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prime minister cameron of the uk! get a life!

Ex: Jonathan Power

Subject: Get a life! Terrorists are no big threat.

Date: August 21st 2012.

Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered the continuation during the Paralympics that begin next week of the deployment of anti-aircraft guns surrounding the Olympic Park. In a move that caused much outrage in Britain Cameron argued that the country must always be vigilant in case of a terrorist attack. Yet there was not one bit of evidence that international terrorists and certainly…


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Arrest war criminal Assad!

Ex: Jonathan Power

Subject: Hunting down the war criminals.

Date: August 14th 2012.

There can be no question that if President Bashar al-Assad of Syria falls the International Criminal Court will want to put him on trial for war crimes. The long arm of international law will reach him wherever he flees to. The ICC has an unblemished record in bringing to The Hague, the Court’s headquarters, the people they want. As the great heavyweight boxer, Joe Louis, once said, “You can…


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US Soft Power overwhelming us?

Ex: Jonathan Power

Subject: We should question US “Soft Power”.

Date: July 10th 2012.

Is the world being captured by what Harvard academic, Joseph Nye, has termed American “Soft Power”? This debate about American influence on the world at large is not a new thing. Charles Dickens, the great British nineteenth century novelist, on a visit to the US had no compunction in thinking America’s culture had little to offer the world. He said it was “a clamorous gang of fakes, fools…


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if it bleeds it leads

Comments to me:



Ex: Jonathan Power.

Subject: If it bleeds it leads!

Date: 12th March 2012.



If it bleeds it leads! The mantra of many a newsroom. In their new book, “Pax Ethnica” two great journalists, Karl Meyer and Shareen Brysac, argue that day in and day out ethnic conflict and tension along religious and cultural lines makes for reliable, if…


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islamic extremism- does it exist?

Ex Jonathan Power,

Subject: Muslim extremism in proportion.

Date: January 10th 2012


Between them the Arab Spring and Boko Haram of northern Nigeria are doing a good job of putting Sharia law on the map. These two extremes in fact show dramatically how Sharia interpretations can vary from destructive madness as in Nigeria to calm accommodation, even liberalism, as in Tunisia.


Sharia law is not only a legacy of Mohammed-…


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Europe united!


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Islam: We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Ex: Jonathan Power.

Subject: Islam: We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Date: December 13th 2011.


Even if sublimated an abiding fear among Western watchers of the Arab Spring is that the dictators’ successors in power will be militant Islamists who once elected will stop at nothing, even violence, to stay in power. A decade ago when Islamists won an election in Algeria the US and France were visibly happy that the secular-orientated military…


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The MAD nuclear bomb world

Ex: Jonathan Power

Subject: Terrifying blockage in nuclear disarmament.

Date December 6th, 2011.


Some of us believed that at the end of the Cold War in 1991 American and Soviet nuclear rockets would be left to rust and rot in their silos. Indeed, we actually saw the Ukraine, where the Soviets made most of their rockets and based many, calling in American engineers to help dismantle them. Moreover, Ukraine decided to forsake nuclear power status- for…


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overthrowing the financiers

Ex: Jonathan Power

Subject: Taming the financial monster.

Date: November 29th 2011.


Every so often, but not very often, the tectonic plates in society visibly move. In the last century it was the impact of the Great Recession closely followed by a second massive war in a century that pushed both the victorious and the losers in the direction of a welfare state, albeit the Europeans, Canadians and Japanese moved at a much faster rate than the…


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how to be happy!

Ex: Jonathan Power,

Subject: The search for happiness.

Date: November 22nd. 2011


Want to be happy? Read on!


Sigmund Freud, the great psychiatrist, said that people can never be fully happy. But most people are reasonably happy, according to numerous surveys. Even in the slums of Calcutta a majority are. Read “The City of Joy” by Dominique Lapierre. According to one survey Nigerians are the happiest. (But other surveys say it is…


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iran's bomb

Ex: Jonathan Power. Subject: Iran’s bomb will not be the last. Date: November 8th. 2011. The panic button on Iran is being pressed again. A report by the UN’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), suggests that Iran has taken more significant steps towards developing a nuclear weapon. At the same time the warnings from Israel are coming thick and fast, reminding us that if necessary Israel will bomb Iran’s nuclear research facilities. All this is grist for the mill…


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pakistan going to pieces

Ex: Jonathan Power.

Subject: Dangerous Pakistan.

Date: November 1st 2011.

Pakistan is in the hole of all holes. Telling the country’s rulers, generals and fundamentalist agitators that the first law of holes is to stop digging goes unheard. It makes one almost wish for a return to the calm, measured, ways of the former military quasi-dictator, Pervez Musharraf, who was ousted in 2008.

Once president, after the army coup that ejected the democratically…


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saving gadhaffi

Ex: Jonathan Power

Subject: Gadaffi should have been tried.

Date: 25th October, 2011.


If only Muammar Gadaffi were still alive………….We need him in the court room just as, after World War 2, at Nuremberg, Goring, Hess and the rest of the surviving top leadership of the Nazi regime were tried.


The world that had been through hell and back got some idea who these men really were, what their characters were, how they came to be what they…


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lighting up africa

Ex: Jonathan Power

Subject: The end of Africa’s darkness.

Date:  October 18th 2011


Africa is a dark continent. Look at it from a satellite at night. Most of it is dark- with only blotches of light in the south, the north and a little bit in the west. For the rest electricity is a rare and precious resource, limited to villages that line a main road or in the small towns. They are infrequent points of light. They don’t light up the sky. From…


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down and out in afghanistan

Ex: Jonathan Power

Subject: Ten more years in Afghanistan?

Date: 11th October 2011.


The First World War lasted four years, the Second World War six years, the Vietnam war eight years, the Soviet Union’s war in Afghanistan nine years and thus far the American war in Afghanistan ten years.  


Last Friday General Stanley McChrystal, who commanded US troops in Afghanistan between 2009 and 2010 and who was hailed as the master soldier who…


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Putin watching!

Ex: Jonathan Power

Subject: Who is the enigma- Putin or Clinton?

Date: October 4th 2011.




Winston Churchill said that "Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”. But even if that is true is that a reason for the way the West has treated Russia since the end of the Cold War?


A good example at hand is the hand wringing, on occasion verging on apoplexy, that Western commentators have exhibited over…


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