MY 4 Month Experiment in Creating World Peace. Take it with me or contribute to it in anyway you would like.

Is anyone game to perform the experiment with someone or on themselves to see the impact of prayer and actions on creating world peace.  


I for one will try it for the next 4 months in four 30 day segments.  


Today 11/17/11 is my day number one.

1) For the first segment of 30 days from 11/17/11 to 12/17/11 I will pray for God to grant me the knowledge of how to create world peace in a non violent manner and for the power to carry that out.  I will write don the ideas that come to me and I will take the nonviolent actions in my power to create world peace each day for 30 days.


2) For the second segment of  thirty days from 12/17/11 - 1/17/12 I will think of ways to create world peace and take those actions without saying the corresponding prayer asking for God to grant me the knowledge of how to create world peace in a non violent manner and for the power to carry that out for 30 days. 


3) For the third segment of 30 days from 1/17/12 to 2/17/12 I will just pray for a non violent world peace and write down my observations of the effect of my prayer for world peace.  I will Log my results and post them on this site.


4) For the fourth and final segment of 30 days from 2/17/12 to 3/17/11 I will do neither take actions to create world peace nor make any prayer for world peace and I will see what happens in the world related to peace actions of other people.


I will then review the log of my  4 month experiment to see what I can ascertain from the entire experiment if anything! I realize it is all subjective and based upon faith, actions and a million other events simultaneously occurring in the world at the same time but I will do my best!


I let you know my results if I can figure them out! You may participate and post replies as often as possible too.


You may participate in the experiment starting and finishing at any time you chose for any length of time you choose.  You may try it for 1 month, 1 week, 1 day, 1 hour, 1 minute, 1 year or even 1 lifetime! It is up to you!!


There are many universal prayers for peace that are listed on the internet.  I will say one of these prayers in addition to asking God to grant me the knowledge of how to create world peace in a non violent manner and for the power to carry that out.

Is any one interested?  

Would anyone want to help participate in this experiment in any way you would like.


You may suggest ideas, analyze the results, prepare a questionnaire or survey. You may become a subject or a experimenter  Lets have fun with this and see how we can help add to world peace which is the main point really of doing this. I will post my daily observations to this blog.  You may post your observations, questions and comments in a reply to this site as well.  Lets make this a powerful tool for changing the world and creating a more peaceful place on Earth for the benefit of all life on Earth!



Does saying prayers for world peace help create world peace? How? Consider an experiment: Pray for the wisdom to create world peace and for the power to carry that out!

Should we ask God for help & guidance in achieving the extraordinary goal of creating world peace in a nonviolent manner? 

Would it help us to focus our mind on what is needed to be done to create a lasting world peace if we use a universal prayer for world peace or any prayer for peace of our choosing?

Does it help more if we pray for peace and take actions toward creating peace as well. Is it more powerful if we combine the two together take actions and pray as well?

Combining actions & prayer may be infinitely more powerful than just doing one without the other. Consider trying an informal experiment for 30 days. Consider both praying for the wisdom of how you can help contribute toward world peace and the power to carry that out. Then take the actions coming to your mind help humanity to reach a goal of achieving world peace. See if you believe combining prayer and action worked to be more powerful than if you just took one of the two actions alone.

I realize it is hard to really judge since we can only take one pathway at a time so we will never know what may have happened if we took the other road but just generally comment on your sense of the power and effectiveness of combining prayer with action toward attaining an insurmountable goal of peace on Earth. 

Can humans ever achieve world peace while we are alive on Earth? Can Praying for God to help us actually work in attaining peace?

Many people are unsure if God exists at all, & if so does God hear and answer our prayers? Many people wonder if prayers have any effect at all. We may believe strongly one way or the other. 

Some may question if God created the Universe or did it evolve on its own. Our conception of the evolution of the universe may go back to the big bang but we still have no answer to the question of how did the bang start and how the miracles in the universe, the earth and nature are possible. 

Should we be thankful to God for the wonders of life & ask God for help with all problems in our lives and in the world?


Would making an experiment be an effective way to find out if it is effective to ask God for help & guidance in achieving the extraordinary goal of creating world peace in a nonviolent manner for 30 days to see what happens.

Consider trying a 4 month/week or day experiment of your own. One example of a 4 month experiment consisting of 4 smaller 30 day segments.  

  1) For the first month/week/day actually pray each day for the wisdom to know how to help create world peace in a non violent manner and for the power to carry that out. Then you may write down the actions coming to your mind about how you can help create world peace after praying for that wisdom. Consider taking those nonviolent actions toward creating peace that come to your mind after saying the prayer as well. 

It may be best to keep a log if possible of your prayers, the ideas you had, actions you took to carry them out and the result of those actions that you took! The experimenters may then look back and see for themselves if they feel it is more powerful to combine prayer and action. You may be surprised about the results of your own experiment. You may find out if is a helpful combination or not? 

For those needing more data and proof a comparison maybe made by continuing the experiment for the remaining time to try the other two options.

   2) For the next month/week/day experimenters may just think of all the non violent ideas they can about how they can contribute to world peace, write them down in your log book & do them but without saying the prayer asking God for the wisdom and knowledge of how to create world peace and for the power to carry that out. After 30 days look over entire log see the difference between the two months. 

   3) For the people still curious they may complete the 3 segment of the experiment for one more month/week/day. This time just praying for world peace out but NOT actually taking any other actions to further that goal. Experimenters may write down in their log book each day your observations about the power of the prayer alone.

    4) If you are really ambitious you can continue the experiment 1 more month/week/day to compare what happens if you do nothing at all.  If you do not pray for peace and if you do not take any actions toward peace and contrast and compare there results of your entire experiment to make your final observation as the power of prayer and action in the world peace process!

After this process the experimenter may be able to comment on his or her feelings in an article or book but as we all know these things are all virtually impossible to scientifically prove or disprove and the bottom line comes down to faith and taking actions!


Please let me know what you think! You may reply with your comments and experiences on this blog 




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