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Canadians unite. It's time for accountable and transparent governing respectful of human rights.

I don't usually delve too deeply into Canadian politics and legislation, but I'm starting to think that big change is in order in our system. It's not a matter of removing Harper from office. Many aspects of our government are shameful but it lies not only with the one party. Separating into polarizing options is doing no one any good. We don't need separation in politics, we need to come together to say that things must change. The whole system needs an overhaul for it is inequitable and… Continue

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Nepal's Dual Citizenship: A Suicidal Decision?

November 2, 2009

Nepal's Dual Citizenship: A Suicidal Decision?

By Krishna Hari Pushkar

The Non Residential Nepalese (NRN) has pressured the government to approve a dual citizenship policy and the government is almost agree on it. Sadly, the people misunderstand that NRN are thepeople who are rich and living in a rich country. Now, it's time to be clear… Continue

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Kenya’s IDP crisis: Only history can judge our collective inaction

In the aftermath of the 2007 general election over half a million people were displaced. Fleeing homes, loosing livelihoods and loved ones. To date some of the 2007 internal refugees still remain both in camps and transit sites. Yet the anomaly of internal displacement is not new to Kenya. From pre-independence many Kenyans have been forcibly removed from their homes, having to settle elsewhere as refugees within their own country.

In… Continue

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Corporate Accountability: Political action to stop human rights abuses by Canadian mining, oil and gas companies.

It is about time! Finally, the government of Canada is seeing the light and is attempting to mandate the corporate social responsibility of the Canadian mining, gas and oil extraction industries necessary to stop their involvement in major human rights violations around the world. This bill, if enacted, would help to ensure that corporations engaged in mining, oil or gas activities who often receive significant financial and political support from the Government of Canada act in a manner… Continue

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violence on my mind.

I’ve never understood violence. perhaps it’s because i never had to face it until i was older. not old enough to understand it, but old enough to not be scarred for life. my childhood was happy, safe, loving and with every possible advantage a child could start with. that’s why i’m where i am today.

but many are not so lucky as i. they face danger every day. they know the feel of starvation, their bellies swollen from days without food. violence surrounds them. many children must… Continue

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The depths of violence.

Violence is more than just physical injuries, killings, beatings and inflictions of pain. It is more than the verbal and emotional abuse as well. This type of violence is referred to as direct violence in peace, conflict and transformation studies. These are clear subject-action-object type of relationships that result in the observation or experience of hurt in individuals or groups, usually happening quickly and dramatically; with possibly life-lasting traumatic effects.

The other… Continue

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Social Trust

Social trust is a human necessity if one doesn’t want to live completely isolated and alone. Social trust can be created within a household, a group, a community, a city, a state or province, a nation or perhaps even the world. It is the sense of togetherness, the norm of cooperation between individuals that allows them to work together in their lives. It is reciprocity and exchange.

Our personal levels of social trust may vary, based on our experiences of the world. The world we… Continue

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My thoughts on anarchy.

Anarchy. I have heard this term thrown around a lot, especially by the “revolutionary” types here in North America. Brought out significantly in modern pop culture through the punk scene, anarchism can be witnessed in symbology throughout our society. Interestingly, anarchy has been labelled as being almost synomous with popular culture in its disruption and envelopment of every day life of those in societies.

I often wonder what people think anarchy really means. I wonder if the… Continue

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Yarrr! What’s the deal with Somali pirates?

Piracy off the coast of Somalia has cost the international community as much as $30 million dollars so far this year alone and has once again become an international priority of the moment for many world governments. The term “pirate” itself, is a debatable one, as many so-called “pirates” prefer to call themselves as “coastguards”, and see themselves as protecting their waters from international bodies who are dumping waste or are illegally fishing their livelihood away. Others see them as… Continue

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Economic Growth and the ever-increasing GDPs

Economic development and growth is basically the prime goal of every nation on the planet. Billions and billions of dollars are been spent annually on economic growth projects worldwide.

In some development circles, there is a thought that if the economy is doing well– the lives of those living in the economy will be better. This is often referred to as the “trickle-down effect”. That prosperity will trickle down to those less fortunate.

