Announcing Going For A Global Truce Peace Awards Top 10 List: Countries and Their Leaders Who Were Listed On The Global Peace Index As The Most Peaceful!

Please see the Global Peace Index of 2011: Vision Of Humanity.


The Top 10 Countries Most Peaceful on The Global Peace Index

And Their Leaders

Rank Country Score Leaders *

1  Iceland   1.148  Pres: Olafur GRIMSSON, Prime Min: Johanna SIGURDARDOTTIR

2  New Zealand 1.279 Gov Gen: Jeremiah MATEPAREA,Prime Min: John Phillip KEY

3  Japan      1.287  Emperor: AKHIHITO,       Prime Min: Yoshihiko NODA
4  Denmark  1.289   Queen: MARGRETHE II,   Prime Min: Helle THORNING-SCHMIDT
5  Czech Republic 1.320 Pres: Vaclav KLAUS, Prime Min: Petr NECAS
6  Austria     1.337  Pres: Heinz FISCHER,      Chancellor: Werner FAYMANN
7  Finland     1.352   Pres: Tarja HALONEN,     Prime Min: Jyrki Tapani KATAINEN
8  Canada    1.355   Gov: David JOHNSTON,   Prime Min: Stephen Joseph HARPER 
9  Norway    1.356   King: HARALD V,             Prime Min:  Jens STOLTENBERG 

10 Slovenia   1.358  Pres:  Danilo TURK,         Prime Min:  Borut PAHOR

* The names of the leaders are based on a the most current listing issued by the CIA that was posted as of 12/31/11:

Please contact these leaders to express your congratulations to them on this great accomplishments or suggest to the other leaders that they try to improve so they can make it into the top 20% next year! The World leader's may be contacted by clicking on these links :


May all countries and leaders inquire from these great most peaceful leaders how they have accomplished this achievement. May the other leaders follow the same course of action in 2012 and beyond.  Lets set a peace goal and work toward achieving that goal.  I propose that humanity take all the nonviolent peaceful interventions needed so that in 2012 alll nations GPI score is a tie with the nations that fell into the top 20% of most peaceful countries this year.

We are also honoring the other nations and their leaders in the top 20% of the 2011 Global Peace Index:

Rank  Country           Score     Leaders *

11  Ireland 1.370  Pres: Mary MCALEESE,  Taoiseach (Prime Min): Enda Kenny

12  Qatar 1.398 Amir:HAMAD bin Khalifa Al Thani, Pr. Min:HAMAD bin Jasim Al Thani
13  Sweden 1.401 King: CARL XVI GUSTAF, Prime Min: Fredrik REINFELDT
14  Belgium  1.413   King: ALBERT II,          Prime Min: Elio DI Rupo
15  Germany 1.416  Federal Pres:  Christian Wulff, Chancellor Angela Merkel 
16  Switzerland1.421 Pres:Micheline CALMY-REY, V.Pres:Eveline WIDMER-SCHLUMPF
17  Portugal 1.453  Pres:Anibal A.C. SILVA, Prime Min: Pedro M. PASSO COELHO M. 
18  Australia 1.455 Gov Gen:Quentin Alice L BRYCE,Prime Min:Julia Eileen GILLARD
19  Malaysia 1.467 Par Ruler: Sultan MIZAN Z A., Dep Par Ruler:Sultan ABDUL HALIM M. S.

