Kony 2012 and the Failed Fantasy of Firepower in Libya, Syria, Uganda...

Here's an article I wrote in response to the argument of needing to fight fire with fire in Syria, Uganda, etc. Appealing as firepower may be, history shows that approach fails to ease civilian suffering most of the time.... often causing greater violence, prolonged instability and lessening chances for democracy.

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Comment by Dr. Samuel Appiah-Marfo on March 13, 2012 at 12:32pm

Consider this analogy..." if it walks like duck, waddle like a duck, eat like a duck and quack like a duck" Don't scratch your hair for an answer, it is a duck! Totalitarians do not relinquish power on their own...This is a historical fact! For negative peace to occur, positive peace will not be very effective irrespective of the good intentions of the international community. This is because, the underlying causes of conflict will not be resolved within a second. Humanitarian intervention operation is the way forward in current post-westphilian era...Read Appiah-Marfo,s Determinants of Success of UN Humanitarian Intervention Operations" 2012.

Comment by Bartolomeu Capita on March 13, 2012 at 11:57am

Thank you, Lisa Schirch, for your pertinent Article!

What about Angola's Crimes of International Concern in Cabinda?

Ever since the fall off of the Berlin wall in 1989, instead of «Human Rights» and «International Law», the dominant Western policy is gradually putting into practice the concept of «Human Favors» and the principle of «Might is Right» within the framework of the already inequitable North-South relationship. In this connection, the Human Rights Watch Executive Director, in this instance Mr. Kenneth Roth, is fully right in admonishing the international community as follows: «Time to Abandon the Autocrats and Embrace Rights».

Comment by Francis Okeny Silvio on March 12, 2012 at 7:47pm

That was very nice piece of article and thank to Lisa for her analysis, however, the world power has lost their real mission to establish peace and democracy, because there interest worth more than the blood of innocent people. They support undemocratic system as long as the system is its ally in the name of invisible war on terror to justify what they call "good and bad guys"

Democracy should be earned by sticking to its principles, not as long as they are "our allies" they are democratic. Peace cannot be imposed on people, it has to be owned by the people through negotiation, with unconditional reconciliation from the victims of conflicts and wars.

Comment by Tompson Makahamadze on March 12, 2012 at 6:22pm

Indeed, firepower is fantasy, a big fantasy! Researchers also confirm that military victory rarely leads to democracy or peace; it either entrenches authoritarianism or plunges nations into chaos and conflict. What the warring communities need today is not guns and bombs guns and bombs. Guns will not restore the lives of those who perished, but rob people of more lives. If more than five thousand people have already lost their lives in Syria, how many more lives will be lost if firepower is promoted. The number is likely to escalate. I often hear commentators saying that Syria is on the verge of civil war as if civil war is the only most dreadful phenomenon. The number of deaths has already gone beyond, a thousand deaths which are usually used to categorize a conflict as civil war. Although some criteria of civil war are missing in Syria, the conflict there surpasses most civil wars that occurred in the past. Justifying firepower will serve to legitimate the leviathan to use violence in the pretext of defending its sovereignty. Guns will motivate haters of peace to choke the country with weapons in support of the warring factions. The situation does not bring healing to thousands of children who lost their parents nor does it teach them that human life is valuable and worthy living. Firepower is merely capable of sowing seeds of hatred, division, enmity, distrust and anger; firepower begets violence. What people need today, especially those in Syria is the gift of peace, perfect peace! They need peace to sweep away the broken bones that are scattered in the streets, to scoop the massive floods of blood in their cities and to 'piece together' their tattered souls. The piece can come through 'genuine' nonviolent struggle.

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