of our land, following our USA Constitution, US Treaties, UN Resolutions and abide by the International Criminal Court Elements of Crime.  I need and request the world's help to make these recommendations for changes become transformed into a reality for world peace on Earth. 

We need to ask ourselves is humanity capable of doing away with war?  Do we want to do away with war or do we want to continue to fight until there is no one and nothing left alive on Earth?  If we are willing to stop fighting; how can we begin to stop fighting?  Whoever is willing to help humanity stop fighting please step up to the plate now.  Humanity needs our help.  It is a matter of developing a plan to eliminate war and creating a future with out war. We can do it step by step with the vision in mind and belief that it is possible to be done.

I am forwarding this statement to President Obama,  to Hilary Clinton and to all republican candidates seeking the office of the Presidency in the 2012 Election.  I request that The Obama Administration or any other world leader submit language immediately for the submission of the following ten treaties directly to the United Nations.  I suggest President Obama or any other nation's leader call for emergency sessions of all world leaders of each country on Earth to come to the UN Headquarters in NYC as soon as possible.  There they may collectively review and reaffirm the UN Charter, The International Criminal Court, make the needed improvements  to the functioning of the UN as a peacekeeping body, and begin to prosecute all those inciting genocide and war rather than seeking to wage war against them to remedy the problem.

There are 120 state parties that have already signed on to the International criminal court. For those states that have not signed, including USA they are encouraged to do so immediately.

I suggest world leaders come together to review and abide by the 10 commandments, and the 7 Noahide laws especially the commandment: Thou shall not kill,  learn the story of  of each nation and religion on Earth .  I believe our world leaders must get to know each other on a personal level as humans and participate in social activities together in an effort to reduce the hostility that is so high among the various leaders around the world.

I suggest our world leaders quickly pass and follow up with ten treaties that I have outlined which if followed up upon by all peoples will eliminate war and create peace.

I believe our world leaders and the world populations need and would benefit from counseling and help to get along with each other.  We need to develop processes to help make this possible to maintain peace and prevent more war.  We can begin offering psychiatric,  psychological and social work services to all world leaders and their governing and military bodies through the United Nations and through other venues.

Unfortunately many world leaders and world followers (humanity) may be suffering from a collective war psychosis, paranoia, delusion of grandeur or other personality disorders coupled with excessive greed and a power hunger that is often contributing to the inability to lead nations to get along with each other.  Constant warmongering, fighting, killing, controlling and the like.  We need to recognize that there is an insatiable greed, a hunger for power that has to be healed.  

The World must offer and provide help and services to them but not follow their orders to go to war.  Many conflicts and wars can be reduced and eliminated if we focus on getting the help needed to the the leaders and their followers of all warmongering countries.  We must develop other strategies for nations to interact with each other in a peaceful manner.  This is a much better alternative than engaging in war between various countries' military forces.  Many innocent lives could be spared this way.  Please focus on all alternatives to war and encourage all nations to do the same.  

To create world peace I suggest beginning as soon as possible the world leaders of Earth spend 40 days (and 40 nights if accommodations can be made) at the UN Headquarters.  In this time they may get to know each other better as people, pray, confess their sins to the Creator of the Universe.  They may take an inventory of their actions toward all life on Earth, repent, ask for forgiveness of their sins, make amends to each other and the creator.  They may seek the creator's help to overcome the defects in their character and of human nature, begin a 12 step and 12 tradition fellowship with each other to recover from the addictions and compulsive diseases and disorders that are so severe that they may lead to the destruction all life on Earth.  Humanity may pray that it will be God's will to free all of his creation from evil forces that tries to enslave all humanity to do his bidding, fighting his wars, killing people over world over the centuries and over the millennium.

Peace is within our grasp.  I strongly suggest world leaders ratify the following 10 treaties between 12/25/11 and 9/12/12 at the UN Headquarters in NYC:

1) International "Global Truce" Cease Fire, No Strike Treaty 

2) Global Mass Destruction of Weapons - & Restoration of Environmental Damage of Past Wars, Weapons and Military Testing Treaty with extensive UN inspections to verify compliance by all nations on Earth.

