We invite you to "Imagine A Better World" - A brand new Pro-Peace platform

Main points

• TFF turns 25 on January 1, 2011.

• We plan to launch an entirely new pro-peace platform. We are tired of criticism, "anti", "against" and "down with" and "non-". We know a patient will not be cured without treatment.

• We are going to contribute to qualified hope and vision in a new way, combining peace research with all other peace expressions.

• We have the basic idea. It's going to be a combination of a wiki and a multidimensional blog.

• We need YOUR ideas, visions, and - if you can - your direct participation even now, way before we even have a prototype.


Imagine a Better World - A New Internet Platform

The idea “Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”

Like 99% of humankind you prefer peace, development, justice and a healthy environment. But look around: Why, still, don’t we get it? Why is constructive work still so weak compared with the destructive trends we see?

Here is one - we believe fundamental - reason:
Doctors of human beings do diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Doctors of the world mostly lack the treatment part. There is much knowledge, criticism and warnings of breakdown in the world, and that is necessary. But there is still too little constructive thinking and images of a better world in our media, research and public debate.

TFF celebrates its 25th anniversary on January 1, 2011.

From then onwards, the foundation will focus almost exclusively on treatment, constructive proposals and projects. We will create a new interactive, wiki-type of pro-peace platform . The address will be http://www.imagineabetterworld.org - but it does not exist yet.


The site that does exist is this - a planning and dialogue site where we invite people to tell us how to make the future site as useful as possible. Find it at:


In addition to this future orientation, it will make visible the peace of the present as we can find it in cultural production and other non-academic areas of life. Peace is done every day - much more than war! Let’s make peace more visible and exciting. Together!

By January 1, 2011 we also change name to TFF - The Transnational. About six months later, the present website http://www.transnational.org will become an archive of world peace issues 1997-2010.

If we can’t imagine it, we won’t work for it. We invite you to support and contribute to this new pioneering, innovative effort.

Imagine a Better World - multi-platform on the Internet

Imagine a comprehensive Internet platform highlights the pro-peace aspects of our time, all around the world - on many dimensions. A place filled with “aha”, “wonderful”, “I-did-not-know-that” experiences. A place where visitors - young in particular - are convinced that  “Yes, there is hope - people have done it”, “I can make it too” - and telling them where to link up to make a difference.

Imagine there would be sections such as music (classical, rock, opera...), literature (poetry, novels, drama, theatre...), images (paintings, photography, multimedia), movies and videos, philosophy (of violence/nonviolence, existential issues, religions, ethics, peace, reconciliation...), proposed and ongoing peace projects; research projects and reports on constructive proposals; positive politics; activism (including education, training, pedagogy and campaign); economy and business (socially responsible products, entrepreneurship, trade, markets, technologies...), ecology and real sustainability; famous quotations - and more.

Imagine a world famous architect talking about how she shapes her buildings to further personal harmony and partnership with nature. An exposé of whether or not Mozart’s operas have a peace  and reconciliation content? Is there such a thing as peace photography? What about Lady Gaga’s music videos? Why is traditional peace imagery - the dove, for instance - so boring? (Sorry!)

Imagine analyses of the wars that “should” have happened according to theories, but did not. Most great changes in our world have happened without war. Review of peace versus war games and the underlying psychology?

Imagine multi-media presentations of - What is the culture, history and people really like in the places we bomb and occupy? Who are the peace lords and ladies in war zones - and everyday peaceful, decent life - we never hear about?  The success of the globalizing schools. How whistle-blowers and other individuals have changed the world. Studies of cultures without violence, languages that can’t express hatred. Success stories from development and ecological work around the world.

In short - "ImagineABetterWorld.org" will focus on peace with other people, cultures and with Mother Earth - maximum 25% description and criticism, 75% creativity, hope and inspiration!

Imagine competitions and awards and winners publishing and selling their awarded peace work online. Manuals of trainings and online-courses in global peace, peace by peacevul means. A place where people can advertise their competences and consultancies and search jobs. Students publishing innovative papers and MAs in future thinking. And, of course, discussion forums and groups like a Facebook for Imagining a Better World, including buttons of “Like” and “Share”.

What kind of platform?

