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Save the Oceans, Feed the World, Make a Profit?


David Bank

What’s good for the fish is good for the fishing communities — and for impact investors." />That’s the thesis of three new vehicles for investing in sustainable fisheries that will be tested in the Philippines, Chile and Brazil over the next two years and then offered to investors more broadly.

Former New York City Mayor Michael…


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Somak Ghosh: A Contrarian Approach to Impact Investing


Ben Thurman

Somak Ghosh was a founding member of YES Bank which, less than nine years after starting its operation, is now the fourth largest private sector bank in India. Last year he stepped down from his role at Motilal Private Equity to launch a new venture capital fund, Contrarian Capital, targeting underpenetrated markets in India. He tells Ben Thurman why he decided to move on from…


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“To Catch a Dollar:” New Documentary Captures Microfinance in America

Muhammad Yunus grameen America 20080425 (1)

This is a guest post by filmmaker Gayle Ferraro, the director of a new documentary looking at Grameen America. Financed and released by Sundance Institute, Participant Media, and Skoll Foundation, “To Catch A Dollar” takes a look at at microfinance in America: how can the same principles of Grameen be applied in “developed” societies?  The special one-hour documentary will premier Monday, January 6th at 9:00 pm ET on the…


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The Women Effect: a Billion Women are about to Transform the Global Economy


David Bank

Janet Yellen, Christine Lagarde and a handful of U.S. senators notwithstanding, women are still underrepresented in the world of finance.

So it was a reversal earlier this month to be one of the few men among nearly 100 women investors, wealth advisors, bankers and analysts gathered to reshape global financial markets through a “gender lens.”

More men should soon be clamoring to break into this Old Girls’ Network. Women’s…


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Best Learning Resources for Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs List (Fast Company)

TechChange has been featured in Fast Company as one of the “best learning resources for aspiring social entrepreneurs”, with recognition for the “hybrid” online/offline learning category!

Here are some highlights from the article:

  • “A notable resource specific to [hybrid learning models] is TechChange, which has held hundreds of in-person small-group…

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“Humanitarian intervention?” Imperialism still stinks, Part 4

Final in the series on by guest author Dr. Dahlia Wasfi…

Gaza libera. Free Palestine

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Women's Work: Gender and the Global Food System

In the Mexican state of Chihuahua, Rarámuri women choose corn to save for next year’s planting. They just finished participating in a farmer-to-farmer workshop on seed selection. Photo © David Lauer.

By Tory Field and Beverly Bell

“We, women from more than 40 countries, from different indigenous peoples of Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania, have gathered together to…


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Sami Awad: To Create a Common Narrative

It's June, the month of Fathers Day, and once again we're featuring peacebuilding men we love.


Sami Awad is Executive Director of Holy Land Trust, the nonprofit he founded in Bethlehem in 1998. He also directs the…


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Art and Music's Role in Peacebuilding

Working with PeaceMedia has provided the opportunity to be exposed to various peacebuilding tactics. It has shown that there is a plethora of information out there and that countless individuals are working tirelessly to bring about peace and resolve conflicts. Most recently, I watched a video on an orchestra in Brazil that began allowing girls to take part. Traditionally a male dominated art, this orchestra is lead by a female maestra, and has women playing alongside men. This orchestra is…


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This Week in the World in Conflict... March 12th-19th, 2012.

  • A new Oxford University study has found that a beta-blocker drug may possibly reduce “subconscious” racism. The drug is thought to work by clocking activation of the peripheral autonomic nervous system and in areas of the brain involved with formulating emotional responses, including fear.
  • The Transitional Justice Institute…

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This Week in the World of Conflict... March 5th-12th, 2012.

  • Brandeis University in Massachusetts is offering a Master’s Program in Coexistence and Conflict with several scholarship opportunities. The program is geared towards professionals.
  • The Summer Peacebuilding Institute in Harrisonburg, Virginia is still open for the 2012 year. The institute offers courses in development, humanitarian assistance,…

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This Week in Middle Eastern Conflict... February 24th-March 2nd, 2012.

  • At least 28 people were reportedly killed in clashes on Saturday between government troops and opposition forces in Syria as the Red Cross continued efforts to evacuate civilians from the city of Homs; while at least 89 people were reportedly killed nationwide. On Sunday, the ICRC said that…

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Palestinians, Israelis Shape New Reality through Dialogue


Laura Shaz


“In general, people here consider meeting Israelis as kind of betrayal. I believed that any kind of contact or talking with Israelis was like betraying my country and ignoring the long history of suffering of my people,” said Faras, a Palestinian.


Every moment is an opportunity for change. What can…


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This Week in Middle Eastern Conflict... February 17th-24th, 2012.

  • China announced on Friday that it had yet to receive a formal invitation to a meeting of international powers in Tunis next week to discuss the crisis in Syria; the government reportedly blocked a premiere live stream website, Bambuser, that has been used by dissidents to…

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This Week in the World of Conflict... February 13th-20th, 2012.

  • TRANSCEND Peace University has opened its online courses in peace and conflict studies for the upcoming spring semester. TRANSCEND was founded by Dr. Johan Galtung, widely known as the father of peace studies.
  • NATO announced on Wednesday that it will buy five US-made unmanned drone aircraft capable of…

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#111: Milestones and Mountains Left to Climb

The leader of a former grantee organization I used to work with in Rwanda asked me last month:

Since you started [], can you see any impact around advocated issues? Any results to share?”

It’s only fair. I’m sure I asked this of local organizations like hers too many times to count.

So today, since I missed the milestone of my 100th post, I share and celebrate the…


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What’s missing from the aid effectiveness debate? Overlooking the capacity of local organizations

Check out my post today on The Broker Online, "What’s missing from the aid effectiveness debate? Overlooking the capacity of local organizations", in which I argue that rather than being the lowest common denominator of international assistance, local indigenous organizations should be regarded as the fundamental unit of… Continue

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Waiting for Pennies from Heaven

In honor of this week's Clinton Global Initiative's Annual Meeting, I'm reposting this from early October last year. The issues remain the same; the fundraising resources for local organizations still needed.

“Is a trickle of that money ever going to reach us?”…


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seeded by Shaheen Sultan Dhanji - The Real Story about the Famine in the Horn of Africa: The Humanitarian Aid Business - Rasna Warah

The Real Story about the Famine in the Horn of Africa: The Humanitarian Aid Business



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