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The Intersection of Peacemaking and Placemaking: A Personal Reflection

 Peacemaking is more than an idea, it is a place. But, where is this place?  Peacemaking efforts around the world fail every day.  Negotiators meet in conference rooms, set agendas and discuss the issues that keep parties and countries warring against each other. …


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A Sense of Ownership: local communities are empowered to act on deforestation

1. Abdul Haji Ismael with Daughter outside House

Ben Thurman

BALE, ETHIOPIA–In the dappled shade of his eucalyptus plantation, Munir Adem recollects. “Before, the forest belonged to the government. There was an enemy relationship between the natural forest and the community”.

Over the last two decades, deforestation in the Bale region of southern Ethiopia reached alarming levels of 8% per annum. “It all comes back to poverty”,…


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A Simple Bridge is the Solution

no alt

Monica Gray

In rural Ethiopia, a river three football fields wide can prevent a child from getting to the closest medical clinic.  The problem: no bridges to bypass bodies of water.

A basic footbridge could solve the dilemma, yet countless communities in the developing world lack this simple structure.

Bridges to Prosperity aims to resolve this issue. The Denver-based nonprofit builds footbridges…


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If you can't help your friends...

...what good is a blog?

Three people I know and admire are getting the recognition they deserve this week and I want to take a moment to celebrate their achievements on

1) Mulugeta Gebru, founder of Jerusalem Children and Community Development…


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Sex, Slactivism, and How Not to Change the World

Brianna Plaza at the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction reached out to let me know they entered GOOD Maker’s TEDxUChicago Speaker Challenge to present their “Learning Our Way Out” project in Ethiopia.…


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Site Visits: The Feedback You’ve Never Heard

Four leaders from African organizations sat down to give us their frank feedback about site visits from funders a few years ago. I recently ran across my notes from the discussion, and because they offered such good reminders, I am sharing them here. Organization founders from Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, and Lesotho offer the following important, though too-often-unheard insights from a local group’s perspective.

(Pssst, pay attention, donors and aid workers. This is what your…


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This Week in African Conflict... February 14th-21st, 2012.

  • The West African Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP) has just launched a new book on election management in West Africa.
  • The African Union Chairman announced on Saturday he will visit some of the continent’s conflict areas including Sudan, South Sudan, Mali and Libya for…

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This Week in African Conflict... February 7th-14th, 2012.

  • The UN and Interpol discussedtransnational organized crime in West Africa, including illicit drug trafficking and the proliferation of illegal arms, as well maritime piracy in Lyon, France on Monday.
  • An anti-homosexuality bill is being once again resurrected by the Parliament in Uganda with…

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This Week in African Conflict... January 31st-February 7th, 2012.

  • The West African Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP) will be launching its new book, “Election Dispute Management Practice Guide for West Africa” on February 14th, 2012 at the Grand Mensvic Hotel, in East Legon, Accra, Ghana at 9am. The keynote speech at the launch will be delivered by Sierra Leone’s Chair of the Electoral…

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Persecution of Ethiopian Journalists

Bertrand Pecquerie, CEO

Global Editors Network

Paris, France

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing as a proud member of The Global Editors Network(GEN), a

blogger, journalist, and scholar to bring to your attention the

continued and ever mounting persecution of journalists by the

Government of Ethiopia(GoE) in different manners. The GOE has

recently intensified the arrest and systematic harassment of

journalists and pundits publishing critical…


Added by Alemayehu Fentaw Weldemariam on December 1, 2011 at 6:30pm — No Comments

Language Matters

Would you adopt a village in Ethiopia?

Below, see excerpts from an email conversation between myself and a new blogger about how language matters within aid relationships.

L: I just started blogging a few weeks ago because I am working on a project with ORG X on adopting a small village in Ethiopia. J: I would humbly urge you to reconsider the phrase that you are "adopting" a village in Ethiopia. This sets up the people you are trying to serve as child-like…

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Behind the Barricades, There Is Happiness

Richard Moore describes himself as “just a guy who wanted to help.”

This is somehow funny coming from a man whom the Dalai Lama refers to as “my hero.”

Well known to the residents of Derry, Ireland, where we met last month, Richard Moore was shot at the age of 10 by a British solider on his way home from school. Taking a rubber bullet on the bridge of his nose, Richard lost…


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Anarchy, Terrorism, and Piracy in Somalia: Revisited

Alemayehu Fentaw†

Somalia has long been anarchic, hitting rock-bottom claiming #1 in The Fund for Peace´s most recent Failed States Index. It had no functioning central government in the past two decades, albeit 14 attempts to reconstitute the state had been made since the ouster of the Cold War dictator Mohammad Siad Barre in 1991 after 22 years in power. All such efforts had been doomed to fail and whether or not the latest initiative shall succeed only remains to be seen.… Continue

Added by Alemayehu Fentaw Weldemariam on December 14, 2010 at 5:51am — No Comments

Ethiopia: Reflections on the Crusade against Real Estate

Alemayehu Fentaw

What motivated me to write this piece is the recent measures taken by the Addis Ababa City Administration against real estate developers to expropriate their lease holdings. One thing that strikes me as odd is that actions took on the form of a campaign at best and a crusade at worst, pursued with the enthusiasm of a zealot. As a word of caveat, I don’t gainsay the government’s desire to combat against…


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Ethiopia in Transition: War and Peace and the US Role

Ethiopia in Transition: War and Peace and the US Role.

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This week in conflict... October 16th-22nd, 2010.


  • Are women in war-torn countries faring any better today than they did a decade ago? The UNFPA's 2010 State of World Population report, released on Wednesday attempted to answer this question inconclusively. The report suggests taking a broader look at the relationships between women and conflict, paying special attention to the…

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Changing the system…from the ground up

"‘The system’ whereby foreign donors give handouts, and not sustainable initiatives that are drawn from the needs of the communities, is a problem.” ~R.F.M., Zimbabwe
This post is a continuation of the small series I started in August entitled “Changing the System,” which pulls together quotations from about 150 of my former colleagues, friends, and acquaintances around the world who… Continue

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The Unbearable Lightness of Pardon: Reflections on Birtukan’s Second Sailing

Alemayehu Fentaw

10 October 2010

Addis Ababa


“… if I grant forgiveness on condition that the other confess… then my forgiveness begins to let itself be contaminated by an economy, a calculation that corrupts it.”

Jacques Derrida




Looking at the blogosphere and papers, the re-release of Judge Birtukan Mideksa, leader of the Unity for…


Added by Alemayehu Fentaw Weldemariam on October 10, 2010 at 6:30pm — No Comments

This week in conflict… September 25th-October 1st, 2010

For a comprehensive summary of conflicts in the world for the week of September 25th- October 1st, 2010, visit

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