3) Global Retreating of All Military Forces around the World. 

4) A Global Dissolution of all Militaries and Disposal of all Military Uniforms Around the World, a Global Dismantling of All Nation's Military Bases and Outer Space  War Capabilities All Around the World and Sky Treaty.

5) Global Compliance with International Criminal Court Treaty with amendments to enable it to be expanded, be more effective, to include more elements of crimes,  to allow for trials to be held in abstentia when the accused refuses to stand trial for his or her alleged crimes against humanity and to allow leaders in power to be charged and tried for crimes against humanity, inciting and waging an illegal war.

6) Global Compliance with all UN Charter Resolutions Treaty with amendments to enable the UN to be more effective and inclusive of unrepresented nations within other nations (UNPO and the people's voice and accept these bodies into the UN.

7) Global Agreement To Refer Murderous, Criminal Leaders to the International Criminal Court For immediate trial, Not War Treaty

8) Global Transformation Of The global military industrial complex into a non military peacekeeping source.

9) Global Truce Peace Manual and Training Program establishment Treaty where by all nations will contribute to the development of the manual and training program and the dissemination of the information to all peoples.

10)  The UN establish a counseling and mental health service to all world leaders and military offering services 24 hours per day 7 days per week, 365 days per year.  Psychiatric services, psychological services, psychotherapy, social work services, legal services, counseling and fellowship in person, via satellite and via telephone and internet helplines are recommended to help keep the peace. 
World Leaders and followers are encouraged to seek recovery through psychiatric care, counseling and in fellowship with each other through a global 12 step12 Tradition fellowship called Global Truce Anonymous. This fellowship can be established world wide by leaders and followers to find fellowship with one another  to overcome addiction and compulsive behaviors one day at a time, one minute at a time and one second at a time leading humanity to recover  from a state of perpetual warring and fighting.  

The Preamble to Global Truce Anonymous is as follows: "Global Truce Anonymous is a fellowship of individuals who through shared experience strength and hope, are recovering from violence and war.  We welcome anyone who wants to live peacefully.  There are no dues or fees for members; we are self supporting through our own contributions, neither soliciting nor accepting outside donations.  Global Truce Anonymous is not affiliated with any public or private organization, political movement, ideology or religious doctrine; we take no position on outside issues.  Our primary purpose is to abstain from violence and war and to carry this message of recovery to those who still suffer.”



 The 12 Steps of Global Truce Anonymous are:

1)  Admit we were powerless over violence and war- that our lives and our world became unmanageable and unsustainable.

2)  Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

3)  Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God/Higher Power as we understood Him.

4)  Made a Searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.
5)  Admitted to God/Higher Power, to ourselves and to another Human Being the exact nature of our wrongs.

6)  Were entirely ready to have God/Higher Power remove all these defects of character.

7)  Humbly ask God/ Higher Power to remove our shortcomings.
8)  Made a list of all the persons we have harmed and became willing to make amends to them all.

9)  Made direct amends to such people whenever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.     

10)  Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.

11)  Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God/

Higher Power as we understand Him.
12)   Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these Steps, we tried to carry this message to other people and to practice these principals in all our affairs. 

Click here to see a copy of a Global Truce anonymous Phone Meeting ...

A Global 24 hour 12 Steps and 12 traditions anonymous fellowship for recovery for our addictions and defects of character and human nature with meetings online, over the phone or face to face is needed.  I am available to start a telephone meeting that may be held weekly on Sundays from 1 - 2pm EST if interest is expressed in participating.  Please friend me and email me if you are interested in participating in a Global Truce Anonymous Program Phone Meeting or you may start one yourself by following the format.  Over time this fellowship may grow to become available 24 hours per day 7 days per week 365 days per year with meetings taking place over the telephone, on line or in face to face meetings around the world. Over time with effort and dedication it coupled with many other interventions, may become a force for peace by soothing our addiction to war.  