We don’t know yet how to do this technically, but perhaps Web 2.0-inspired. It could be a TFF-based activity and a homepage with many entries and super-navigability - and thus made by a team we compose of  TFF Associates and a lot of young, new people. (The Cathedral model)

It could also be more like giving it away: A kind of “wikipedia” for and of peace (the real Wikipedia is lousy on anything peace) where, in principle, anyone can log in and place materials. If so, it must be moderated by a TFF team, not to exercise censorship but to secure that all contributions have a mainly pro-peace content. (Criteria would have to be very elaborate, we know that and we are working on them). Judging from the present social Internet communities, people are happily devoting a lot of unpaid time to contribute to the common global good. (The Bazaar model).


TFF could contribute a sum to get started. We could do a special fund-raising for the idea, but there must be a first prototype before people are willing to “invest” in it. If you like the idea you could mention it on your Facebook and Twitter page and solicit support and contributions. Send people our way!

We want to explore ways in which such a platform could generate money - advertisements, a fee for logging in to some sections and/or being a member and post stuff; there should be ads (e.g. publishers and film corporations that promote peace whose products are highlighted). There will be donations and perhaps grants for special projects from the EU, governments and socially responsible firms.


Getting started

By posting a 1-2 pages summary on our website, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, ask people to comment and commit themselves. This means participatory already in the creation phase. Raising resources and funds would imply a widely shared ownership.

TFF would get the first prototype-kind of platform going in the first months of  2011, contact people, pay consultants, and the like - but would then need more funds, unless it becomes driven by people around the world who would devote their time, competence and energies. Jan Oberg, who developed the basic idea is willing to set off considerable time in 2011 to coordinate the project, but he does not want to be main responsible in the longer run.

Please write to us on TFF@transnational.org how this basic idea can be improved, carried by yourself and many others and reach out to thousands in years to come.

TFF's Board
December 2010

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Comment by Jan Oberg on October 23, 2011 at 8:35pm

Thank you, Michelle - the "real" future site will be up and running about the turn of the year.

We had hoped for mUCH more discussion on the spruz-com site that you have seen - we thought that opening up in such a participative way would be challenging to many - but we must admit that there is surprisingly little activity on that site (after the first fast 100 logged in) and that most people seem too busy to really read what it is about - most thinking, it seems, that the spruz.com site IS the real one...If you d´could help us direct people to that preparatory site, it would be great. It is much easier to be helpful to people around the world, if they tell us what they want and need...My best, Jan

Comment by Michelle Lee Rosenthal, LMSW on October 23, 2011 at 7:26pm

Please note in the post listed above that you referred to imagineabetterworld.org but when I clicked on it the site was under construction.  When I looked at your website page I noticed a link http://imagineabetterworld.spruz.com/ so you may wish to edit the blog to include this link to inform people reading this article above of the existence of this website so they can check it out.  Your website www.TFF.org and your many articles posted on PCDN are very informative. Thanks. Michelle Rosenthal  

Comment by Michelle Lee Rosenthal, LMSW on October 23, 2011 at 7:17pm

When do you think your site www.imagineabetterworld.org will be up and running.  The idea is great and a concept that is long overdue.  Thank you for all of the work you have done for peace.  I have listened to the videos on your organizations www.TFF.org.  I recommend this site to others.  

TFF Video Channel


Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
David Krieger
The Myth of Nuclear Deterrence

Jan Oberg
Transcend Media Service
Nuclear abolition more important than non-proliferation - and why t...

Comment by Liviu Constantin Caliman on January 15, 2011 at 2:44pm

Dear Jan and all interested in this project,


I think that the main point in this discussion is to help you decide what kind of website/platform to build and how to make it a success. For this reason I’ll post my ideas here rather than email them to you, so that others can add new comments and insights.


Deciding what kind of website/platform to build and how to make it a success needs to address the question “What do you want to achieve”, i.e. what should be the main purpose and main goals of the platform?


If I get it right, you have in mind a place where positive examples and better ways of living in the world will be gathered from everywhere: academia, local communities, NGOs doing good work, governments implementing good policies, creative arts, innovation, tech, businesses serving peace and the common good, etc, etc. As an inspirational resource, this will be very valuable.


You also mentioned training courses and showing people where to link up to make a difference, to get involved. Facilitating pro-peace empowerment and action would then be a second aim of the platform.


