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The Case for Gender Data

Data is a crucial component of any program or intervention. It justifies the need for a specific program, show its effectiveness, and allows us to improve it through evaluation. But this important information tells us little if more than half of the population is missing or misrepresented, so we need to start looking at data with a gender lens. Read more…


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Global South Development Magazine's April 2015 edition has been published

Global South Development Magazine's April 2015 edition has been published. Download your free copy at…


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The Top 3 Opportunities for mHealth, a $42.12 Billion Industry by 2020

According to …


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Discount for PCDN members - Online certificate course in Technology for Monitoring and Evaluation

Are you in need of strategies for collecting data and managing metrics more effectively? What are the best ways to visualize and report this data? Do you want to learn about the latest technologies for M&E for proposals and projects in their early stages?



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Putting Global Crises on the Map Using Social Media Data and ArcGIS

How can mapping the geolocations of tweets tell a story about global atrocities? How can digital mapping be integrated as a learning tool for university classes? As part of his final project for TechChange’s online course, …


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The Future of Dodd-Frank in Congo - Dynamic Implementation and Broader Reforms

This op-ed authored by Garrett Moore was originally posted on the blog of Boston for Congo and can be found here.

Murder, rape, and mass displacement continue in the Democratic Republic of Congo, home to deadliest conflict since World War II. However, this classic narrative of the Heart of…


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Front Stories, Back Stories

This article is also posted in its entirety on the New Horizons' Small "Zones of Peace" Project site. Also see other related articles at Coffee House Conversations.

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” so…


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Upcoming Course: Online Certificate Course on Gender-based Violence (GBV) - 2015 Edition

We wish to inform you that the Global Human Rights Leadership Training Institute (GHRLTI) is now accepting applications for the 10th edition of its Online Certificate Course on Gender-based Violence (GBV), 27th February – 31st March 2015. Please help circulate this announcement.…


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An Interview with Social Movement Leader and Parliamentarian Estela Hernandez

By Beverly Bell

The social movement La Coordinadora is organizing to protect lands and waters - including the Bay of Jiquilisco, pictured…


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8 Pro-bono Positions at Global South Development Magazine, Helsinki-Finland

Original vacancy page is here

Job title: GSDM Special Correspondents for

1. Global Peace &…


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A Bridge Exists! Sort of...

A Bridge Exists! Sort of…

Much has been made of the distance between scholarship and practice in the areas of international security and development (see here, here, and…


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HasNa Happy Hour 2014: A Networking Event for Young Professionals

HasNa Inc. cordially invites you to our

Networking Happy Hour, to give you an opportunity to meet with established professionals in a variety of fields

including law, peacebuilding, international development, and environmental policy. 

Join us for a fun-filled evening and get a chance to

make new connections with students and young

professionals with similar interests.



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Women Can Transform a Nation – A Discussion with Her Excellency Louise Mushikiwabo, Foreign Affairs & Cooperation Minister of the Republic of Rwanda

Read my blog on how Rwandan women have transformed their nation through a discussion with Foreign Minister Louise Mushikiwabo. …


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Understanding Technology in the Context of Social Good: Reflections on the Social Good Summit

Social good can be pursued through many different avenues.  One such avenue, is through technology.  In the context of today's Social Good Summit, technology was a theme that was interwoven throughout the day's talks.  However, an important nuance that the Summit did not address was the distinction between technology as a tool in raising awareness, technology as a tool of empowerment, and technology for social justice.  

In this regard, a myriad of issues from child marriage to…


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What the Data Revolution Means for Global Development and M&E

Much like how the data revolution has sparked innovative software for the private sector, technological innovation for M&E is beginning in international development. …


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Story of a lady bike rider and women development: Organizers should go to the roots

Every morning one lady bike rider passes me when my bus gets stuck in the jam on the way to my office. She goes ahead to her destination by driving her Scooty easily and naturally on the wide and narrow spaces on the road as like as a man. Every day when I see her I give her a salute and admire her courage because it is Bangladesh, a moderate Islamic country by the constitution, where a big part of the people do not support from their mind to let the women go out from home for working…


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Governance Gaps in Rural Water Access

Over the past three years of doing research in the Peruvian Amazon, I have seen first hand the advances in access to drinking water in rural areas, as well as the substantial obstacles that continue to exist.  This blog explores the challenges ahead in rural water access, especially given the possibility of a new post-2015 goal of universal access. …


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What Are Your Peace & Development Organizations Doing About Ukraine and Gaza?

Dear Colleagues:

All of us who are members of PCDN are by nature working for peace and cooperative development (PCD) one way or the other. That should go without saying. My question is: What are you as an individual and the PCD organizations or institutions with which you are affiliated doing specifically about (1) the current armed conflict in Ukraine and (2) the armed conflict between Gaza and Israel?

Looking forward to your sharing of information.Thank you very…


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A Colombian Peacebuilder Watching the World Cup

It's finally over.  It brought us tears, smiles, hugs and much much more.  In my case, as a peacebuilder, teacher, mum, I couldn't help to read and listen to the news of social unrest in Brasil.  The 250k evictions, the calls to stop this unimaginable expensive investment in infrastructure that is not even remotely relevant for the economically disadvantaged of Brasil.  As a Colombian, I grew up with memories of Naranjito 82 (I was 9 and the time) and grew up watching Colombian score 5-0…


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