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Special Notice: Watch Afghan Women Peacebuilders on PBS NewsHour Tonight!

The PBS NewsHour will broadcast a story tonight, June 20, 2011, on Afghan women’s leadership in the country’s peace and reconciliation process. As the United States starts transitioning out of Afghanistan, there is an increasingly urgent need to find a political solution to the conflict.

Over the past two weeks, The Institute for Inclusive Security hosted a diverse delegation of 11 women leaders from across…


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June 13 Event in DC - Can a Participatory Peace Process Bring Lasting Security to Afghanistan?

Please join The Institute for Inclusive Security for a special panel discussion in Washington, DC on Monday, June 13 9 AM at the National Press Club.


See the full invitation here  RSVP to



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If Cairo Came to Kabul

Before Tahrir Square happened almost nobody predicted that President Hosni Mubarak would be forced out of office by a movement that didn't pick up a gun. Had President Barack Obama expected that outcome, he might have publicly backed Mubarak's departure before, rather than after, Mubarak stepped down.

Obama can be seen as overcompensating for that performance in Libya, but there he is placing faith in weapons. Anybody can do that. Egypt still has a long way to go on its path to a just…


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On Visiting an Unwinnable War

I'll be visiting my nation's longest war next week in Afghanistan, thanks to a wonderful organization called Voices for Creative Nonviolence which seeks to build friendship and understanding between countries. I'll be meeting with ordinary and prominent Afghans and reporting on what they think of their country's future -- often a more complex view than will fit into a television sound byte.

In preparation, I've been trying to ascertain…


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Afghans for Wisconsinites

From Afghanistan: We Support the People of Wisconsin and the World

We Afghans Are All Bouazizi

By Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers

Afghan youth are quietly encouraged by the Egyptian uprising because the people of Afghanistan want what the people of Egypt want.

We are all Bouazizi.

We want dignified livelihoods.

Dare any scientist prove to us that 30 years of wars and more to come will successfully bring us decent livelihoods? Dare any human being… Continue

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National Games- An Oasis of Peace in NW Pakistan

On December 25, as worldwide Christmas celebrations were in full swing, a burqa-clad woman exploded herself at World Food Programme (WFP) distribution point in Khar, a city in the Bajaur Tribal district, close to the volatile Afghanistan-Pakistan border. The blast killed 47 men, women, and children, and wounded 80 more.…


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The New War Congress: An Obama-Republican War Alliance?

Swanson has just published War Is A Lie. This article originally appeared on TomDispatch.

To understand just how bad the 112th Congress, elected on November 2nd and taking office on January 3rd, is likely to be for peace on Earth, one

has to understand how incredibly awful the 110th and 111th Congresses

have been during the past…


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From Yemen with Love

CNN BREAKING NEWS!! International security alert!! Two suspicious packages aboard a cargo plane from Yemen to the U.S. trigger global response.…


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Report Released on Measuring Peace in the Media

Oct. 26, 2010 – The Institute for Economics and Peace and Media Tenor have just released "Measuring Peace in the Media", the first study that takes a… Continue

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Peace in Afghanistan?

Today the media reported that Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai’s Peace Council met for the first time. Over the past week, there have been rumors and reports of

high level contacts between various factions of the Taliban and the Karzai government. The U.S. is studiously staying clear of the discussions or at least that is what the Obama administration is claiming. Pakistan has literally been destroyed as a nation by the intense flooding of over 20 percent of its land mass.…

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An Opportunity for Veteran Trainers from Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka

The Institute for Inclusive Security is currently accepting applications for admission to a Training of Trainers workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal from November 15-23, 2010.

Apply by October 1, 2010!…


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Wars and Congress: Now What?

By David Swanson

On Tuesday evening, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill already passed by the Senate that funds a $33 billion, 30,000-troop escalation in Afghanistan. The vote was 308 to 114. What could the good

news possibly be?

The first good news is that, while we had no more than 35 congress members who would vote against war funding a year ago, or perhaps 55 when it was an easy vote with no pressure, we've now got 114. That's

serious progress. That's…


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Peace and Social Entrepreneurship through Mobile Phones in Afghanistan

On June 24th, TechChange co-hosted an event with the United States Institute for Peace (USIP) entitled: Can You Help Me Now? Mobile Phones and Peacebuilding in Afghanistan. The event featured panelists who were country experts on Afghanistan, the…

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The Crematorium of Empires

By David Swanson

On Wednesday U.S. senators from both political parties asked the president's representative to Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke what in the world the goal could be for the ongoing war. He had no answer.

Senator Russ Feingold pointed out that our ambassador, Karl Eikenberry, opposed the escalation (at least until he agreed to oppose his own views). Holbrooke had no response.

Senator John Kerry noted that Taliban assassinations in Kandahar began when the…


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What Do One Billion Cell Phone Users Around the World Lack?

(Cross posted from

Any banking services. While those in the developed world take it for granted, easy access to a bank is a luxury unknown to most. Throw in a devastating earthquake that knocks out a third of the banks and ATMs in the country and you can see why Bill Gates is banking on mobile phones to help…

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Tonight They Try to Escalate the War

Tonight the House of Representatives will try to vote over $30 Billion to escalate the war in Afganistan. Here's how it's expected to go down (thanks to Peace Action for some of this):

First they'll vote on unemployment insurance as a stand-alone bill.

Then, following some unrelated votes, they'll debate and vote on the Rule for the Supplemental. Rules are procedural votes that caucuses of congress…


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An Afghan Discussion; Furthering Communities via Mobile Phones

(Cross posted from

Yesterday’s Can You Help Me Now? Mobile Phones and Peacebuilding In Afghanistan panel at the United States Institute for Peace (USIP) showcased experts on Afghanistan from all walks of life—government officials, programmers, and even social media gurus.

This event drew in… Continue

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The One Thing We Can Agree on Is Peace

By David Swanson

Anna Janek is a Republican candidate for Congress from West Bloomfield, Mich. She says: "Socialism, Communism, Welfare-ism, Globalism, Fascism, Obama-ism…it's all the same: State control of the

Human Spirit under the guise of benevolence."

Marcy Winograd is a Democratic candidate for Congress from Los Angeles, Calif. She promises to "establish a new federal agency to employ millions of Americans building rapid transit and repairing

bridges, ports,…


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