Let the People of Abyei decide to end the blood shed in south Sudan.

Let the People of Abyei decide to end the blood shed in south Sudan.


In Politics there are always interests and each party is expected to concede in order to reach a solution. However, in the case of Sudan as a whole, Black Sudanese have conceded more than expected. The history of Sudan is that the land of the black Africans Sudanese was invaded by the Europeans and Arabs slave traders, and century later, the European left as the human rights criticism mount on slavery of black Africans. But the Arabs had many children with African women who were slaves and those children where neither Africans nor Arabs, they were in between, with light skin color, what the French would call Malatos. It is this generation of Arabs that we call in Sudan Arabs, Misseriya, Janjaweed, Mujaheedin etc. They are generally described as such for their Arab culture and traditions. They were not accepted in the Arab world, nor by the Africans, and they are without identity and distinct language, other than Arabic language, with such confused identity, they decided to fight and claim the land everywhere they find themselves especially northern Sudan. 


Over the decades, with advantage to education over black African Sudanese, during the colonial rule, they had acquired political power dominating the black African Sudanese and claiming over the land, and went further to call the land Islamic state, introducing Islamic Sharia law. They expanded into Darfur and Abyei grabbing more land, and now they are showing their own color and muscles, claiming Abyei. I think the black African Sudanese have been very generous to even allow these people without identity to have a piece of land. We should recall that the war between the north and south started in 1955, before the actual independence of Sudan in January 1956. The war was triggered by domination, discrimination, marginalization and oppression over the black African Sudanese since colonial era. Nevertheless, the future of south Sudan was determined in a referendum votes last January 2011, in which the black Africans in south Sudan voted overwhelmingly with 98.6% for independence from the northern oppressive and discriminative regime, and are waiting for the official declaration of the independence on the 9th July 2011; six weeks from now. The invasion of Abyei is seen as frustration and anger by the northern Arab people. It is an act of aggression toward the black Sudanese in the south, and owners of the original land the Sudan.

In conclusion, Abyei was annexed to be administered from the north in 1905, meaning it belongs to south Sudan. The Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) had granted that the people of Abyei option to vote in a referendum, to choose their own destiny, but the northern Arabs have blocked the referendum process since 2009 as stipulated in the CPA  and the northern Arabs knows very well that the black African Sudanese; Dinka Ngok would choose to be in south. The solution to the dispute is very simple, sent the international observer and let the people vote in order to end blood shed. 

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