Lets pretend God issued an ultimatum to humanity; repent and create a global truce by 9/21/12 or Doomsday Revelations will occur 12/21/12! What would we do? Would We Survive or Perish?

Lets pretend God, fed up with humanity already, has really issued this stern choice: Humanity, Get your act together: Repent and Create a Global Truce and a Permanent cease fire by 9/21/12 or the world will be destroyed on 12/21/12 in a revelations style extinction level event. Period.

This is not a question about if there is or is not a God and if he could or would do such a thing or if God forgives us for our sins or is understanding of our sins or about the devil made me do it. This is not a question if God really does wants people to fight against the bad ones or the idol worshipers or the infidels or the like. This is not a question is Doomsday actually real or a false prophecy.

So this is not the point of the question.

The question is a do or die question. The question is if we had to stop war by 9/21/12 or all humanity would die on 12/21/12 with not one minute extension on either of the dates and the threat for this hypothetical situation is perceived to be real by all humanity and is real in this scenario, not just a false prophecy or a bluff; what would we do to make sure a global truce was put into effect by every human on Earth so that every one just stopped killing others or we would all die on 12/21/12 in a harsh way? Would we use the smarted mega computers and ask for their help to figure out the path to 7 billion people living in peace. What would we do if war was just NOT AN OPTION? 

If we had to involve every human being on Earth and make sure that they got the message to quit the war behavior or else, how would we change paths? Will humanity just throw in the towel and say we tried but we just could not get along for some silly reasons. 

If humanity had no wiggle room, no second chances, no choice: End war or humanity ends what would we select and how would we change fast?

Please give a fairly comprehensive solution that humanity could quickly adopt to save ourselves from sure destruction on Doomsday 12/21/12, since we could try to implement this idea in reality not just in this hypothetical situation since in fact one day we may have to make this choice and we should have some kind of plan in place to end war anyway, since it is really a horrible thing that we should be ashamed of our species for. It may even in fact be a real choice by by these dates anyway that we stop war or we severely jeaprodize life on Earth! We will never know until the Doomsday date of 12 /21/12 passes! Just curious have you heard any of the many rumors about Doomsday 12/21/12 anyway??? 

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