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The paired cities will connect artists addressing a main theme that is common in…


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MasterPeace Organizes Peace Concerts in 55 Cities Across 45 Countries Celebrating International Day of Peace on Sunday, September 21, 2014

MasterPeace sets new standards for Peace efforts worldwide.

The Unifying Concert in Amsterdam, broadcast across 4 continents, features top artists from conflict areas sending the world a message of peace.

Syrian diva Assala to be given Peace Award and confirmed to perform at Ziggo Dome.


MasterPeace, the award-winning peace movement, celebrates the International Day of Peace with 55 events in…


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Join the Coffee with Peace Bites Meeting!

Are you interested in the work and projects of one of the inspiring Clubs at MasterPeace?

What great work a group…


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Your peace initiative in the spotlight! Upload it on and yours might become Initiative of the Week!

The number of cool initiatives on the MasterPeace platform is growing! Every day, new projects around the world appear. To give the best initiatives some special attention, we…


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Participate with your story and WIN 20 English TOPNOVELS + an international feature!

Everyone has a story – some big, others small. A miracle that happens in your life, a w

onder, to pass on. Miracles that happened, because you made them happen. Because of your work, people’s lives got impacted, whether directly or indirectly.

We at MasterPeace appreciate very much the work you do,…


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MasterPeace Launches World’s Largest Music Competition for Peace New Cities Announced for MasterPeace In Concert

December 3, 2013 Cairo & New York: MasterPeace, one of the fastest growing peace movements,launched its global music competition,My Music MasterPeace offering musicians from all over the world a chance to become the opening act of MasterPeace in Concert -…


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MasterPeace: Music above fighting in DR Congo

This summer, Dutch artist VanVelzen visited DR Congo, in Africa, with his band, for a special peace concert with the 16-year old Congolese superstar Innocent Balume. They traveled to the east of DR Congo, where the region is known for heavy armed conflicts. The artists met the local heroes of MasterPeace, who use music as a 'weapon' for brotherhood. Together with the local population they organize a peace concert: to feed hope, to celebrate successes and to support the local heroes.…


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‘Hips Don`t Lie’ For Peace? How To Make Music For Social Change @SXSW

‘Hips Don`t Lie’ For Peace?

How To Make Music For Social Change @SXSW

What about hips don’t lie for peace? Or maybe ‘Who runs the world’ for girls education? Could we moon walk for Haiti Hurricane survivals?

Music have been always the store of humanity strongest feelings, it has been the vessel used to express emotions when words seemed to fail. The soft hum of the violin or even the sharp notes from the electric guitar are…


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North-Korea, Iran and Syria delay the arms control treaty

During the last weeks, diplomats from all over the world came to the headquarters of the United Nations in New York to discuss the international arms treaty, as we blogged in a previous post.

Many countries, including the United States, control arms exports, but there has never been an international treaty regulating the estimated $60bn global arms trade. For more than a decade, activists and some governments have been pushing for international rules to try to keep illicit…


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Leaders Idol! Can World Leaders Sing For Peace?

Imagine if top world leaders team up to sing side by side with top artists from around the world in a concert. Imagine if the first female elected President of Ireland Mary Robinson will sing next to the Grammy award winner Angélique Kidjo from Benin. Imagine!!

Celebrating Women`s Day, MasterPeace is making this dream come true, by bringing these two powerful women together using their immense passion for peace and humanity to sing together John Lennon’s “Imagine”…


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Call for Partnership for International Day of Peace Celebration!

“I urge everyone, between now and 21 September, to think about how they can contribute. Let us work together to ensure that the Road from Rio leads us to sustainable development, sustainable peace and a secure future for all.”

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


The world has…


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Call for Partnership for International Day of Peace Celebration,

One of the significant days is our movement which is approaching is the International Day of Peace 21st of Sept. The international Day Of peace is the only day that unifies all of our efforts for working for peace, it will be like…


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Peace Bell Ringing, Open the Door!

We all love to organize a successful event that gets good crowds; entertains people, draws huge media attention and especially to support a good cause! If you are a group of friends, an organization, a university club, school class or group of artists, MasterPeace is giving you the chance to…


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One Man, Thousands of Miles, a Mission of Peace

Never in a million years did he imagine himself winding up walking down the hills of France, climbing up the Alpide belt, crossing Europe to Africa in a ferry.

Ken is a very interesting man that decided to make a dream that has always crept at the back of his head come alive, walking down all the way to Egypt from Portugal  for MasterPeace, for sure he is the guy to meet.…


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Music above Fighting documentary

On the 4th of May MasterPeace launched their first mini-documentary ‘Music above Fighting.’ This video tells the heart-breaking stories of three people in different conflict areas who are fed up with thesituation they live in. They make music with people from the otherside of the border and tell about the conflict. The movie is filmed on theborders of India/Pakistan, Israel/Palestine and Northern Ireland, at placeswhere the borders are…


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MasterPeace Journey: The Alchemist Alive, Just Hit The Road

“When he reached the top of the dune, his heart leapt. There, illuminated by the light of the moon

and the brightness of the desert, stood the solemn and majestic Pyramids of Egypt” 
The Alchemist 


In every few decades there is a published book…


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MasterPeace 2.0 Platform And Social Media

Why 2.0 Platform?

Creating a 2.0 platform stems out of our…


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This is NOT the London Spring.



By Lucy Emmerson


Twitter and the blogosphere are alive with the sound of a significant minority of clearly deluded individuals declaring that the London

Riots are comparable to the Arab Spring. The hashtag #londonriots, while primarily awash with tweets of angry condemnation, has been sporadically used to distribute messages such as:


                 the #londonriots are not…


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A Wind Of Change-50-Years After The Freedom Rides

By Search For Common Ground


(May 14, 1961. The first group of Freedom Riders (conceived of by the…

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How To Find Your True Passion

By : Dragos Nicolae

Do you tend to spend your life with no purpose or clear aim? Do you feel deep down that there’s something more meaningful you can do? Would you like to make a positive contribution to the world? Are you living below your potential?

There’s good news for you. By doing the following mental exercise you…


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