20  Hungary 1.495 Pres:  Pal SCMITT,                Prime Min: Victor ORBAN
21  Uruguay 1.521 Pres Jose MUJICA Cordano, V.Pres: Danilo ASTORI Saragoza
22  Poland   1.545  Pres Bronislaw KOMOROWSKI,  Prime Min:  Donald Tusk
23  Slovakia 1.576  Pres: Danilo Turk,                 Prime Minister Borut PAHOR
24  Singapore 1.585  Pres: Sellapan Rama NATHAN, Prime Min LEE Hsien Loong
25  Netherlands 1.628  Queen: BEATRIX,            Prime Min:  Mark RUTTE
26  United Kingdom 1.631 Queen: ELIZABETH II  David William Donald CAMERON
27 Taiwan NDE 1.638  Pres: MA Ying jeou              V. Pres: Vincent SIEW
28  Spain 1.641 Chief State/King: JUAN CARLOS deBorbon Pres.Govt: J.L. R. ZAPATERO
29 Kuwait 1.667 Amir: SABAH alAhmad alJabar, Prime Min Jabir AL-Mubarak alHamad alSabah
30  Vietnam 1.670  Pres: Truong Tan Sang,          VP: Nguyen Thi DOAN
31 Costa Rica 1.681 PresLaura CHINCHILLA M,1VP Alfio PIVA Mesen, 2VP LIBERMAN G

The 5 Top Risers in the GPI for 2011: Most Improved. 

Country          Score            Change in score          Rank                   Change in rank 

                       2011               2010–11                     2011                    2010-11

Georgia          2.558                  -0.412                     134                        +12

Chad              2.740                   -0.224                     141                        +  4
Mongolia        1.880                  -0.221                       57                        +36
Sri Lanka        2.407                  -0.215                      126                        +11
Thailand          2.247                  -0.147                      107                       +19




All Nations GPI will be 1.681 or less! 


All Countries 2011GPI (Global Peace Index) Score: 

Rank Country Score
1 Iceland 1.148
2 New Zealand 1.279
3 Japan 1.287
4 Denmark 1.289
5 Czech Republic 1.320
6 Austria 1.337
7 Finland 1.352
8 Canada 1.355
9 Norway 1.356
10 Slovenia 1.358
11 Ireland 1.370
12 Qatar 1.398
13 Sweden 1.401
14 Belgium 1.413
15 Germany 1.416
16 Switzerland 1.421
17 Portugal 1.453
18 Australia 1.455
19 Malaysia 1.467
20 Hungary 1.495
21 Uruguay 1.521
22 Poland 1.545
23 Slovakia 1.576
24 Singapore 1.585
25 Netherlands 1.628
26 United Kingdom 1.631
27 Taiwan 1.638
28 Spain 1.641
29 Kuwait 1.667
30 Vietnam 1.670
31 Costa Rica 1.681
32 Laos 1.687
33 United Arab Emirates 1.690
34 Bhutan 1.693
35 Botswana 1.695
36 France 1.697
37 Croatia 1.699
38 Chile 1.710
39 Malawi 1.740
40 Romania 1.742
Rank Country Score
41 Oman 1.743
42 Ghana 1.752
43 Lithuania 1.760
44 Tunisia 1.765
45 Italy 1.775
46 Latvia 1.793
47 Estonia 1.798
48 Mozambique 1.809
49 Panama 1.812
50 South Korea 1.829
51 Burkina Faso 1.832
52 Zambia 1.833
53 Bulgaria 1.845
54 Namibia 1.850
55 Argentina 1.852
56 Tanzania 1.858
57 Mongolia 1.880
58 Morocco 1.887
59 Moldova 1.892
60 Bosnia and Hercegovina 1.893
61 Sierra Leone 1.904
62 The Gambia 1.910
63 Albania 1.912
64 Jordan 1.918
65 Greece 1.947
66 Paraguay 1.954
67 Cuba 1.964
68 Indonesia 1.979
69 Ukraine 1.995
69 Swaziland 1.995
71 Cyprus 2.013
72 Nicaragua 2.021
73 Egypt 2.023
74 Brazil 2.040
75 Equatorial Guinea 2.041
76 Bolivia 2.045
77 Senegal 2.047
78 Macedonia 2.048
79 Trinidad and Tobago 2.051
80 China 2.054

