"Going For A Global Truce" Peace Movement Appeal To The TED Community For Help Creating A TED Global Truce

To The TED Community,  

"I love TED and have watched hundreds of the TED and TED MED, TED Youth and TEDx talks. I am a social worker working in a nursing home in the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation in Brooklyn, NY.  

The hospitals and nursing homes, all city services and world services have been threatened by cuts to their budgets and staff.  I realize that the only way to help the patient's keep the staff needed to care for them, to save millions of lives and to save the global economy is to fight the budget cuts and the reasons for the loss of millions of lives is  by fighting against all war. I thus am trying to wage a campaign to end all war and begin a Global Truce. 

I have written to TED previously about the idea of establishing a TED Global Peace Or A Ted Global Truce. I have started a "Going For A Global Truce" Peace Movement and I would like you to see my blogs and think about how we can move humanity to a global truce. I do not think it really will be that hard once we focus on it.

I believe we can have a simple proposal submitted into the United Nations for all countries to vote upon a global truce then all nations leaders should command their nations military to cease fire. The command can take place effective on a single day,  the sooner the better ie 9/21/2012 The International Day of Peace (Thanks to TED speaker Jeremy Gilley) and all armies can cease fire from then on. That is the first step.

I have many ideas listed in my blogs. I applied to the TED Fellows program for Ted Global 2012 and I hope I am selected. I hope Ted will play a part in this Global Truce Effort by Organizing a TED Global Truce Conference and inviting all the world leaders to attend. Since there are only 200 countries on Earth there can be a few from each country. If it will be too great of a security risk you can arrange for all of the leaders to participate virtually form their own country. We can have speakers give all ideas of how we can once and for all do away with the insanity of war. If we can get this small group of less than 200 leaders of less than 200 countries to improve their relationship with each other the planet will be much better off. We are all only human. There have been some very bad apples in the crowd that have killed millions of people but the majority of humans want to and can live in peace. We have to find ways to help the leaders who are suffering from greed or power addictions or other psychosis to get mental health help they need or to go trial for their atrocities. We need more trials and less wars.

We have to strengthen the international criminal court and go to court rather than going to war. I did call both George H. Bush  and George W. Bush before both Iraq wars and suggested USA show the world that we will uphold the rule of law and justice and we should only go through the legal process. I suggested we or the UN could have issued a subpoena to Saddam Hussein to International Criminal Court.  We should have tried that approach before the 2nd Iraq war but we did not.  Also there was no presentation of evidence that the claims made against Saddam Hussein were true and many of them turned out to be untrue. If we had trials rather that a war Saddam Hussein and his 52 closest associates could have been convicted of crimes against their own people and sentenced.  That would have saved the world possibly hundreds of thousands of lives that were lost as collateral damage and trillions of dollars in the cost of the war.  This is a crying shame. The hundreds of thousands of people and the world economy is being destroyed by war which will have other negative ripple effects and consequences.

Humanity can also review the rules of the International Criminal court and UN to make improvements. If a leader refuses to appear in the international criminal court I believe they should be tried in abstentia and then if a finding is made against them they can be searched for and taken into custody rather than virtually destroying the entire country. I do not believe current leaders can be tried while they are in power but I think that absolutely must be changed to make the court at all effective as a deterrent to leaders and as a tool to get the criminal leaders out of power.  War is a crime and war is illegal right now the problem is no one is upholding this law and just violating it.  Too many people are engaged in war so it makes it too hard for the courts to do anything about it.

No one can stop war with more war.  We have to stop war by calling for a truce.  In the end most wars are ended by a diplomatic agreement to stop fighting. We just have to get to that point before the war starts!

Once I went to a museum of World War II and I saw the document that was written and signed by all the parties which formally ended World War II.  It was a very simple document with only a few sentences and it was signed by many parties.  I could not help thinking why couldn't they have prepared this simple agreement years earlier and just sign the agreement to end the war.  It just comes down to the willingness to stop fighting and someone spearheading the motion for the ending of the hostilities.  Lets just prepare the agreement and agree to stop fighting voluntarily.  Any nation can introduce the resolution into the United Nations and humanity can just stop this nonsense already. Only the weapons manufacturers and the super-rich  benefit from war anyway.  We must try to implore those who wage war to shift strategy.  If humans devoted the amount of mental energy and money to figure out how to wage peace as we do to wage war we would all be so much better off for the limited time that we all have on Earth through our lifespan.

