Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is Pushing the US the Wrong Way. An Enlightened Way to Deal With It

Let's dwell on Netanyahu being criticized by other Israelis for his ridged responses.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is lobbying the US Congress to increase sanctions not decrease them,

In Israel the debate is lively. A past Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is very vocal in support of detente with Iran and has some very persuasive arguments well worth repeating. Others in Israel with establishment credentials have spoke out as well. Let's invite them to the US to speak and make the Israeli Lobby more balanced,

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's comments,

Comments in support of detente with Iran from lesser known Israeli leaders,

Look for future material at,

Finally after years, or should I say after generations, of gridlock and helplessness on the part of international organizations, problems have begun to be dealt with, all the veto powered nations of the UN cooperating with each other. There is also far less hate held by them or spread by them. Obama while not an anti-war President like Jimmy Carter is an anti-anger, anti-hate President. I don't think that Ahmadinejad ever intended to attack Israel, he just making outlandish comments to get as many Sunni Muslims as possible to feel solidarity with the Shiite minority in the Muslim world. The present President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani removed anti-US-billboards and makes vague, somewhat conciliatory, comments regarding Israel.

Spreading the present positive karma is part of spreading good policy. I for one am quite hopeful for the future, and hope to be part of it,

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Comment by RichardKane on December 18, 2013 at 11:07pm

Background update:

In Israel starting around December 1 there was a lot of argument whether it was wise for Prime Minister Netanyahu to defy President Obama and lobby the US Congress to vote for tougher sanctions against Iran to fly in the face of the tentative nuclear arms control cuts in Iran's nuclear program. Important people like former military intelligence chief Amos Yadlin and Yuval Diskin current head of Israel’s security agency feared Israel ending up totally isolated,

This is a rare opportunity for Americans to learn something about the real power of the Israeli Lobby instead of myth about something almost Omnipotent. Lobbyists run things. The Israeli Lobby and US defense contractors exchange favors for each other. Some fundamental Christian groups believe if they support Israeli policy firmly enough more and more Jews will be reluctant to disturb their staunch Christian friends by criticizing government sponsored naivety scenes. Communist hating early Cuban emigrants to America are helping Israel pressure on Iran. However progressive lobbyists have influence as well. Genocide happened in Rwanda without most Americans even knowing it was happening because no Tutsi's lived in the US to protest to the US media. We kept being warned about looming genocide in Sri Lanka because of refugees in the US were warning us about it. Iran can't lobby without those lobbying being arrested. Shiite Muslims never praise any extremist Sunni terrorists like al Qaeda but are afraid to talk about Iran getting a raw deal because they are quickly accused of plotting terror if they do. With Palestinians, progressive Jews lobby on their behalf because it would be impossible or dangerous for a Palestinians in the US.

The biggest problem with my plan to broaden progressive Jewish lobbying in the US is that former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert because of his hawkish past peace groups like Just Peace and FCNL refuse to quote his now very persuasive peace comments, because of all the past harm he did as a hawk. Peace groups when he visited the US protested him, not praised him. Senator Leahy due his past hawkish efforts against Iran, doesn't get his now efforts against increased sanctions reported. also isn't now reported as a leader in support of Iran agreement. However during the Vietnam protests and later the Arab spring former hawks who changed their mind were cheered as new friends. In this world there is a new opportunity starting at the UN.

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