Humanity may seek fellowship with others to overcome many of our addictions that are leading us to war or self destruction such as our addiction to oil, energy, power, money, food, alcohol, drugs, tobacco and more.

The UN may start an online conflict resolution center where conflicts can be posted by nations, groups and individuals and responses can be offered by other nations groups or individuals where different options to resolve the conflict may be posted until a solution that is acceptable to both parties is accepted.  This may avert many violent conflicts from erupting or escalating.

Another problem solving technique that can be helpful to humanity is to follow the format of TED (Technology Entertainment and Design TED films the most advanced speakers sharing ideas worth spreading.  20 minute speeches on all topics may be helpful to nations to resolve problems in peaceful means and to resolve technical problems as well.  Open source sharing of ideas may be helpful for the spreading of good will among man.  The UN may benefit by studying the talks already on to find answers to many problems plaguing humanity.  The newest innovations in science, technology and design are discussed here and may be of great importance to all nations.


Together we may seek to start anew.  We will create a new heaven and earth together with G-d out from this old one by ridding the Earth of all of the errors of our ways that have led us to where we are now at the verge of wars and more wars. World leaders and all humanity must ask for forgiveness from G-d and man.  For humanity to continue life in peace they must join together as one human family, the children G-d.  We must stop fighting now - stop war now and forever more. We must develop peaceful conflict resolution mechanisms and friendships among peoples. We can rid the Earth and the Heavens of weapons that are so prevalent all over and above the planet and the sky. 

The world must devise a plan through the United Nations to live together in peace, to honor G-d, care for the sick and feed the poor. We need to devise and develop a joint mission statement outlining the goal of humanity and begin to work toward accomplishing that goal. We currently do not have a mission statement outlining our clear values as one.

The world must agree to end the practice and institution of War. Just take it off the table as a possible intervention to solving problems.  It  has been a blemish on humanity's track record.  We have so many wonderful qualities but war is just not one of them.  Reopen UN discussions to have all nations of the UN re-sign the UN Charter,  the International Criminal Court Treaty, agreeing to join the International Criminal Court and abide by its laws and the Land Mine Ban Treaty. 120 State parties have signed with the International Criminal Court 32 additional states including Russia signed but have not yet ratified.  42 states neither signed nor ratified the ICC including USA, China, India, Israel, Libya and Yemen. All states should follow suit and sign the international criminal court and abide by its principles.  The International Land Mine Ban Treaty also has been signed by many countries but still not all.  USA has not yet signed this important treaty.  The Genocide convention:

It is urgent that these peaceful treaties are adopted to save human lives around the world.  We can make this happen.  We can end all war.  We just have to agree to do so. I believe it may be our last chance to avert  future catastrophes of unseen proportions in war and environmental destruction. . If every human just says no to war there could be no war.  We must just say no. Try it, it is easy to do.  Just say no to war;  no, no, no, no, no.  No thank you, no, no thanks, no thank you, no.  No funding for war at all, no nothing, no production, no distribution, no research, no development, nothing for war. Everything for peace and non violence.  Please humanity read this and get this message.

Humanity, lets inspire our world leaders to set  the date as quickly as possible for all nations to come to NYC for as long as it would take to sign the above mentioned treaties into law.  A vote in the United Nations to enact the treaties establishing peace on Earth, ending all war and all weapons of mass destruction on Earth may be the first step in the greatest path man kind has ever taken.

There are millions of lives at stake.  The sooner humanity agrees to create a future without war the better.  Humanity please help me get this done now. This is the most urgent decision of humanity's life.  We must chose.  Is it going to be peace or war.  What is your choice.  Pick peace. 