Global Peace Index rankings
Table 2 contains the GPI rankings for 153 countries in 2011. Those countries shaded green are in the top 20%; those
shaded in red are in the bottom 20%. All comparisons in country ranks with the 2010 GPI have been made on the
basis of the 149 countries that were included last year, thus excluding the fi ve countries added in 2011.
Table 2 (continued over page)Page 9
Rank Country Score
81 Gabon 2.059
82 United States of America 2.063
83 Bangladesh 2.070
84 Serbia 2.071
85 Peru 2.077
86 Cameroon 2.104
87 Angola 2.109
88 Guyana 2.112
89 Montenegro 2.113
90 Ecuador 2.116
91 Dominican Republic 2.125
92 Guinea 2.126
93 Kazakhstan 2.137
94 Papua New Guinea 2.139
95 Nepal 2.152
96 Liberia 2.159
96 Uganda 2.159
98 Congo (Brazzaville) 2.165
99 Rwanda 2.185
100 Mali 2.188
101 Saudi Arabia 2.192
102 El Salvador 2.215
103 Tajikistan 2.225
104 Eritrea 2.227
105 Madagascar 2.239
106 Jamaica 2.244
107 Thailand 2.247
108 Turkmenistan 2.248
109 Armenia 2.260
109 Uzbekistan 2.260
111 Kenya 2.276
112 Belarus 2.283
113 Haiti 2.288
114 Kyrgyz Republic 2.296
115 Cambodia 2.301
116 Syria 2.322
117 Honduras 2.327
118 South Africa 2.353
119 Iran 2.356
119 Niger 2.356
121 Mexico 2.362
122 Azerbaijan 2.379
Rank Country Score
123 Bahrain 2.398
124 Venezuela 2.403
125 Guatemala 2.405
126 Sri Lanka 2.407
127 Turkey 2.411
128 Cote d’ Ivoire 2.417
129 Algeria 2.423
130 Mauritania 2.425
131 Ethiopia 2.468
132 Burundi 2.532
133 Myanmar 2.538
134 Georgia 2.558
135 India 2.570
136 Philippines 2.574
137 Lebanon 2.597
138 Yemen 2.670
139 Colombia 2.700
140 Zimbabwe 2.722
141 Chad 2.740
142 Nigeria 2.743
143 Libya 2.816
144 Central African Republic 2.869
145 Israel 2.901
146 Pakistan 2.905
147 Russia 2.966
148 Democratic Republic of Congo 3.016
149 North Korea 3.092
150 Afghanistan 3.212
151 Sudan 3.223
152 Iraq 3.296
153 Somalia 3.379


"Going For A Global Truce" Peace University

I suggest that the UN establish a Going For A Global Truce University where all nations collaboratively work on the syllabus whereby lessons for peaceful world leadership are planned out and taught in a classroom setting with all world leaders.  After graduating the program the leader may enroll in a Program to receive additional training to become a professor in the Going For A Global Truce University and teach the newest leaders.  After graduating the University additional Training would be suggested each year as a brush up.  Annual Conferences for all graduates may be held in person or through the Internet.  Leaders and all their related government officials are welcome to attend. 

Possibly we can arrange for peace tutoring where the leaders of countries with the most peaceful score teach the leaders with the least peaceful score how to lead peacefully.  It will be a one to one buddy system.  The leaders having the most to offer will offer it to those needing the most to be offered.  A comprehensive training program can be developed through the United Nations so none of the leaders will be left on their own to handle this educational process.  


I am seeking the world to begin a 

"Going For A Global Truce" Global Peace Index Score Improvement Consultation and Counselling Service.  

This service will be available to all countries to get one on one counseling with a "Going For A Global Truce" Global Peace Index Improvement Counselor to establish a Peace Action Plan with concrete interventions that each country can do to improve their report card and do better in upcoming GPI report.  A detailed report on how to transform all aspects of each country's society and government to help them move on the path to greater and greater peace and nonviolence. 


