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What You Need To Know About Knowledge Management

In today’s knowledge-driven economy, 25 to 45 percent of the workforce is made up of people who work with knowledge and information. The knowledge economy depends on our ability to rapidly analyze, recombine and add to existing information. KM helps make sure that we don’t waste time digging up existing knowledge, which can decrease organizational efficiency by more than 12%.…


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How can Artificial Intelligence Support Disaster Response

While reading Patrick Meier’s book, Digital Humanitarians, I realized that I had missed out on a wide range of advances in the field of machine learning, some of which also fall under “artificial intelligence”, which can…


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Why farmers in Tanzania are using Tigo Kilimo

Information technology has greatly benefited the agriculture sector. You’ve probably read multiple articles that say ‘mobile phones empower farmers,’ but I wanted to ask the farmers themselves. Last year, I conducted a research on how rural farmers in Tanzania were using Tigo Kilimo. Read more…


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Online Certificate Course on Technology for Data Visualization (discount for PCDN members)

Are you analyzing your data efficiently and displaying them effectively? Nearly all of us are responsible for producing reports for our colleagues, supervisors, and clients. Good data visualization is essential to analyzing your data quickly and with the greatest value.

The importance of data visualization has become apparent in the current ‘era of…


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How Facebook Helped Restore Family Links After the Nepal Earthquake

Following the recent earthquake in Nepal, Facebook activated “Safety Check“, a feature that helps friends and relatives quickly find out whether their loved ones are safe. Safety Check was originally launched in October 2014 and was mainly based on experiences gained during the 2011…


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How Technology is Fighting Sexual Harassment in India

Technology has been known to facilitate anonymous harassment online, but in India a non-profit organization is using mobile apps to fight harassment on the streets. Read more…


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Online Certificate Course on Mobiles for International Development (May 11 - June 5, 2015) Discount for PCDN members

The mobile phone is rapidly bringing communication to the most remote areas of the world. NGOs, governments and companies alike are beginning to realize the potential of this ubiquitous tool to address a variety of global challenges. This four-week online professional development certificate course, which has been featured in the…


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Addressing Poverty’s “Triple Whammy” through Mobile Savings

Small farm holders in the developing world face similar struggles as they often have to purchase seeds and fertilizers in one large payment to improve their harvest. MyAgro, provides an innovative alternative to farmers, eliminating the need for banks and placing financial decision-making in the hands of small farm holders.…


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3D Printing’s Potential in Humanitarian Response

It may be difficult to see the relevance of 3D Printing beyond maker labs, but its potential to help in international development, and especially humanitarian response should be explored further. 3D printing is changing what you can produce and where you can produce it, making it a solution that could meet the needs of people after a humanitarian crisis.…


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How ICTs are Helping Nepalis Around the World Respond to the Earthquake

The 7.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal has swallowed up whole neighborhoods, villages and along with it thousands of people. The death toll is rising as we speak and is estimated to reach around 10,000.

As a Nepali, being this far away from Nepal, I feel very helpless. But technology has allowed me to stay connected with…


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Imagine, Design, and 3D Print

The possibilities for 3D printing are endless. While this may scare some of us, the potential for innovationis exactly what excites us here at TechChange! Imagine being able to quickly…


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Apply Now: Online Certificate Course TC344: 3D Printing for Social Good, May 4 - 29 (Discount for PCDN members)

3D printing is primed to change our physical world. As 3D printers become more sophisticated and affordable and a number of patents expire, their potential to assist in response to global development and humanitarian challenges increases dramatically. Already 3D printers have been used to print low-cost soft-tissue prosthetics and medical supplies like customized…


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#PeaceTech Review: A Preview of Promise

The most recent issue of “Building Peace,” a publication of the Alliance for Peacebuilding, on #PeaceTech doesn’t dwell on “what” is being built in technology for peace, but rather examining “how” the peacetech space is operating. And that’s a good…


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The Case for Gender Data

Data is a crucial component of any program or intervention. It justifies the need for a specific program, show its effectiveness, and allows us to improve it through evaluation. But this important information tells us little if more than half of the population is missing or misrepresented, so we need to start looking at data with a gender lens. Read more…


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Tech for M&E Online Course Sneak Peek: Dow Maneerattana of World Resources Institute

Open data has been a popular topic in international development recently, but what about the evaluation of open data programs? We are excited to welcome Dow Maneerattana from World Resources Institute (WRI) to our upcoming…


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3 Essential Elements to Integrate Tech in M&E

Simply including technology in your M&E plan does not lead to better M&E. This was the mantra as I started …


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How mHealth is Evolving into Phone Extensions and Wearables

When we interviewed Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus, at the 2013 mHealth Summit, he said that mobile phones are the “Aladdin’s lamp for healthcare”, a statement that still rings true today. Two years after that interview, we take a look at how digital health is beginning to expand beyond mobile phones. Mobile phones – especially smartphones –…


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The Top 3 Opportunities for mHealth, a $42.12 Billion Industry by 2020

According to …


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Training Health Workers for Ebola Response and Community Support: Second Webinar Series

Since the launch of the first free Training Health Workers for Ebola webinar series in October 2014, we have seen hundreds of members of the global health community…


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