We invite you to "Imagine A Better World" - A brand new Pro-Peace platform

Main points

• TFF turns 25 on January 1, 2011.

• We plan to launch an entirely new pro-peace platform. We are tired of criticism, "anti", "against" and "down with" and "non-". We know a patient will not be cured without treatment.

• We are going to contribute to qualified hope and vision in a new way, combining peace research with all other peace expressions.

• We have the basic idea. It's going to be a combination of a wiki and a multidimensional blog.

• We need YOUR ideas, visions, and - if you can - your direct participation even now, way before we even have a prototype.


Imagine a Better World - A New Internet Platform

The idea “Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”

Like 99% of humankind you prefer peace, development, justice and a healthy environment. But look around: Why, still, don’t we get it? Why is constructive work still so weak compared with the destructive trends we see?

Here is one - we believe fundamental - reason:
Doctors of human beings do diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Doctors of the world mostly lack the treatment part. There is much knowledge, criticism and warnings of breakdown in the world, and that is necessary. But there is still too little constructive thinking and images of a better world in our media, research and public debate.

TFF celebrates its 25th anniversary on January 1, 2011.

From then onwards, the foundation will focus almost exclusively on treatment, constructive proposals and projects. We will create a new interactive, wiki-type of pro-peace platform . The address will be http://www.imagineabetterworld.org - but it does not exist yet.


The site that does exist is this - a planning and dialogue site where we invite people to tell us how to make the future site as useful as possible. Find it at:


In addition to this future orientation, it will make visible the peace of the present as we can find it in cultural production and other non-academic areas of life. Peace is done every day - much more than war! Let’s make peace more visible and exciting. Together!

By January 1, 2011 we also change name to TFF - The Transnational. About six months later, the present website http://www.transnational.org will become an archive of world peace issues 1997-2010.

If we can’t imagine it, we won’t work for it. We invite you to support and contribute to this new pioneering, innovative effort.

Imagine a Better World - multi-platform on the Internet

Imagine a comprehensive Internet platform highlights the pro-peace aspects of our time, all around the world - on many dimensions. A place filled with “aha”, “wonderful”, “I-did-not-know-that” experiences. A place where visitors - young in particular - are convinced that  “Yes, there is hope - people have done it”, “I can make it too” - and telling them where to link up to make a difference.

Imagine there would be sections such as music (classical, rock, opera...), literature (poetry, novels, drama, theatre...), images (paintings, photography, multimedia), movies and videos, philosophy (of violence/nonviolence, existential issues, religions, ethics, peace, reconciliation...), proposed and ongoing peace projects; research projects and reports on constructive proposals; positive politics; activism (including education, training, pedagogy and campaign); economy and business (socially responsible products, entrepreneurship, trade, markets, technologies...), ecology and real sustainability; famous quotations - and more.

Imagine a world famous architect talking about how she shapes her buildings to further personal harmony and partnership with nature. An exposé of whether or not Mozart’s operas have a peace  and reconciliation content? Is there such a thing as peace photography? What about Lady Gaga’s music videos? Why is traditional peace imagery - the dove, for instance - so boring? (Sorry!)

Imagine analyses of the wars that “should” have happened according to theories, but did not. Most great changes in our world have happened without war. Review of peace versus war games and the underlying psychology?

Imagine multi-media presentations of - What is the culture, history and people really like in the places we bomb and occupy? Who are the peace lords and ladies in war zones - and everyday peaceful, decent life - we never hear about?  The success of the globalizing schools. How whistle-blowers and other individuals have changed the world. Studies of cultures without violence, languages that can’t express hatred. Success stories from development and ecological work around the world.

In short - "ImagineABetterWorld.org" will focus on peace with other people, cultures and with Mother Earth - maximum 25% description and criticism, 75% creativity, hope and inspiration!

Imagine competitions and awards and winners publishing and selling their awarded peace work online. Manuals of trainings and online-courses in global peace, peace by peacevul means. A place where people can advertise their competences and consultancies and search jobs. Students publishing innovative papers and MAs in future thinking. And, of course, discussion forums and groups like a Facebook for Imagining a Better World, including buttons of “Like” and “Share”.

What kind of platform?

We don’t know yet how to do this technically, but perhaps Web 2.0-inspired. It could be a TFF-based activity and a homepage with many entries and super-navigability - and thus made by a team we compose of  TFF Associates and a lot of young, new people. (The Cathedral model)

It could also be more like giving it away: A kind of “wikipedia” for and of peace (the real Wikipedia is lousy on anything peace) where, in principle, anyone can log in and place materials. If so, it must be moderated by a TFF team, not to exercise censorship but to secure that all contributions have a mainly pro-peace content. (Criteria would have to be very elaborate, we know that and we are working on them). Judging from the present social Internet communities, people are happily devoting a lot of unpaid time to contribute to the common global good. (The Bazaar model).


