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Is the Iran Nuclear Deal Doomed?

Note: This article was originally published in International Policy Digest on 27 May, 2014 [link].

On Nov.…


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U.S.-China Cooperation on North Korea: What are the Options?

From the U.S. Institute of Peace blog The Olive Branch. You can view this post on the USIP web site here.

By Stephanie T. Kleine-Ahlbrandt…


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UK Envoy Echoes U.S. Concern on China Tensions with Neighbors

From the U.S. Institute of Peace blog The Olive Branch. You can view this post on the USIP web site here.

By Maral Noori

As China rises, the UK Ambassador to Washington said his country and other European nations are as concerned as the…


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Managing conflict as America declines

Those seeking to better manage America’s important but diminished role in the world need to consider a number of questions concerning, for instance, its own interests, capacities and vulnerabilities; trends in conflict and co-operation; and international commitments, the missions required to uphold them, and the mix of military and intelligence capabilities needed to pursue them.…


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Fallout from China’s Air Defense Zone Underscores Need for Crisis Mechanisms

From the U.S. Institute of Peace blog The Olive Branch. To view the post on the USIP web site, click here.

By Stephanie Kleine-Ahlbrandt
East Asia’s geopolitical fault lines have just become more…

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Iran Agreement Sets Agenda for Talks Toward Larger Pact

From the U.S. Institute of Peace blog The Olive Branch. To view the post on the web site, click …


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Oil and Darfur's Blood: China Thirst for Sudan's Oil


China, a rising super power and one of the fast growing economies in the world is showing unparalleled interest in Sudan. This interest plays itself out at the UN Security Council as well as inside Sudan.  On numerous occasions, China has defied the United Nations Security Council and the international community by it usage or…


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How Ping-Pong Changed the World

The opening of relations between the United States and the People’s Republic of China was perhaps one of the top three most important moments in Cold War history. Ranking behind perhaps only the Cuban Missile Crisis and the fall of the Berlin Wall, the opening of relations between the two massive countries redefined global politics with a relationship that lasts to this day. This process began with “ping-pong diplomacy,” when in 1971 Chinese ping-pong world champion Zhuang Zedong handed US…


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Bigger than Kony: An Open Discussion

Sharing a link to my storify-ed livetweets from last night's panel discussion on foreign policy and humanitarian aid efforts in Uganda and the Congo in response to the international media attention garnered by Invisible Children’s KONY 2012 campaign. Panelists included Maurice Carney of Friends of the Congo, Milton Allimadi of …


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Atlas Corps Invites Applications for September 2012 Fellowships in the U.S. and Latin America

Priority Deadline: April 15, 2012 (see below for details)

Atlas Corps is an overseas fellowship for the world's best nonprofit leaders. Our mission is to address critical social issues by developing leaders, strengthening organizations, and promoting innovation through an overseas fellowship of skilled nonprofit professionals.

The Atlas Corps Fellowship is a 12-18 month,…


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This Week in Asian Conflict... March 7th-14th, 2012.

  • The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace released a new report discussing the threat of the terrorist group Lashkare-Taiba (LeT) in South Asia. The report suggests that the group is the second most dangerous terrorist group in the region, after al-Qaeda.
  • The United States named…

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This Week in Asian Conflict… February 29th- March 7th, 2012.


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Mediation in Syria-Mission Improbable

As a professional mediator, I am always encouraged by the use of mediation to resolve international conflicts. However, in the case of Syria, I have little confidence that mediation will bring peace to the conflict. Very few of the essential elements for successful mediation are present in this conflict.

The first consideration in convening any mediation is deciding who the parties at the table will be. In this case, the current Syrian government will certainly be a party. However,…


Added by Doug Noll on March 1, 2012 at 3:49pm — 5 Comments

This Week in Asian Conflict... February 22nd-29th, 2012.

  • US Secretary of State Clinton announced she had a “constructive discussion” of common concerns with her counterpart in Pakistan on Thursday; new details about American drone strikes were revealed by Reuters; Pakistani jets…

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This Week in Asian Conflict... February 15th-22nd, 2012.

  • President Karzai of Afghanistan confronted the Pakistani leadership on Thursday during a visit to Islamabad, accusing Pakistani officials of harbouring the Taliban; he also was quoted as saying there were secret contacts between the US, Afghan governments and the Taliban, and that the…

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This Week in Asian Conflict... February 8th-15th, 2012.

  • A criminal court on the island nation of the Maldives issued an arrest warrant for the first democratically-elected President, Mohammed Nasheed, who awaited arrest in his home on Thursday, following last week’s alleged coup attempt. The ousted President…

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This Week in Asian Conflict... February 1st-8th, 2012.


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Don’t change the message. Change the messenger.

Weh Yeoh of argues that everything that we do in international development is about selling a message. But how do we convince people when a message goes against the grain of what they already believe?

Read on at:…


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Security and Peacebuilding Courses at the U.S. Institute of Peace

Here at the United States Institute of Peace's Academy for International Conflict Management and Peacebuilding, we are excited to share with you about two upcoming courses on nuclear non-proliferation, taught by Bruce MacDonald and Mike Lekson at USIP's state-of-the-art facilities:  


(1)  …


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Iran, the EU and what we should have learned by now

New on TFF's new blog...

I'm pleased to alert you to a new comment on what increasingly looks to me as a build-up to yet another terrible unnecessary war. I argue that the Iran issue is not about nuclear weapons, that is only stage-setting. There is a larger drama in the theatre that is about to take fire - and it is the giant global change of forces and the…


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