We have to look at the Ecological impact all the dropping of millions of bombs is having on the earth, water, soil and air. We are destroying the planet to the point that we may cause an extinction of much of the life on Earth. We have got to think about this problem and find non violent solutions. There have been 6 week global truces unanimously signed in the UN for the Olympic games so we have to realize that if we just submit the proposal for a global truce it just may be unanimously approved.

Which country will say no I do not agree with a Global Truce I want to continue war and fight against the establishment of a global truce and cease fire?  I think no one realized that it could be done so they did not even try it in the UN. There was the failed attempt after WW 1 by the Kellogg Briand Pact because Hitler and the others spoiled that effort but we have to go back the the idea that all international conflicts and intra-national conflicts must be solved pacifically.

I set a goal and new years resolution that The Global Truce will be signed and go into effect by 9/21/12;  even sooner would be much better.   I would greatly appreciate if you and TED  help make this a reality.  I have been working diligently on this project. I need help of the world. Much of of the inspiration I got for this idea came from TED or sources that I was led to by following up with The Ted Talkers advice etc. Could you imagine if TED, which started out so small can have such a profound impact on all humanity as to help end all war? I would really like to help change the world to end all war and I hope you will help me with this endeavor.

I realize TED's format allows a free flowing of ideas with broad conference themes.The broad theme  "Going for a global truce" or "Global Peace" can be relevant to people in all disciplines and they can share their discipline's approach toward achieving this goal. All disciplines can get involved, technology entertainment and design all can play a part. If humanity does not stop war, war will stop humanity. We have to get focused on one of the most important issues on the planet: War. We must believe it can be ended then make a comprehensive plan to end it or we may all eventually be annihilated from nuclear blasts that may result from a possible World War 3 or other environmental damage caused by war.

Eventually it will come down to a choice: do we want to live in peace or die in war? "It has been said that the present gives birth to the future" Voltaire.  My question is what type of future are we giving birth to? Lets create a future without war. We really do not need war anyhow.  It is a horrific blemish on humanity's profile. We have so many good qualities. So many brilliant people, we have to figure out how to help people addicted to war, money, greed, power, oil etc overcome these addictions one second at a time like any other addict who recovers from a hard core addiction.

Please write back to me. Please check out my profile and conversations and please help get me into the upcoming TED Fellows Program if there is room available. I think my idea is worthy. I was even thinking of running for president of USA on the Going for a Global Truce Platform calling for the withdrawal of our forces from every where on Earth but I feel the media will attack me personally too much so I am trying to write to all world leaders asking them to submit the proposal to the UN.

I have sent my idea to President Obama, Hilary Clinton, some of the presidential candidates, and politicians around the world but I doubt they have even read my email.  I need your help and every one in the world's help to get this idea out to the world quickly. For every minute we reduce war thousands of people's lives may be spared.

I realize many people say that ending war will cause other problems such as over population but we can deal with all of our problems in peaceful, rational, non violent ways. Can Ted Organize a TED Global Truce conference on 4/22/12 for on Earth day so we can stop assaulting the Earth with war?

Please do not let this idea drop. Please help it spread and spread to every human on Earth on an ongoing basis.

Please rally the Ted Community of movers and shakers to get this job done for the sake of all life on Earth! Let it be TED To the rescue and humanity will for ever be in your debt. 

The attached link is to my other blogs and ideas about how to get a global Truce.  (I will try to organize it into one comprehensive book since many blogs are repeating information that can be found in other blogs but I think they are worth looking into.) 


Michelle Rosenthal, LMSW


Please Check Out this list of TED Talks.  You may find the answers contained in these talks how we can move forward together and help all life on Earth:


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