TFF could contribute a sum to get started. We could do a special fund-raising for the idea, but there must be a first prototype before people are willing to “invest” in it. If you like the idea you could mention it on your Facebook and Twitter page and solicit support and contributions. Send people our way!

We want to explore ways in which such a platform could generate money - advertisements, a fee for logging in to some sections and/or being a member and post stuff; there should be ads (e.g. publishers and film corporations that promote peace whose products are highlighted). There will be donations and perhaps grants for special projects from the EU, governments and socially responsible firms.


Getting started

By posting a 1-2 pages summary on our website, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, ask people to comment and commit themselves. This means participatory already in the creation phase. Raising resources and funds would imply a widely shared ownership.

TFF would get the first prototype-kind of platform going in the first months of  2011, contact people, pay consultants, and the like - but would then need more funds, unless it becomes driven by people around the world who would devote their time, competence and energies. Jan Oberg, who developed the basic idea is willing to set off considerable time in 2011 to coordinate the project, but he does not want to be main responsible in the longer run.

Please write to us on TFF@transnational.org how this basic idea can be improved, carried by yourself and many others and reach out to thousands in years to come.

TFF's Board
December 2010

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Comment by Ferdinand Buscato on December 29, 2010 at 2:10am

Imagine a better world, that is my dream too and i do believe that this is achievable. Achievable in the sense that I am making my share to achieve this. We people are the one making the whole world go round. So a better world for me is a world that everyone can co exist, share his ideas, do things, explore and create as long as it is within the bounds of law. A law that is adopted to everybody, no exception. Law makes the systems of world work. So, do we have this common world law? or we exists as i am different from you?

I am working in the military and i can say that the military's primary task is the protection of the sovereignty or the country. But, With the changing world, our tasks in the military become changed.  Because as of today, the military tasks involves not only protection but also other aspects like developmental/humanitarian aspects. So, going thru that line of thinking, i can say that before militaries are trained for security purposes , like defense and offense. Its a a zero-sum game. and now, it different. it deals more on the concept of assistance and maintenance in order to develop and help people, though there is still the security side. This is a win-win solution. You can see now, that From fighting instinct to developmental instinct. we changed. Why did it happen? Its because of the Nations Interest. This lead the militaries towards a different tasks. A clear and explicit interest makes the military focus on carrots rather than stick. This makes the world a better place to live. I can just imagine if wecan transpose these fighting machine into a developmental machine  then, we can also change the world into a better place once our national interest is focused on changing our objectives and policies. We can make a better world,, Not just by immagining but by making one step at a time.

Comment by Jeanette C. Patindol on December 28, 2010 at 11:10pm
In Life, in Nature, in Relationships, and especially in our Minds--What one pays attention to, grows. What one ignores or neglects, dies.

I welcome this initiative as a concrete manifestation of focusing people's attention on Peace. I see the platform as a portal as well as a convergence point for a pro-peace focus.

For starters, it can be designed like the Peace and Development Collaborative Network platform, but with an expressed focus on content in terms of "What Already Works; Is Working" in the personal, community, national and global spheres. Since "we are tired of criticism, 'anti', 'against' and 'down with' and 'non-", then let's harness all our focus, energies, talents and resources to put in place what we would like to have more of, thoughts for reflection as well as specific do-able techniques and strategies that highlight what is already working, what's contributing to people's sense of wellbeing. (Ex. we have many studies on poverty; do we have as many studies on abundance? We have many "how-to-fix-it" books on self and relationships, do we have as many on "I am happy/we are happy in our life/relationships and what makes it work"?)

For example, I am intrigued by the findings of my students when I ask them to go to different communities and interview community leaders and residents about their community resources and challenges and how they rate their lives living in their communities in terms of the 3 core values of sustainable development. The trend of the findings so far show that for more educated and resource-blessed communities, residents self-rate their lives lower than residents from materially poorer communities! How is this so?

My students offer many conjectures, and now I am keen to do a formal research on this. But, in looking around for possible research grants funding and additional information networks for "what already works", I am stumped to realize there aren't any that I have found yet!

I see "Imagine A Better World" as being a key resource/facilitator of endeavors like this.

Please keep me in the loop. Thank you.

