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Uncle Sam wants....YOUR money

Correction: Uncle Sam wants your money unless you are among the country’s largest U.S. corporations (e.g., GE, Microsoft, IBM, Exxon, Chevron). As reported in that radical rag, the Wall Street Journal, 60 of those large corporations “parked a total of $166 billion offshore last year” shielding anywhere from 40 percent to 100%…


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ODR: Bigger and better, year after year! Reflecting on Cyberweek 2012

Cyberweek - the annual conference on Online Dispute Resolution initiated by the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution - was held once again on ADRHub, the web portal for the ADR community maintained by the Werner Institute of Creighton University’s School of Law. This is Cyberweek’s 15th anniversary, and the conference was…


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Hiroshima no more

August 6 is the second anniversary of and the 67th anniversary of the destruction of Hiroshima and much of its population by an atomic bomb.

Peace Abbey's Gandhi statue at Occupy Boston

Peace Abbey’s Gandhi statue at Occupy Boston. Photo by GorillaWarfare, used under CC CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication



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Good intentions and environmental tensions: Conflict management addresses The Green Question

As do all human activities, our attempts to respond to and engage with conflict have environmental impact. Any intervention – mediation, peacebuilding activities, training, workshops, and so forth – can be performed in different ways, some of which are inherently more environmentally adverse than others.

In a new article, entitled …


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Tapping ODR into the Green

What makes ODR the most environmentally-friendly form of dispute resolution? And - how can the ODR field benefit as a result? A new article explores the green power of ODR.



                                                                  [Originally posted on my blog at…


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ODR Blog: Online Dispute Resolution, by any other name… Part 3

After a few months’ break, I’m back hunting the web for companies and service providers out there who are offering services which would be very familiar to ODR practitioners and researchers – but do so without making any mention of ODR, and beneath the radar of the ODR field in general. As earlier parts of this hunt have discussed, these…


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Before clicking 'Send'!!!

In the spirit of Cyberweek, the annual conference on online negotiation and

dispute resolution currently underway at

I’ve posted a new book chapter I wrote on Negotiating via Email, which describes the major process and communication challenges this medium poses – and some of the ways in which email can be used in…


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Interested in Online Dispute Resolution? Join me @ Cyberweek!

October is here and Cyberweek 2011, the annual online conference on ODR is just a couple of weeks

away. Please make sure you save the dates of October 24th to October 28th to

provide ample time to participate. Once again, we're hosting Cyberweek on The Werner Institute's ADR portal,; you can sign up and join this network and enjoy this resource as well as participate in Cyberweek, for free and in less than a…


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seeded by Shaheen Sultan Dhanji - Freedom of Speech: Quo Vadis (Noam Chomsky)


Freedom of Speech: Quo Vadis



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seeded by Shaheen Sultan Dhanji -- Slaves are the Same - Prof. Shubha Tiwari

The Universality of The Colonial Experience

of Different Parts of the World


'Erstwhile colonies of the world unite!' sounds a loud call. Nevertheless, the loudness of the call does not undermine its…


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ODR Blog: ODR, by any other name… Part 2

Part 2 – Real Estate Negotiation Platform

Whenever I teach Online Dispute Resolution, I assign students a search-and-report assignment, asking them to run down and discuss different types of sites and services. This combines their (assumed) interest in learning what is going on in ODR, with my own interest in staying on top of things. Of course, many students report on oft-discussed service providers who have been in…


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Much Fuss about the Forum! Noam Ebner goes to Cyberweek (again!)

Noam participated in a week-long conference with hundreds of other people, from his armchair at home, and wants to share...…


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