Unfortunately, this is not a… Continue

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ADR News

Originally posted @ Enjoy Mediation

Note: for active links below, click the "enjoy mediation" link above

Next Week @ Enjoy Mediation

Coming next week I am going to try and switch to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting format. This way you, the readers, will be able to know when new posts will be published.

This Monday's post will recap of the monthly ACRG-NY (Association of Conflict Resolution-… Continue

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Mediation & ADR News

Originally posted at Enjoy Mediation on 5.5.09

for active news links, click above link

Staff Demand for Conflict Resolution Up 25%

The number of formal complaints filed by faculty and staff to the conflict resolution section of Human Resources has increased by 25 percent this year, a university official said.

Shari Barnes, conflict resolution facilitator, said the… Continue

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Negotiating Justice: A guide for Mediators

Originally Posted at Enjoy Mediation on 04.22.09

For the active link at the bottom, click the above link

Negotiating Justice: A guide for Mediators

Guide for Global Mediators

This gem of a guide/report is written by Priscilla Hayner, Director of the ICTJ Program on Peace and Justice and part of the HD Centre's "Negotiating Justice: Strategies… Continue

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Problem Solving Profitable?

Originally posted at Enjoy Mediation on 04.20.09

note: for active links, click the above link

Problem-solving surprisingly Profitable

It began as an experiment in local problem-solving. Making money was the farthest thing from anyone's mind.

Today, it is one of Toronto's most successful social… Continue

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Mediation Program so Successful, It's goingto be Canceled!

Originally posted at Enjoy Mediation 03.27.09 Note: for active news links, click above link

Mediation Program on the Chopping Block

That's right, despite the fact that the mediation program between Police and civilians in San Fransisco is doing so good, it is still on the chopping block because of the budget woes.

How successful is the program? participants in the program have given it a… Continue

Added by Jeff Thompson on March 27, 2009 at 6:30pm — 2 Comments

Mediation & Arbitration Are The Same

Originally posted at Enjoy Mediation on 03.25.09

Note: click the above link for active news links

Mediation and Arbitration are the Same Thing

At least this is how I read this paragraph:

Under the new legislation, if the two parties cannot reach an agreement, either may request mediation from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. Note the following sentence has been added as per this… Continue

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U.S. Dept of Peace??... & more ADR News

Originally posted on 03.20.09 at Enjoy Mediation

Note: for active news links, click the above link

(note: parts 6 & 7 of the 7 Elements of Negotiation will appear Monday and Tuesday)

No More Police Raids: China and Europe Agree to Talk

There was no dawn raid by police to seize patent-infringing MP3 players at this year's Cebit trade show -- but behind the scenes, haggling over technology… Continue

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Mediation & Negotiation News

Originally posted at Enjoy Mediation on 03.15.09

Note: for active news links, click the above link

Benefits of Disagreeing

Hey- everyone's favorite other-Jeff-really-Geoff-mediator-blogger Geoff Sharpe is quoted throughout an article with the above title. Btw, his great blog, Mediator Blah Blah, is over [here].

Some tidbits from the article:

"There's quite a bit of debate among mediators globally… Continue

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ADR, Mediation & Negotiation News 02.17.09

Originally Posted on 02.17.09 at Enjoy Mediation

See above link for active links to articles

Huffington Post: Give Home Foreclosures the Same Treatment As Wall Street Bankers

Arianna Huffington says that not enough attention is given to the people currently in foreclosure. She also thinks Obama's plan should include mandatory mediation.

"His plan should also include mandatory mediation between… Continue

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Weekend Mediation and ADR News [2.7.09]

Originally published 2.7.09 at Enjoy Mediation

Weekend Mediation & ADR News

Note, all links are active at the blog

Some really good news, take a few minutes to have a read!

Police and City Mediation

Mediation With 32 Groups!

LAPD and Mediation

UN Mediators Need to Be Reviewed... and…

Added by Jeff Thompson on February 7, 2009 at 5:25pm — No Comments

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