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Op-ed on Paris Aftermath: I’m a Muslim — ask me about Islam.

The Boston Globe published an article I wrote about some of my thoughts as a Muslim-American regarding the recent events of terrorism and their aftermath. Please read and share so that this kind of perspective may be better known and understood amid the present public discourse around Islam, the West, and terrorism.…


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Fighting Islamic State: Getting Down To Root Causes

By James M. Dorsey

The rise of Islamic State (IS) beyond the borders of Syria and Iraq over the past one year has drawn comparison with the spread of communism more than a century ago. It has also pitted proponents of kinetic realpolitik seeking military defeat of the extremist against supporters of the notion that jihadism poses primarily an ideational threat.

However both schools of the debate focus on the violent nature of the threat and ways to neutralise it rather than on…


Added by James M Dorsey on September 30, 2015 at 8:59pm — 1 Comment

Military Applications of the GRIN Model

A social group's ability to innovate is limited by its GRIN diversity, and the GRIN Model (Gadfly-Relational-Institutional-Negotiator) helps us to measure and manage that diversity. Thus, if you think the goal of the military is to dominate others, then you might expect the primary military application of the GRIN model to be to reduce enemies' capacities to innovate, while defending one's own.

However, the goal of the…


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Militant soccer fans claim responsibility for Cairo bombing

By James M. Dorsey

A shadowy group of militant soccer fans that has largely lied low since it participated in mass anti-government protests in 2013 that led to the military overthrow of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has claimed responsibility for a car bomb near a Cairo security building that injured at least six policemen.

Whether the group, the Black Bloc, was responsible or not, it is the first time a soccer-related group claims responsibility for an act of political…


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Re-configuring the Middle East: IS and Changing Demographics

By James M. Dorsey

The Syrian civil war and Iraqi sectarian conflicts involving Islamic State (IS) have had far-reaching consequences for the demographics across the region. Once a relatively ethnically homogeneous autonomous region, Iraqi Kurdistan has seen its demography change radically as large numbers of Arab refugees pour into what was once an independent Kurdish state-in-waiting. The influx of refugees fleeing areas of Iraq controlled by IS and fighting across the country, has…


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Egyptian soccer player criticizes Sisi in reflection of mounting discontent

By James M. Dorsey

Criticism this week by soccer player Ahmed al-Merghani of general-turned-president Abdel Fattah Al Sisi’s hard-handed repression of dissent and failure to defeat a mushrooming insurgency in the Sinai peninsula signals mounting discontent in Egypt.

Mr. Al-Merghani’s comments on his Facebook page are indicative because they suggested the degree to which Mr. Al Sisi’s cult-like popularity has diminished barely two years after he toppled elected president…


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Terrorism in Macedonia Wasn’t An Isolated Act!

_82888586_kumanovomacedonia0515 The weekend [9.-10. May 2015] violence in Macedonia (FYROM) [later in short only Macedonia] has sent a wave of anxiety across the Balkans raising concerns about presumed ethnic-Albanian unrest in the volatile region. Eight police officers were killed and 37 were injured in the gun battles, which began at dawn Saturday [9th May…


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Soccer fields: A waystation en route to the Islamic State

By James M. Dorsey

One thing the biographies of Jihadi John, the Islamic State’s executioner of foreign hostages, and several of his European associates have in common is their passion for soccer and their dashed hopes of becoming professional players.

They all belonged to amateur teams or bonded in part by playing soccer together. Like other disaffected youth for whom playing soccer became a stepping stone to joining a militant group or become a suicide bomber, Jihadi John and…


Added by James M Dorsey on March 3, 2015 at 10:59am — No Comments

UAE embarks on global campaign to market its brand of autocracy

By James M. Dorsey

The United Arab Emirates has embarked on an all-out effort to broaden its regional influence and achieve global acceptance of its autocratic definition of terrorism that encompasses all non-violent, legitimate expressions of political Islam.

The effort competes head on with Qatar’s pro-Islamist approach to soft power. It involves participation in the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State, an aggressive media strategy that included…


Added by James M Dorsey on February 11, 2015 at 6:53am — No Comments

UK search for Jihadi John spotlights recruitment role of soccer

By James M. Dorsey

The United Kingdom’s search for Jihadi John, the masked, British-accented fighter who appears in videos and beheading of foreigners condemned to death by the Islamic State, the jihadist group that controls a swath of Syria and Iraq, has highlighted the significance for militants of soccer as a recruitment and bonding tool. It has also put the spotlight of a small band of Portuguese nationals who have joined the jihadists in recent years.

