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The 2012 U.S. Presidential Elections: Somali Voters in Ohio may Decide Winner

By Jibril Mohamed

The 2012 U.S. Presidential election is very close and both candidates agree that Ohio will decide who gets elected President of the United States come November 6. That is why we have a political rally by one of the candidates almost every day. The state of Ohio is a microcosm of the United States with its Republican stronghold on Southern Ohio…


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Post Kony 2012 Directive: Get Back Behind the Camera!

Alia Rasheed


"Film can be used as a tangible tool of peace and unity. But transformative films have to be nurtured. Filmmakers have to be nurtured."


Paul Haggis, the Oscar-winning filmmaker of Million Dollar Baby (2004) and Crash (2004), was once asked in an interview about how he felt about his 2007 film criticizing…


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This Week in the World in Conflict... March 12th-19th, 2012.

  • A new Oxford University study has found that a beta-blocker drug may possibly reduce “subconscious” racism. The drug is thought to work by clocking activation of the peripheral autonomic nervous system and in areas of the brain involved with formulating emotional responses, including fear.
  • The Transitional Justice Institute…

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This Week in Conflict in the Americas... March 8th-15th, 2012.

  • A key player in the 2011 Conservative party campaign for Guelph is refusing to answer more questions, on the advice of his lawyer, from Elections Canada investigators probing fraudulent robo-calls in the riding during the last election that allegedly misled voters. In an extremely rare move, the Conservative…

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This Week in Asian Conflict... March 7th-14th, 2012.

  • The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace released a new report discussing the threat of the terrorist group Lashkare-Taiba (LeT) in South Asia. The report suggests that the group is the second most dangerous terrorist group in the region, after al-Qaeda.
  • The United States named…

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This Week in African Conflict... March 6th-13th, 2012.

  • A new American initiative to improve the notoriously poor LGBT rights in sub-Saharan Africa is reportedly inspiring a large backlash. Sub-Saharan Africa is marked by widespread homophobia as well as chronic dependence on foreign aid, in particular from the US, and the idea that the two issues might now be linked seems…

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Kony 2012 and the Failed Fantasy of Firepower in Libya, Syria, Uganda...

Here's an article I wrote in response to the argument of needing to fight fire with fire in Syria, Uganda, etc. Appealing as firepower may be, history shows that approach fails to ease civilian suffering most of the time.... often causing greater violence, prolonged instability and lessening chances for democracy.…


Added by LisaSchirch on March 12, 2012 at 9:30am — 4 Comments

This Week in European Conflict... March 3rd-10th, 2012.

  • The European Union pulled a TV ad from circulation and apologized after many considered it racist. The ad featured several non-Western martial artists who confront a white brunette (symbolizing Europe) with weaponry and ends with her surrounding them.
  • President Lukashenka of Belarus…

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This Week in Middle Eastern Conflict... March 2nd-March 9th, 2012.


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This Week in Conflict in the Americas... March 1st-8th, 2012.

  • President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina sought negotiations with the UK to establish several weekly flights from Buenos Aires to the Falkland Islands on Thursday, a move the Islands’ legislative chairman says is “about as likely as the Falklands Air Service landing flights on the moon”.
  • The independent federal elections agency in…

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This Week in Asian Conflict… February 29th- March 7th, 2012.


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PHONY 2012? originally posted at

PHONY 2012? This is how to spread a message.

Over the past several days debate has raged over the KONY 2012 campaign on social media sites, blogosphere, TV, radio etc. Some, as the viral video states, are saying that ‘it is an idea whose time has come’, while others have criticised the group behind the video campaign (Invisible Children, IC) as having misrepresented the issue; as not being as accountable…


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PSR 3/9/2012 - Kony 2012, A Response

IPSI's Peace & Security Report (PSR) is a concise weekly e-publication intended to brief busy students, academics, advocates, and practitioners in the conflict management community on pertinent global news, events, and trends.  Meticulously researched and written by IPSI, the PSR empowers us all to take a step back from our immediate deadlines each Friday and gain a greater understanding of the week's global events.…


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That need to do “something”. #StopKony criticism.

Dear readers,

I will be filling in some more links and sources tomorrow afternoon-- but I wanted to get this out there while the discussion is still raging.

I will mark any changes under the article.

Also, a reminder that the This Week in Conflict reports will come all together on the weekend and resume their regular schedule next week.


-- Rebecca

When conflict or…


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This Week in African Conflict... February 28th-March 6th, 2012.

  • A lawyers group claim that police arrested a carpenter on Wednesday who questioned whether Zimbabwe’s President still had the strength to blow up balloons at his 88th birthday celebrations, under a law making it an offense to insult the President.
  • The top UN envoy to Libya expressed…

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US Giving a "Yellow Light" to an Israeli Strike

Sometimes there are no alternatives to confrontation”

(then - 2008 - candidate Obama)…


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This Week in the World in Conflict... February 27th-March 5th, 2012.

  • The UN-mandate University for Peace’s Centre for Executive Education is offering an online course on Skills for Effective Negotiations starting March 15th.
  • The Center on International Cooperation completed its Annual Review of Global Peace Operations 2012, covering both UN and non-UN peace…

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This Week in European Conflict… February 25th-March 3, 2012.

  • European Union leaders confirmed that Herman Van Rompuy will serve a second term as President of the European Council on Thursday. Van Rompuy has served as the President since December 2009.
  • A remote-controlled bomb injured 15 police officers and…

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This Week in Middle Eastern Conflict... February 24th-March 2nd, 2012.

  • At least 28 people were reportedly killed in clashes on Saturday between government troops and opposition forces in Syria as the Red Cross continued efforts to evacuate civilians from the city of Homs; while at least 89 people were reportedly killed nationwide. On Sunday, the ICRC said that…

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This Week in Conflict in the Americas... February 23rd-March 1st, 2012.


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