I pray the president of United States surrounds him or herself with a cabinet of pro-peace doves. I pray the USA will establish a Department of Peace, a Secretary of peace and enact Dennis Kucinich legislation HR 808 The Peace Bill that has been stalled in congress subcommittees for the past decade. I pray we will Celebrate Peace One Day September 21 of each year as a national and global holiday. We will review all past peace related bills and re-vote on them or we will draft new peaceful legislation.

I request that President Obama have this initiative officially placed on the calendar of the United Nations immediately. I am proposing that The USA delegate to the UN officially propose this idea to The UN international Headquarters for an emergency 40 day program to avert all war.  I will advocate in many ways to get this initiative brought for a vote in the UN ASAP.  Please help me. Any nation could sponsor or cosponsor this request as well.

If George Bush and all world leaders could use the UN and the media  to build a coalition of the willing to go to war,  we could certainly use the UN and the media to build a coalition of the willing not to go to war and to make alternative to war planning to ensure the safety of humanity. Access to the internet and this site would provide world leaders a list all of the recommended materials that are suggested in this proposal.


A Global Planetary Clean Up Project to identify and clean up all the toxins and unexploded bombs that were dropped on Earth.

Male politicians have lead the country their way up to this point and we all can just see where it has gotten us.  Our country has been in one war or another, one armed conflict after another since it was founded in 1776 except possibly for a few years in between.  We need to really look at our selves and take an inventory of our actions for the course of our history. Let's give a female social worker the opportunity to try to lead humanity to world peace.  It just may work!

Millions of our soldiers have been killed or seriously injured in wars and our military has  killed countless hundreds of millions of people around the world.  Since industrialization there has been enormous carnage around the world in endless wars involving many nations. In fact humans have been at war with each other virtually since day one of our existence on planet earth. This behavior has been going on way too long and it has got to stop or we will all suffer the consequences of our collective actions.  Humans have the capacity to make war and we have the capacity to stop war.  We must change our behaviors and make wiser decisions effective immediately.

We have to live simplier lives, want less, use less, waste less, reuse more, recycle more so we do not have to fight to get the things we are voraciously consuming.

It is about time for a real change in approach.  We must resolve the underlying problems that are leading USA and humanity to endless wars on Earth.  Many of our World leaders are heavily addicted to power, war, weapons, money, oil and energy among other things. Many of us are addicted to the same.  We all  need help for this addiction immediately.  We have to provide that help immediately. 

We need to look at what we are doing with our money, our time and our efforts.  We need a global family reconciliation plan.  We need a global healing, a global inventory of ourselves and our wrongs,  a global amends, global confession and global repentance for what we have done wrong in life and in the life of humanity.  We need a fellowship for recovery from the defects of our human nature. We can do it. 

I need the help of all people around the world  to make these dreams quickly become a reality for the benefit of all life on Earth!  I need the networks, the media, social media, religious organizations, all people around the world to spread these ideas far and wide around the world.  I can not do it alone though I am trying to do as much as I can alone. Please bring these ideas to all media and government officials and all humanity as soon as possible. Together we can change the world! Together we can demand the submission of a resolution calling for a UN Vote to enact The Going For a Global Truce Cease Fire Treaty and A Global Mass Destruction of Weapons Treaty. Together we can develop a Plan of Care for Life on Earth. We collectively must make an about face and go in a completely different direction on many paths we are currently taking.

 I am just one person.  Millions of protesters took to the streets around the world to protest the wars but the wars were waged anyway.  I am tired of typing for nothing with hundreds of good life saving ideas submitted to our government which were not being acted upon.  

In order the world to get best get positive changes made for America and humanity advocates of Global Truce must get into the drivers seats of all governments.  Peaceful nonviolent advocates have to win the US Presidency to get in the drivers seat and get the changes that are needed to be made. I hope to get media attention for this ideal and have my voice heard.  We have to help inspire change in the world so that  America can have a president who seeks and advocates for a global truce.  The next  President of USA going for a global truce would command in a different  way than they have been made for the past 200 year history of our nation.