A 12 step program to help world leaders and humanity to overcome our addiction to war, violence, power, energy, resources and domination etc would be helpful in recovery on the spiritual, emotional and physical level: 

Global Truce Anonymous Fellowship

We need the arms race to start racing backward to zero.  Which ever country destroys the most of their weapons of mass destruction leads the race to Zero and all nations should be in a tie for first place. Lets make the arms race be a race to embrace each other with open arms in a hug and with a handshake working toward a global truce and permanent ceasefire.  I hope the above mentioned leaders will put together a comprehensive lesson plan to teach all other leaders how to lead peacefully.  We need these leaders to call upon their ambassadors to the United Nations to enter a resolution to be voted upon by all nations in the United Nations calling for a permanent global truce to be signed and adhered by all nations.  There already is already agreed to international law in effect called the Kellogg Briand Pact of 1928: 

The first two articles of the Kellogg - Briand of 1928 pact simply state:

Article 1

The high contracting parties solemnly declare, in the names of their respective peoples, that they condemn recourse to war for the solution of international controversies, and renounce it as an instrument of national policy in their relations with one another.

Article 2

The high contracting parties agree that the settlement or solution of an disputes or conflicts, of whatever nature or of whatever origin they may be, which may arise among them, shall never be sought except by pacific means.

To date 63 nations signed on to this pact.  The United States lead the effort to have this pact signed into international law and it still remains international law to this day.  We have to begin the process of getting back to the pact. 

Thus war is a violation of international law.  We have to strengthen the international criminal court to be able to be an effective tool in resolving international conflicts peacefully.  Nations should go to court not war.  We need to have available and offer the appropriate mental health services for leaders who are seeking to lead their country to war,  violence or oppression. At the time this pact was signed humanity did not have all the institutions built up to help humanity stay on the course that the pact lead us on.  We now have many more interventions in place that can help humanity get back on the track that adhering to the pact would put us on.  We can develop a comprehensive plan of care adding  many more peaceful solutions to global conflicts.  

I have prepared just a sample list.  We can create much more once we set our mind to it.  


Lets Return to The Peaceful Premise of the UN Charter:


Let’s have all nations of the UN Vote to declare an immediate global cease fire and begin working on saving humanity from all of the perils that face us. Lets be the first generation of humans to end war and create a future with out war!


In support of pacific means to resolve disputes I call upon all nations to submit a resolution to the United Nations calling for all nations to submit language and ideas for the creation of the following:

I suggest the nations of the UN work collaboratively to establish the following:

A UN Global Truce Peace Manual, 

A UN Global Truce Peace Training Manual,

A UN Global Truce Universal Prayer for Peace

A UN Global Truce Universal Prayer for Peace To Open All UN Peace Sessions

A UN Global Truce Peace Counseling, Healing and Reconciliation Program,

A UN Global Truce Peace International Leaders Annual Summit and Retreat,

A UN Global Truce Peace World Leaders Think Tank,

A UN Global Truce Ambassadors Training Program

A UN Global Truce Annual Worldwide Ambassadors Summit, Think Tank and Retreat.

A UN Global Truce World Leaders Training Program

A UN Global Truce Peace Civil Activities Program,

A UN Global Truce Council with a Presiding President rotating among all nations for a predetermined period i.e. for 3 months at a time.

A UN Global Truce Peace Training Program for All World Leaders and Military Personnel on Elements of Crimes by an International Criminal Court Integrated Strategy for External Relations, Public Information and Outreach

A UN Global Truce International Criminal Court Expansion to have the ability to swiftly hear cases of international crimes and act as a meaningful deterrent to war and to add more categories to the list of elements of Crimes.

A UN Global Truce Program to call to trial leaders ordering genocide and war in the absence of defense against invasion.

