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Apply Now: Online Certificate Course TC344: 3D Printing for Social Good, May 4 - 29 (Discount for PCDN members)

3D printing is primed to change our physical world. As 3D printers become more sophisticated and affordable and a number of patents expire, their potential to assist in response to global development and humanitarian challenges increases dramatically. Already 3D printers have been used to print low-cost soft-tissue prosthetics and medical supplies like customized…


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By Beverly Bell

March 5, 2013



Three years after the deadly earthquake in Haiti, what has become of the commitments made on Red Cross billboards, the promises from telethon hosts, the…


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Training course Peacebuilding and Local Governance in May 2013

This training course is developed by The Hague Academy for Local Governance and The Hague Institute for Global Justice and will be held from 27 May to 7 June 2013 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

In this two-week course the following questions will be addressed: How can basic services be strengthened and economic opportunities be created in a conflict-sensitive manner? And how can local actors contribute to social cohesion, security and conflict-prevention? During the course, we distill…


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Postconflict Research Database

Dear Colleagues:


I am pleased to share the launch of INSCT’s new Postconflict Research Database: an online research tool for scholars, policymakers, and professionals working in the inter-disciplinary fields of postconflict stabilization, reconstruction, and peacebuilding.  Created to address growing research and knowledge management challenges, the database stores and retrieves cross-indexed bibliographic information…


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The Creole Connection: New Orleans, Haiti, and Catastrophe

By Beverly Bell…


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“Waiting for Helicopters”? Cholera, Prejudice, and the Right to Water in Haiti (Part II)

by Deepa Panchang

June 29, 2012

“Where you stand,” goes an old Haitian proverb, “depends on where you sit.” This article, the second in a series, will examine aid workers’ stereotypes and prejudices about residents of displacement camps in post-earthquake Haiti, stemming from acute disconnect between NGOs…


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Withholding Water: Cholera, Prejudice, and the Right to Water in Haiti - Part I

By Deepa Panchang

May 31, 2012

“Cholera is something they sent,” says graffiti on Port-au-Prince walls, “to finish killing off the rest of us.”

Scientists have shown that the cholera pathogen came to Haiti with foreign UN troops who carried the bacteria in their bodies, and…


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War, Women and Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Bafanji Village

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A Fork in the Road

A friend of mine once said "Washington's not a city, it's a campus." What he meant is that on any given day you can find several, and often a lot, of free lectures, debates and seminars. You almost trip over people willing to tell you about their latest project, research or analysis. If you’re in to learning, it’s very satisfying.

Yesterday I attended a session entitled “Harnessing Natural Resources for Peacebuilding: Lessons from U.S. and Japanese Assistance” hosted by the Woodrow…


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Obama, pull troops from Afghanistan! Costs Are Too High and Goals Unachievable

In my professional opinion as a reconstruction expert, I fully support the Obama Administration with their bold move to withdraw 10,000 troops from Afghanistan by the end of this year, and all 33,000 surge troops by September 2012.


If America had unlimited resources, time, and funding it would be ideal to continue rebuilding Afghanistan.


But, the reality is that the American, and global, economy are largely dictating the direction of the mission activities in…


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Identicide in the Balkans

Conflicts are understood as “any situation in which two or more social entities or parties (however defined or structured) perceive that they posses mutually incompatible goals” (Mitchell 1981:17).

War has always been barbaric and civilians have always been involved in warfare, either willingly or unwillingly. Yet, the rising number of intrastate wars attests that the UN Charter preamble… Continue

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Reconstruction and Reconciliation - Yesterday and Today

Reconstruction is one of the most complex topics to tackle in thinking about the aftermath of the American Civil War.  At the end of the war many recognized that the South would have to be remade both socially and economically.  What this new South would be was a matter of considerable debate around the country.  Unlike today there were very few examples to follow; no international standards existed.  Today, however, guidelines do exist.  For example, the Organisation of Economic Cooperation…


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Life in Postwar Northern Uganda

Life in Postwar Northern Uganda

the story of one village

by john otim

With a little help from a Maryland NGO a war shattered community returns home from years of desolation in internal refugee camps and slowly starts to build a new life. Read the story:

True North

We left the city of Kampala late. We crossed the Nile at sunset at the Karuma Bridge. Here the mighty River is a raging torrent…


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Women and the reconstruction process

Women have an important position in the post-war or post-conflict reconstruction process. Despite of victimization and persecution, they can play an important role for rebuilding the society. They know the socio-cultural priorities. Their role as mothers, wives, daughters and sisters can be effectively used for restoration activities. The dilemma is that women are kept away… Continue

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New Publication on Women Leaders Setting Priorities in Post-Conflict Reconstruction

Just in time for the Kabul Conference on July 20, 2010, and drawing on Inclusive Security's experience working with Afghan women leaders and international partners, the updated publication describes successful techniques…

Added by Inclusive Security on July 15, 2010 at 12:40pm — 1 Comment

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