I pray the next president's plan is to reduce hostilities against America and to avoid placing our troops in harms way by immediately withdrawing the entire US military back to the USA.  All ships and destroyers  be commanded to return home to America.  The president seeking a global truce would command all generals to make immediate arrangements to have emergency evacuations of all US troops from every where on Earth they are stationed to be returned to USA.  I pray the president of USA will make plans for everyone in the US Military to pack their bags and get on the next available flight home back to their homes and families.  This is the best thing we can do to save the lives of all of our brave military men and women who have risked their lives for this nation.  This is the best thing we can do to keep America safe.  We can make a treaty with all nations to do the same and lead the world into a global truce .  We can become a more friendly nation and world helping all countries of the world help each other and they will all help us and each other as well.

A global truce is a rescue mission for our military men and women who have sacrificed so much for us and for all of the world's military men and women who have been sacrificed so much for their countries.  We owe this to them and all humanity. Too many of our sons and daughters in the military come back home in a body bag or permanently disabled.  Too many innocent civilians are killed as collateral damage.  This is not right.  We must take decisive action to stop all of this.  We have to bring our military home alive and allow them to go back to their own families.  They will protect us even more by being close to home. We have to make the world a safer place with global agreements not to engage in war anymore so no military from any country will be needed for war. Humanity has to back down. There is no place to go building up more and more nuclear weapons for war.  We have to start destroying these weapons and heading quickly in the opposite direction toward a peaceful mutual assured distribution of goods, life-sustaining assistance in development and services to help all humanity and life on Earth.

This is a different strategy than we have ever tried before.  Our current strategy of overwhelming military power and strength may not really keep us or the world  any safer than my strategy of going for a global truce with the destruction of all weapons of mass destruction and desolation of all militaries. Waging wars may actually make us and all humanity less safe by having more people seeking revenge for the loss of their loved ones that may have been killed in all wars around the world.

The US Military and all militaries will l be retrained to wage peace.  We will use negotiations and the court system to resolve conflicts. US will sign the International Criminal Court Treaty.  The US Military will be trained thoroughly as to the statutes of the international criminal court and they will be commanded to abide by them.  They will be commanded to defend peace by performing missions similar to the peace corps. I have a different approach to resolving the world's problems. I need your help to get drastic changes made all over the world as well.

The best way to reduce the number of enemies you have is to form friendships with them. We are all human.  We can find a common ground and truly all become one.  

All nations afraid to be attacked and we are all building our militaries up and up for defense.  This is weakening the global economy and we humans are wasting our time making weapons and fighting wars when we should be making and doing anything else.

We must agree to do away with war and resolve our problems in any other legal way.  If war was taken off the table as an option we would just have to come up with a better plan.  We must focus on the fact that we have common problems that we all have to work to resolve.

With the trillions and trillions of dollars that we will save by withdrawing our forces back to USA around the world we will immediately begin building up USA and making her much stronger.

If all militaries were disbanded around the world all humans can begin devoting our money, time and efforts to solving our other insurmountable problems.

Effective immediately, as part of my suggested campaign for the presidency of USA and my ongoing life's work I will reach out to all Americans,  to all leaders of all nations around the world, to unrepresented nations and to all peoples around the world imploring them to commence actions in advocacy for and in preparation of a "Going For A Global Truce" Cease Fire and Mass Destruction of Weapons Treaty vote and ratification to take place in the United Nations as soon as possible.

We have to change many of the ways we are resolving problems on this planet if we seek to survive as a species on Earth in a future that is livable for our children.  We have many of the tools already in place to begin making major changes for the better.  We have to expand on these advances.  The choice is ours.  We have to shift from fighting each other to unifying with each other to repair the environmental damage and destruction we as a species have caused on this planet.  I need your help for free to spread these ideas.  I request free exposure through the media since the implementation of these ideas will benefit all life on Earth. We have to do this as a collective.