A UN Global Truce Peace Awards to the 10 Countries and their Leaders Most Peaceful on The Global Peace Index, and to countries that improved the most on the Global Peace Index scale in that year,

A UN Global Truce Peace International Dialogue,

A UN Global Truce Peace Courts System with International Laws Promoting Global Peace,

A UN Global Truce Peace Arbitration, Mediation and Compromise Centers with ability to hear simple dispute cases online if both parties agree,

A UN Global Truce Peace International Friendship Programs,

A UN Global Truce International Global Family Reunion Party

A UN Global Truce Peace Comprehensive Weapon Destruction and Meltdown Program,

A UN Global Truce Peace Institute and Monument in each Country,

A UN Global Truce Future With Out War Program,

A UN Global Truce Peace Unrepresented Peoples Voice Incorporated into the United Nations ,

A UN Global Truce Peace People's Voice Incorporated into the United Nations,

A UN Global Truce Peace Arts and Sciences Program,

A UN Global Truce Peace Comprehensive Genocide Elimination Program,

A UN Global Truce Peace Song, Flag, Symbol, TV Radio, Internet Channel, Commercials, Promotions, Documentary, and YouTube Videos and International Filmmaking Program.

A UN Global Truce Peace Newspaper, Literature and Radio Program,

A UN Global Truce Peace Educational Syllabus for Grades K to 12, College, Masters and Doctoral Programs

A UN Global Truce Peace Contest,

A UN Global Truce Peace Scholarship,

A UN Global Truce Peace Partnership,

A UN Global Truce Peace Mentoring Program,

A UN Global Truce Peace International Sporting Events and Concerts,

A UN Global Truce Peace Corps,

A UN Global Truce Peace Amends Program,

A UN Global Truce Peace One Human Family Annual Celebration,

A UN Global Truce Peace One Day Annual September 21 International Celebrations, Orchestra, Band and Concert to be simulcast on the Internet

A UN Global Truce Peace Toxic Sites Clean Up Program,

A UN Global Truce Peace Earth Restoration Program,

A UN Global Truce Peace Landmine Removal and Destruction Program

A UN Global Truce Peace Food, Water, Energy, Education, Housing and Sustainability Program

A UN Global Truce Peace Moratorium on Weapons Sales and Production.

A UN Global Truce Peace Library, Research Center, Sports Center and Concert Hall

A UN Global Truce Peace Weapons Manufacturer's Retooling Program to Produce Non Military Goods and Products in Former Weapons Manufacturing Plants. 

A UN Global Truce Peace Internet Initiative

A UN Global Truce Peace People’s Referendum Initiative.

A UN Global Truce Peace Program of Recovery from Compulsive Warring Program for All World Leaders, Military Leaders, Officers and Soldiers and Diplomats.

A UN Global Truce Peace Program of Recovery from Compulsive fighting for groups in conflict.

A UN Global Truce Peace Conference Round Table Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Center.

A UN Global Truce Peace Lecture Program, Tapes, Books, Pamphlets, 24 hour Hotline and Help Line and Conflict Resolution Line.

A UN Global Truce Peace 24 hour per day Conflict and Mediation Satellite Program

A UN Global Truce Peace Unrepresented Peoples Participation in the UN

A UN Global Truce People’s Voice Assembly In The United Nations

A UN Global Truce Peace World Games played annually in different Countries similar to the Olympics

A UN Global Truce Peace Daily World Competitions held each day for all countries to participate in each day to keep the spirit of friendship alive through out the year.

A UN Global Truce Peace Pangaea Day Annual World Wide Film Festival

A UN Global Truce National Competition whereby each nation submits their national Global Truce Peace Anthem not longer than 5 minutes each to the UN before Peace Day 9/21.  On and on 9/21 of each year all the songs for peace will be played 24 hours per day around the world.  The songs may be played 24 hours per day

A UN Global Truce Annual Star Search For Artists Who Compose Artworks  to inspire world peace with categories for each field: Song, Dance, Photos, Theater, Literature, Painting, Sculpture.

A UN Global Truce Global Truce Peace Anthem worked on by a collaboration of all nations.

A UN Global Truce Kellogg Briand and UN Charter “Getting Back to the Pact” Initiative


Each of the above ideas can be implemented for civil society as well where all humans get involved in the peace process in what ever capacity that they can.


The list can continue on and on.  We just have to put into place all that is necessary so that we do not resort to war any more. We have to promote friendship between the leaders of the countries and amongst their peoples.  We can think of many creative ways to do this.