Comment by Winslow Myers on December 28, 2010 at 1:31pm

I find this an encouraging quotation:

"The real Dominant Paradigm—the one held by the overwhelming majority  of people on the planet—is more decentralized and amorphous, yet is 
grounded in shared values that merit enunciation. These include: a
belief in the virtues of community; a desire to be part of something  greater than oneself; a reciprocal
relationship with nature and life's 
essential resources; an aversion to open hostilities and
devastating  warfare; an interest
in the wellbeing of others as a precondition of  personal prosperity; an adherence to culturally-transcendent
principles  such as the Golden Rule;
and a willingness to work hard in return for an  equitable existence. Remarkably, this truly Dominant
Paradigm continues to proliferate despite attempts to manipulate and eradicate
it, and  despite the fact that its
practicability is highly disincentivized in  modern life. It is perpetually being subverted by the
"power elite" through the interlocking devices of politics, media,
education, and  economics - and yet
it continually emerges from the heart of humanity  like green grass poking through the cracks of a lifeless
concrete  jungle."                                                                         —RANDALL

Comment by LLD on December 28, 2010 at 1:30pm

I am trying through writing in newsletters to inform people of alternatives in conflict management like in the Kingian nonviolence philosophy and in Gandhian steps. At the Summit on Interpersonal Violence and Abuse Across the Lifespan: Forging a Shared Agenda one speaker said, "it is important that we show what violence-free is so that people can see it as a possibility." In other words we need to change ourselves as a model so others can see it as a possible achievement or goal for the future. One person can start an idea but it takes many to implement the idea and create true change.

More to come...


Comment by Winslow Myers on December 28, 2010 at 1:27pm

All of which follows you can find amplified on the Beyond War website and in the book "Living Beyond War": we in Beyond War (meaning the hundreds of people who have given input into the process) have developed a set of powerful working principles and core practices that we find universally applicable and effective:

Principle One: War is Obsolete (the destructive potential of nuclear weapons, which cannot be uninvented, has rendered all war obsolete. Any small war on the planet could draw in the nuclear powers, and now we have the additional potential of non-state entities possessing nuclear weapons.)

Principle Two: We Are One on This Planet. (This can sound spiritual, but it implies a practical acknowledgement of deep interdependency among all beings on the planet that can be assented to by people with a wide range of political, religious, or cultural beliefs.)

Principle Three: The Means are the Ends in the Making. (In a nuclear, interdependent world, no longer can ends justify means; they must be congruent—as Martin Luther King kept suggesting.)


These principles suggest three core practices that require a practical, rubber-hits-the-road application if the world is to undergo the deep paradigm shift that is required by such fundamental changes in our total environment as the proliferation of WMDs or global climate change:


I will resolve conflict. I will  not use violence.

I will maintain an attitude of good will. I will not pose enemies.

I will work together with others to build a world beyond war.


May sound simple, but try posting these on your refrigerator door and living by them. You'll get a workout I guarantee.

Comment by Kisembo Tom Balemesa on December 28, 2010 at 12:54pm
It looks a great idea for the changing faces of the world ,please keep me posted.
Comment by Jan Oberg on December 28, 2010 at 12:24pm

Dear friends - thanks for telling us that this is a wonderful idea and you want to be kept informed. We appreciate that and we will keep you posted - and one day there will be a kind of test/prototype site.

BUT - - one major point here is interactivity, sharing ideas and - within our framework idea - to have YOU contribute to that Better World platform with your ideas, knowledge, experience. It will be a wiki-like thing combined with a comprehensive blog and there should be pages like here
on PCDN for every individual and organisation who wants to be there and
post things for all to share - but ONLY within the constructive

So please keep on encouaging us, that is wonderful.

But please also make a more active contribution and help shape and construct this new multi-pro-peace platform.

We are going public in this early stage exactly to have everyone make concrete contributions, from micro to mega..! Because at some point it will belong to the propeace community worldwide.

So, to the three of you below: How can positive psychology be integrated into this effort? How will you help promote it if you think it is a wonderful idea and how can we Beyond War and Imagine A Better World interact to promote the exclusively pro-peace perspectives on the future?

Comment by Abdullahi kulane on December 28, 2010 at 12:19pm
Sounds wonderful idea, please let me informed!
Comment by Stephanie Knox Cubbon on December 28, 2010 at 12:10pm
This is exciting. Please keep me posted, and I'll look forward to the launch!
Comment by Winslow Myers on December 28, 2010 at 11:28am
Please check out www.beyondwar.org and the book "Living Beyond War: A Citizen's Guide" available from Beyond War or on Amazon.

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