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Judging Others When You Don't Realize It

Mediation and nonverbal communication are two terms, and those who know me can vouch for it, that I have been using non-stop for the past two years as both are the core focus areas of my PhD research topic at Griffith University Law School


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Using Metaphors With Conflict Coaching, Mediation & Negotiation

(Originally posted at

Metaphors are easily overlooked yet are incredibly powerful.  The use of metaphors during conflict can either help parties move towards resolution or compound differences and push the interaction further along the downward spiral of negative conflict.



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Seeing is Believing & Learning

Considering my research area is based on primarily nonverbal communication and mediation, when I am presenting and offering workshops and trainings, it is not just words I rely on to try and help others understand the value and important role nonverbal communication has on our daily interactions.  This includes both our professional and social interactions.

Sketchnoting and infographics are two examples of how information can be shared and retained when you are at a workshop,…


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The Wheel of Conflict

The PhD research I am conducting is exploring the role of nonverbal communication and mediation.  Mediation, in addition to being a law enforcement detective, is my profession and I have been engaging in it through as a professional and volunteer mediator, trainer, and consultant for numerous years.  (read more about my research …

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Mediation, 1st Impressions & Thin Slices

If first impressions are so important in a variety of interactions and professions, what role could it play in mediation sessions? 

These first impressions are based on, and often are accurate yet done subconsciously,…

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Does Your Beard Make You A Better Mediator?

Does Your Beard Make You A Better Mediator?

Have some fun with the collection of nonverbal communication research I gathered below.  What are your thoughts on the…

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Mediation, Negotiation & Nonverbal Communication Interview

I invite everyone to listen to a recent segment I participated in on Nicole Dyer's radio show on ABC Gold Coast radio.  I discuss the importance of nonverbal communication in various settings including mediation sessions and negotiations.  This includes how important rapport is and specific nonverbal gestures that are associated with…


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Ever Experience The "Duper's Delight" During a Negotiation?

Have a look at my latest article on micro expressions and the famous "Duper's Delight"- taking joy in fooling someone.  Have you experienced this during a mediation session or during negotiations?

Keep in mind, these micro expressions, or facial actions that happen in less than a second, are a form of leakage that is often missed by many.…


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Have a Look!


For all my conflict resolution professionals who enjoy my posts on nonverbal communication, you can now enjoy reading all about it at as I will now be writing their in my new blog titled, "Beyond Words."

Have a look and let…


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Many Cups of Tea in Glasgow

There is a famous book titled “Three Cups of Tea” and it tells the story of an American man and his many journeys to Pakistan to build schools for children.  The tea reference is to the custom of having tea while communicating with others.  This occurred during lively discussions, friendly and informal talks, and during negotiations for him through the book.

The book specifically refers to the American coming to the realization that in order for an important…


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Join Me: Sept. 19, 6-8pm

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick message for my friends in Scotland and the rest of the UK that I will be giving a talk at Strathclyde University titled:

The Science & Art of Nonverbal Communication: What Mediators Need To Know…


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White Socks & Mediation

The following post is originally from my other blog which is covers my research as I venture towards a PhD degree at Griffith University Law School.  The topic is on nonverbal communication and mediation.  

The post below I believe has direct relevance... aside of questioning the wearing of white socks with a business suit.   

Have a read below looking at the pictures and video from your…


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Join Me Tonight! Conflict Communication Tips 8pm est.

Listen LIVE Sept 13th at 5:00 pm PST/ 7:00 pm CST/ 8:00 pm EST atBlogTalkRadio. 

Call in at: (347)…


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Reflective Practice For Mediators & Research Results

Reflective Practice

Being a reflective practitioner is critical to being an effective mediator, ombuds, conflict coach, and any other conflict resolution role. The preceding statement is nothing new- I have said it many times on this blog as well as many others having said it in many other outlets.

A reflective practice can,…

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My Thesis... In 3 Minutes! (Mediation & Nonverbal Communication)

Well, most of 'loyal' readers know by know that I am doing a PhD on Nonverbal Communication. Have a look at my YouTube submission for Griffith University's "3 Minute Thesis Contest" in which each contestant has to describe their thesis for an academic audience in, you guessed it, only three minutes.

The three main concepts of my research, and described below, are Nonverbal Communication, Mediation, Semiotics,…

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Conflict Commandos?

I thought the following would be of interest to the readers of this blog.  Good points are raised, and although I might not agree with all of it the points and suggestions, the value is in, at the very least, the discussion of creating such a unit of commandos as part of the military.


The proposed unit reminds me of how it would be similar work to what I do with the NYPD as part of the Community Affairs Bureau- communication and community specialists using communication to…

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Conflict Resolution & Nonverbal Communication Suggested Reading

Join Me!

I will be presenting at the 10th annual ACRGNY (Association for Conflict Resolution- Greater New York Chapter) Conference this Thursday, June 23 starting at 8am.

My presentation is titled "Nonverbal Communication & Conflict Resolution: It Does… Continue

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Mediation, Semiotics & Nonverbal Communication

I thought the following presentation would be of interest to fellow mediators and others working in conflict. It explains the semiotic perspective on nonverbal communication.


I hope you enjoy it!…

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'Free' Coffee & Rapport Building


Rapport building is often cited as critical characteristic of a successful mediators. As a mediator, I agree, and think it must also be genuine. Additionally, establishing rapport, or building it, is something that mediators probably do and use not only as a tool in their Mediator's Toolbox but rather something they use throughout the day during daily interactions.
Now of course this is written for mediators, my usual audience, yet take…

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Body Language & Nonverbal Communication Tips

Hello Friends! If you get the chance, please click the link below.

As some of you know, I am currently in Australia doing research and am giving a presentation at Southern Cross University. The link below is an article featuring me and the talk I will be…

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