The British search is…


Added by James M Dorsey on January 26, 2015 at 3:11am — No Comments

Conflicting views of Islam spill onto the soccer pitch

By James M. Dorsey

When Sarah Samir stepped this week on to an Egyptian soccer pitch to referee a men’s match, she joined a small band of Arab women referees staking out their right to be involved in the sport on par with men. The significance of Ms. Samir’s appearance highlighted the battle for the soul of Islam that is being fought on the pitch as much as it is being waged on multiple other fronts. It also spotlighted strategies to counter militant ideologies.

Ms. Samir, the…


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Deaths in Paris: Separating Fact from Fiction

By James M. Dorsey


The jihadist assaults in Paris on Charlie Hebdo have sparked allegations of a failure by French intelligence and security agencies. Jihadists beyond the Middle East are also portrayed as coordinated by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). A closer look suggests those assertions are at best speculation.


THE ATTACKS in Paris on the…


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Deaths in Paris: Refining the Post-9/11 Model

By James M. Dorsey

Underlying the attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine is a far greater threat than the brutalising of freedom of expression. Western leaders and security agencies too often fall into and create a vicious cycle modelled on the 9/11 attacks in the US: A Muslim community that rejects violence is put on the defensive. The upshot is polarisation that breeds radicalisation.

The raid by suspected jihadist militants in Paris on the French satirical magazine…


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School shootings and lone wolf attacks: What’s the difference?

By James M. Dorsey

A recent school shooting in the US state of Washington and a lone wolf’s assault on the Canadian parliament in Ottawa are but two of the latest headline-grabbing incidents of home-grown violence. One had nothing to do with politics, the other is classified as a terrorist attack perpetrated by a jihadist Muslim.

Yet, both involved troubled young men groping with personal problems and demons. Their actions are in many mays ways cries of desperation in the…


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Stepping away from the Poisoned Buffet

Do we have the courage to stop being consumers of violence? 

We are consumers of violence. We have so over-consumed violence that we hardly recognize what we are consuming anymore. It is time to step away from the poisoned buffet.

Our culture offers us as…


Added by Dr. Samuel Mahaffy on October 3, 2014 at 11:17am — No Comments

Community Policing and Violent Extremism: Sharing Security Responsibility

From the U.S. Institute of Peace blog The Olive Branch. You can also read the post on the USIP web site here.

By Shannon Zimmerman and Megan…

Added by Viola Gienger on September 24, 2014 at 2:46pm — No Comments

Oral histories, peace education and teaching 9/11

Based on the data I present in my new book, oral history emerged as the most prominent and popular, as well as arguably the most effective, way teachers engaged their students in learning about 9/11.  Several aspects made this a good fit for teachers wanting to engage their students beyond…


Added by Cheryl Duckworth, Ph.D. on August 12, 2014 at 8:53pm — 1 Comment

Analyzing the Israel-Hamas High-Stakes Poker Game, Where the Chips are Human Lives and Nobody Wins

Both sides deserve a lot of blame, but the contributions of Israel’s structural violence should not be eclipsed by Hamas’ physical violence, or, (almost) everything you need to know about Gaza in one article



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Dangerous Memories and Teaching 9/11

Author's note:  The below is an excerpt from my forthcoming book, Teaching Terror:  9/11 and Collective Memory in America's Classrooms.  It will be available from Routledge early Aug.  

One other important intersection between the literature on historical memory and the literature on peace education is Zembylas’s concept of critical emotional praxis (Zembylas 2008, Beckerman and Zembylas 2012).   In his words, critical emotional praxis “creates openings for…


Added by Cheryl Duckworth, Ph.D. on July 4, 2014 at 10:51am — 2 Comments

Q&A: Iraq's Spreading Turmoil

From the U.S. Institute of Peace. You can view this post on the USIP web site here.

By Sarhang Hamasaeed

With fighting in Iraq spreading since the shocking onslaught of a militant group once aligned with al-Qaida, the country's Parliament convened this week to start forming a new government based on the April elections, only to adjourn again within…


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