Local Officials and Security Council described UN Peacekeeping's conduct in Abyei as Disgraceful.

Recently, in the contested town of Abyei, Sudan, a battalion of 850 U.N. peacekeepers from Zambia hid in their barracks as Sudanese forces looted and burned homes, prompting sharp criticism from local officials and U.N. Security Council diplomats who described their conduct as disgraceful.

One wonders as to what mandate should the UN peacekeeping have in order to save lives in the cause of keeping the peace. I am appalled with people being killed, their properties looted, women raped etc. as the so called "UN Peacekeeping force buried their head in their barracks, refusing to save the situation and keep the peace. Furthermore, the same situation happened in Rwanda, in its genocide 1994, in the presence of UN Peace keeping force. I am wondering why UN Peacekeeping should even exist if they don't have the teeth to keep the peace. It is useless to make vulnerable victims feel that UN peacekeepers are present and therefore nothing bad will happened, then their trust on UN betrayed, and they lost their dear lives.

UN must change the peacekeeping mandate or they should not waste their resources, pretending to keep peace that they could not keep.

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Comment by Francis Okeny Silvio on June 11, 2011 at 6:51pm

The Sudan Council of Churches is calling on the UN mission in the country to rescue survivors and
on the international community to prevent a return to war in Sudan.


Comment to the article at http://allafrica.com/stories/201106110016.html

Mr. Joseph Ukel was right.

I think this is the good time for International Military intervention to take action against Khartoum government, because that indictment has cause the killing in Sudan every where in the region and the only way these African communities to live in peaceful was to let Foreign Military interven.

Yes, the two regions were supposedly to have a popular consulation so that, they have to decide if they are satisfied from Khartoum government in six years period of CPA. Also they have rights to joins any side between Southern Sudan government and North Sudan government but seem to me that, the Old regime are trying to control these African people by force and this is why it need Foreign Military to interven otherwise, this dictatorship Omar al Bashir will clean up none Arabs in the Sudan and that is exactly what it is now.

In my life time, I had never seen a leader is so desperate for killing like this man Omar al Bashir. A man who was not even felt sorry about 2.5 million people lost their lives in the Sudan and still adding too much killing, this is unhuman and International community must get this man in Sudan. He forces civilians out in their areas in Abyei at the time when it is important for them to grow a crops. He disolving the Abyei civil Administrative without contacting his VPS, this is not a government but enemy for the people of all none Arabs in the Sudan.

I blame the U.N. and also International community for taking silence on Sudan's cases. There is no doubt that, Omar al Bashir and his NCP have been successful geting t ride of none Arab in Sudan and I am real very sorry to see this dictatorship killing million people and again thousandths others are now deying in presence of U.N. Troops in the Sudan.


Comment by Felix Monsia on June 11, 2011 at 3:57pm

i really agree with you ,it seems that there were two kinds of civilians in Cote d'ivoire.the good and the bad one.when the good died or were killed the world media will spend the whole week denouncing it.but what the other people were experiencing right now seems to be normal for these same medias.

i think that humanbeings are equal and must be treated the same way.


Comment by Rebecca Sargent on June 11, 2011 at 1:41pm

I agree that something needs to change.

We recently (and currently) are experiencing a similar thing here in Cote d'Ivoire. I have watched thousands of refugees running from their homes that were being bombed and attacked-- and the UN was nowhere to be seen-- despite their mandate to "protect civilians". Many, with no where to go, were then forced to sleep on the streets and face ongoing, repeated attacks by armed groups. During the worst of the fighting, the UN was helping to guard the new President, bombing the former President's palace, but the rest of the civilian population was left pretty much on their own. Severely disappointing. Even now, fighting still goes on, and the UN seems never to be present to assist those most in trouble. I don't know what can be done to change this situation, but as it is, protecting civilians seem not to be the prime goal, no matter what the mandate may say.

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