In my view, a pro-peace platform based on the "Wikipedia" model will not achieve these goals. The more you move from information to inspiration to empowerment to action, the more interaction there needs to be with, and between, various organisations and the wider public, on the new platform and also facilitated by it. 


Another aspect is about how to bring all these positive insights into public attention and into the mainstream debate in such a way that it will actually influence people and drive change for the better.


Having this inspirational platform developed with little interaction would mean that you will need to rely on others to carry the message, for example the main and/or alternative media channels.

Journalists and influential bloggers could be informed and asked to write articles drawing from the material on this platform. But you’ll always depend on them/others if implementing the project based on a Wikipedia-like, information platform. This could be another reason to choose a networking-type platform that will allow more interaction. When info is shared and passed on, social networking is also social media.


Right here where we are, the PCD Network manages to attract a lot of people in the field and in related areas. It helps spread useful info, helps people connect and share info, it points to resources, events and organisations, but there is not much interaction and discussion here. Successful groups on LinkedIn, for example, have much more discussion and interaction. The PCD Network does not catalyse action towards pro-peace purposes, either. It is not designed for this. In my view, I think it would be a good idea to know from the beginning how much do you want to dedicate to information, inspiration, empowerment and advocacy/action, and to design the new website/platform with this in mind.


Moving to the financial side, I think that relying on donations could be risky. Many NGOs have difficulties surviving, and those that do well are either backed by governments or large corporations (with strings/interests attached), or are supported by active communities – this could be another reason to think of a community-based model. Although this is not easy, I would be inclined to make the project as much as possible self-sustainable, and to build a great community.


I hope that this comment will encourage others to share their views and insights from similar or related projects.  I also hope that those with more expertise and direct experience in the kind of project you want to start will contact you to help make this a success. It’s a great idea that can have a significant impact.


Looking forward to learning more,


Comment by Susmita Barua on December 31, 2010 at 1:49am

Thank You Jan. I definitely look forward to explore the TFF website videos and content and encourage its participatory approach. Also like to share my educational blog on new peace economy paradigm here with others. I have been doing it on my own without support for past 7 years and would appreciate it very much if you share it with friends and family in your home country.

Search Deep Conscious Capitalism @ www.msn.com or www.google.com


Greetings for peace, harmony and joy to all peacemakers here in 2011!



Comment by Steven Wyttree on December 30, 2010 at 2:36pm

Positive Verbiage along with tapping into Human Nature makes a powerful tool.

Win-Win Scenarios brings common ground to conflicts.

Positive Perspectives leads to Positive Directions. 

Negativity brings up walls and fear and only separates ourselves from our goals.

See with Dreams of Positive Things, Forever Hold them Close.

A new vision and a New Direction for 2011!

Great Post!

Comment by dewan jalal uddin chowdhury on December 29, 2010 at 8:40pm
Comment by John Bekepu Ikwen on December 29, 2010 at 11:46am
This is a brilliant idea. A new paradigm with a positive approach to peace. This is the yearning and aspiration of majority of the people in the world except those whose agenda is hate and rage whose only aim in life is to sabotage peace. This new approach will succeed with the cooperation of world leaders, religious institutions and the academics who will help to highlight the objectives in its policies, enlightenments and support. Proper dessimination of information, the cooperation of the mass media to proffer solutions or positive suggestions instead of the current reporting pattern and analysis of conflicts will go a long way to achieving this objective. Carry us along as you go with your programs and the new website coming up on January 1st 2011. God bless
Comment by Jonathan Rudy on December 29, 2010 at 10:34am

Peaceful interaction, free of violence, is the norm of human interaction. I welcome a site that focus on this and imaging a future that validates all people and works for the highest common good.


I hope the platform becomes a clearing house of ideas and fulfills your vision of a place of hope. I will be watching! ... jon


Comment by lubangujacques.armmk on December 29, 2010 at 5:32am
Commentaire de LUBANGU Jacques, Association . armmk.
voici une idée riche et noble à encourager . Comme nous avons toujours dit comment nous pouvons vaincre une maladie grave sans que les victimes ne soient pas conscient de connaitre les tenants et les aboutissants. si les gens commencent à songer aux pareilles organisations, ce que le changement pacifique au niveau mondial s'apprete à agendrer une paix durable. SOYONS TOUS ACTEURS ET APOTRE DE LA PAIX POUR CHANGER LE MONDE. Merci.


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