My request and the direction of my presidential leadership would be negotiate an agreement by all formal and informal world leaders on Earth to immediately command to their military forces to cease fire and return home.  

We must begin a process of requesting all nations leaders to immediately order a mass destruction of all weapons on Earth. We can melt down all weapons, destroyers, defuse all bombs and nuclear weapons. I am requesting all nations  close down all military bases around the planet.  We must clean up this place. We made a total mess of the beautiful planet.  We must strip off all military uniforms.  We have to educate our young all around the world to just say no to following illegal commands and to war.  War is a crime and I would see to it that we will clean up our act.I would make many sweeping reforms in our government. 

Humanity  was blessed to have been given the opportunity to see the magnificence of the Earth and the Universe. We must live together in peace and harmony or we will destroy the world. Lets disband all of the militaries on Earth. Lets close down all weapons manufacturing companies on Earth.  Lets take down all instruments of weather warfare and space warfare.  Let humans just agree to get along and help each other rather than steal from each other and kill each other.

If we destroy the planet and life on Earth we will wonder what did we gain by fighting so much? Absolutely nothing. In the end was it worth it? Absolutely not.

I suggest all leaders around the world offer or encourage other paths for a free scholarship to college, technical training and technical careers for men and women around the world so that they are not feel compelled to join the military as their only option for getting an education or a job.

We have to create an alternative productive profitable business for the re-purposing of the Military Industrial Complex.  Lets manufacture equipment and tools to restore the planet not tanks, bombs, weapons of mass destruction or weapons of total destruction that may destroy all life on Earth one day. 

If I can get these ideas implemented globally it will be the fulfillment of the purpose of my life and the answer to my life long prayer for God to Bless Earth and All Living Creatures On It. I pray for Peace on Earth, health, happiness and an end to hunger, famine and disease. I pray for God To Bless the Universe and the Earth.  

I  propose the raising of the minimum age to enter the USA or any  military to be 21 and to lower the age a person may be permitted to vote to be 14.  

We must defuse this ticking time bomb before it explodes and we are engulfed in a world war that will make world war 1 and 2 seem like a practice round. We must involve peace keeping organizations around the country and around the world to give suggestions as to what is needed to be done.  

This will be the biggest effort for a permanent global truce and lasting cease fire that the world has ever seen. We must be successful.  We can work step by step toward the implementation of the following ideas for the UN to enact:

Lets open up a global conversation on how to create a lasting global truce and permanent cease fire.  Which countries are willing to commit to doing the same?  Lets diffuse tensions, back down without a show down.  Let all nations retreat their militaries back home to their own country so our species can survive without being goated into World War III. Lets destroy the destroyers, lets begin a mass destruction of weapons on Earth before they destroy us all.

Choose peace not war.  The choice is ours to make. Lets chose good over evil, right over wrong, God over Satan. I pray for a healing in the heavens and on Earth to begin today! A Temple to G-d may be established similar in nature to the United Nations where people all around the world may join together as one to give thanks and praise to the Creator of the Universe. 

Lets end our war with nature, our enslavement of other species and disregard for life.  Many nations and people are afraid to be attacked and are seeking to acquire more and more weapons to defend themselves.  We need to break this cycle.  The global community needs to take decisive legal action against any leader who is abusing his authority, abusing human rights, killing innocent civilians or taking actions that may incite war.  We have to settle our disputes in court immediately as soon as we see a problem arise rather than letting it fester and grow. 

Lets get control of our over consumption, our waste and break free of our dependence on non renewable energy.  Lets utilize organic agriculture and stop the use of pesticides.  Lets restore our environment and clean up the mess we have made on this Earth so we can pass a livable planet down to our children.  

Let's stop trying to play G-d.  Let's all race to be the number one nation in the world on the Global Peace Index list.  Let United States always win that competition tied all nations who will become equally as peaceful!

Please contact me through PCDN if you wish to help in any  way with this effort.  I need all of your help as soon as possible!


Michelle Lee Rosenthal, LMSW 

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