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What do you have to lose?


When the Syrian refugees are going to start pouring into this country, we don’t know if they’re ISIS, we don’t know if it’s a Trojan horse….it could be the great Trojan horse of all time…”

Question 1: what can a politician gain when he makes a comment like this?



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Human rights radio show - New Zealand

Kia ora!

I host "Speak Up-Korerotia," the radio show of the New Zealand Human Rights Commission.

Interesting and passionate guests share their experiences and knowledge about a different topic each month.

Shows so far include:

December 2015 - Migrants in the rebuild

November 2015 - Domestic violence and ethnicity

October 2015 - Pasifika cultural identities

September 2015 - Interpretation and the right to effective…


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Reflections on Startup Culture in Bogota, Building Businesses in a City 2600 meters closer to the stars

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the HubBog (campus for startups) weekly networking lunch in Bogota, Colombia. A famous saying about Bogota, is that is 2600 meters closer to the starts given its high altitude. HubBog is the leading startup coworking/incubator location in Latin America. The Hub has been around for more than five years and part of the PCDN Team is working…


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Ensuring Safety of Human Rights Defenders in the Digital World

Today, on Human Rights Day, we focus on the importance of digital safety for human rights defenders around the world. In an increasingly digitally connected world, it is even more crucial for human rights defenders – whether activists, journalists or aid workers, to be safe online as they fight for the rights of…


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Welcoming a Hybrid Attempt at Justice for the Central African Republic

[This article was first published in the World Section of the Huffington Post on 14 July 2015].

By Jesica L. Santos*

14 July 2015

On 22 April 2015, the Transitional Council in the…


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OECD holds FIFA responsible for Qatari World Cup-related labour conditions

By James M. Dorsey

A Swiss government-sponsored unit of the Paris-based Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has defined world soccer body FIFA as a multi-national bound by the group’s guidelines. As a result, the group concluded that FIFA is responsible for the upholding of the human and labour rights of workers employed in Qatar on 2022 World Cup-related projects.

The decision by the OECD, which groups 34 of the world’s richest countries, in response to…


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A testimony to failed autocracies: Eritrean soccer team defects

By James M. Dorsey

Eritrea’s national team has for all practical purposes defected after 10 of its players this week refused to return home following a World Cup qualifier in Botswana.

The defection and effective demise of the squad underscored the failure of autocratic rule in Eritrea already highlighted by the large contingent of Eritreans among the hundreds of thousands of refugees washing ashore in Europe.

It also threw a spotlight on differing degrees of repression…


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Turkish soccer supports Erdogan’s war against the Kurds

By James M. Dorsey

The Turkish Football Federation (TFF), in a demonstration of the inseparable ties between sports and politics, has effectively declared its support for renewed Turkish-Kurdish hostilities designed to enhance the prospects of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling party in forthcoming snap elections.

With armed Kurdish youth effectively taking control of at least one predominantly Kurdish city in south-eastern Turkey, Turkish war planes pounding Kurdistan…


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A Turkish stadium harbours a stark message for multiculturalism

By James M. Dorsey

A condemned Turkish stadium harbours a dark warning of the long-term consequences of ethnic cleansing or what Turks euphemistically call the population exchange almost a century ago when Turkey and Greece expelled their respective Greek and Turkish minorities.

It is a message that has not lost its urgency as Turkey fights multiple domestic and regional battles against the Kurds, the Islamic State (IS) and the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP)…


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Call for Papers: Fifth Annual Conference of the Historical Dialogues, Justice and Memory Network

The Politics of Memory:

Victimization, Violence and Contested Narratives of the Past

Fifth Annual Conference of the Historical Dialogues, Justice, and Memory Network

Columbia University, New York,

December 3-5, 2015

Paper Submission Deadline: September 15, 2015*

*papers will be accepted on a rolling basis beginning in mid-July; please see below…


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Reflections on Google’s Recent Report on Digital Security Practices

Google recently conducted a study comparing digital security practices between experts and non-experts. The study included over 500 surveys of security experts and non-experts and the results are a useful examination of how expertise or knowledge reflects in practice of navigating in the digital world. Read our reflections on the report…


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Mega Events: Qatar is too hot, Beijing has no snow

By James M. Dorsey

2022 is promising to be the year of mega sporting events that potentially fly in the face of values professed by international sporting events and defy logic.

Consensus is near unanimous that temperatures in Qatar are too high for a summer World Cup. Similarly, Beijing lacks the snow needed for a Winter Olympics. That didn’t deter the International Olympic Committee (IOC) from awarding the 2022 tournament to Beijing.  

If environmental concerns were…


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What Planet Does He Live On? Oracle, Optimist, Ostrich, or Obfuscator? Part 4.

What Planet Does He Live On? Oracle, Optimist, Ostrich, or Obfuscator? Part 4.


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Final Call for Applications: Online Certificate Course in Gender-based Violence Training - 5th June - 6th July 2015

Course Description:

Gender-based violence (GBV) has been recognized as a cross-cutting issue affecting the lives of victims from a diversity of dimensions including culture, education, health, economy, psychology, livelihoods and political participation. In fact, violence against women and girls was chosen as one of the critical areas of action following the Beijing Conference. This presents a key opportunity for different players, including government…


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Egypt bans ultras in bid to break anti-government protests

By James M. Dorsey

An Egyptian court has banned militant soccer fan groups or ultras as terrorist organizations in a bid to break the backbone of anti-government protests.

The ruling at the request of Mortada Mansour, the controversial, larger than life president of Cairo’s storied Al Zamalek SC who alleged that his club’s ultras, the Ultras White Knights (UWK), tried to assassinate him, pushes further underground groups that often offer despairing youth a rare opportunity to vent…


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Ethnic tensions spill onto Iranian soccer pitches

By James M. Dorsey

Against a backdrop of the violent redrawing of the map of the Middle East as minorities assert their rights, rebels challenge the existing order, and militant Islamists seek to carve up the post-colonial order, Iranian soccer pitches are signalling that the Islamic republic is not totally immune to the region’s upheaval.

To be sure, the territorial integrity of Iran which unlike countries like Syria and Iraq boasts a strong state, rooted institutions, an imperial…


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Militant soccer fans: Egypt’s Hans Brink plugs the dam against radicalization

Said Moshagheb, a mesmerizingly charismatic, under‐educated and unemployed leader of a prominent group of militant, well-organized, and street battle-hardened soccer fans, staged a coup five years ago against the founders and original leaders of the Ultras White Knights (UWK), the storied support group of Zamalek SC, one of Egypt’s most celebrated clubs.


The impact of the takeover is today increasingly evident on the embattled campuses of Egyptian universities and in poorer…


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FIFA president Blatter signals mounting pressure on Qatar to tackle migrant worker problems

By James M. Dorsey

A warning by world soccer body FIFA president Sepp Blatter following talks this weekend with Qatari emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani that Qatar needs to do more to improve the working and living conditions of its migrant workers is the latest signal that Qatar will have to take substantive steps to fend off attempts to deprive it of its 2022 World Cup hosting rights.

Mr. Blatter’s comments have particular significance given that he never was…


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International sports associations caught between $ signs and human rights ideals

By James M. Dorsey

A just published study highlights how commerce and glitz are reinforcing support for autocracy by international sports associations and undermining the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) newly found resolve to hold potential host cities to human rights standards to which world soccer body FIFA pays lip service.

The study by Andrew Zimbalist, Circus Maximus: The Economic…


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Call for Applications: Global Minority Rights Summer School, Budapest, 19-25 July 2015

More information:


Walk the Line:

The Impact of Boundary Politics on Identity and Inequality One Hundred Years after the First World…


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