Please feel free to submit more ideas to this list.  I encourage each nation to make their own resolution to celebrate the international day of peace and incorporate its premise into their national policies.


Although the existence of the pact signed by all nations was not enough to prevent WWII and all subsequent wars and it is still technically still in effect as international law. It was agreed to before the UN came into being, thus all nations can vote upon the resolution in our time through the UN and adopt it unanimously again.  This time it could be recommitted to and we can add all of the other interventions needed to strengthen peaceful conflict solving processes and be used as a tool to save millions of lives that may potentially be lost by avoiding future wars.


Please see the existing UN Resolutions Calling for a Culture of Peace at:


We must more closely follow the principals outlined in these documents and really begin moving in the direction of creating the reality of world peace:


The UN Charter:


UN Documents 
Gathering a body of global agreements 


Home | Sustainable Development | Education | Water | Culture of Peace | Human Rights | Keywords | Search



We, the members of the mental health field can step up to the plate and make greater efforts to become more instrumental in conflict resolution when it comes to conflicts on a  larger scale between rivaling groups including gangs, rebel  and even countries at risk of or engaging in war.  

If we realize that there is an area wide open for the development of a field of service  to offer professional mental health  intervention to world leaders at high risk for committing or ordering acts of violence against innocent people.

If we as mental health professionals develop a comprehensive ongoing mental health services program and propose to the United Nations that it be offered to all the world leaders it may be effective in an effort to help humanity find a path to peace, global truce and a permanent cease fire. 

As an exercise to see how this would play out lets think about this idea collectively and write about it here on this blog and maybe someone will say something that will inspire other people to pursuit this idea further.

Lets pretend that the UN did agree to such a program and the leaders of all  the 193 members states were going to meet the first day of each month at the UN Headquarters in NYC for a two hour Going For A Global Truce UN Group Therapy Session.

Please write a reply to this blog indicating how you would lead this session each month and how you think it may be used to foster peace and understanding between world leaders and thus the world.

Please spread this idea far and wide to all mental health professionals in the peace movement so we can help develop this program in reality not just hypothetically.  This is an idea that can really take off and work out well to help humanity.

You may want to write up how you think a Global Truce Anonymous 12 Step and 12 Tradition Face to Face Session would play out among the same group of the 193 world leaders meeting for two hours once per month in the UN.  

The Global Truce Anonymous Program really would be a comprehensive program modeled off of the other 12 Step anonymous programs where there will be tools of the program: Sponsorship, Meetings, Telephone Calls, Literature, Writing, Service, A Daily Peace Plan, Abstinence and Anonymity.  There are no stars or V I Ps in the program.  Everyone is considered equal in the fellowship.  Seeking fellowship with others seeking to overcome the addictions they are suffering from that are contributing to the problems that they have getting along peacefully with others.  Daily fellowship support of each other can take place where all members may chose a sponsor and  several peace buddies whom they can maintain contact with on a daily basis. Those members who completed the first three steps of the program,  completed a minimum of 30 -90 days in the program, completed at least 30 written assignments, and most importantly maintained abstinence from engaging in or ordering others to engage in fighting, human rights violations or war for at least 90 days can be stepped up to become a sponsor and pass the program on to others.  Daily telephone and online meetings can be organized 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.  It can really become a real powerful tool to help us end war.

We have to recognize the addiction to fighting, power, war, money, greed, building, storing  and selling weapons and weapons of mass destruction, oil, land and resources can be overcome much the same way that other addictions can be recovered from one second at a time, one minute at a lime. one hour at a time and one day at a time.  If we can stop fighting one day at a time, "just for today",  we may never fight again since it will always be "today"!

Please see:






These formats can also be used for any group of people seeking fellowship with others to overcome addiction to fighting to seek abstinence from this compulsion to find a much more healthier existence. 


Please check out other blogs by the Going For A Global Truce Peace Movement!

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