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The When of Sport and Peace

Notes from Belfast, N. Ireland....

Sport is used at many levels - individual, communal, and internationally. It is used in places all around the world from soccer fields in South Africa to basketball courts in Jerusalem. Where and who a program works with are usually fairly evident. What is less often discussed is the "when" of sports programs. What temporal space do these programs fill? Where along a transition from conflict to peace are the being used? When are they most… Continue

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Understanding the local dynamics of security - by Rens Willems

Why should we get local actors involved in conflict and complex security issues? Are they capable of dealing with large-scale insecurity, violent conflicts and oppressive regimes? Is the state not responsible for security, and is it not up to state security actors to provide security? And if these states are not willing or able to provide security, are international organisations such as the UN, NATO and the like not the most capable of dealing with insecurity in states? Based on my recent…


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UNOY Peacebuilders is looking for a financial officer (based in The Netherlands)

The United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY Peacebuilders) is looking for a financial officer from 1 July 2011 for a 0.6 FTE (full-time equivalent).

UNOY Peacebuilders, founded in 1989, is an international network of 49 youth organizations committed to a culture of peace and nonviolence. Its aim is to build capacity of youth in the areas of peacebuilding, advocacy and gender mainstreaming, to work toward establishing peaceful societies.

The International Secretariat is… Continue

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Creating dialogue through Yoga

I'm sitting in my spacious flat on a Sunday afternoon, drowsy from the heat of the sun's rays coming into the large windows and doors that are west-facing.

The only thing that keeps me awake is the knowledge that my yoga class is about to start. I'm waiting for students to arrive, and finally, one (the only one for the day) does.



Added by sowmya ayyar on June 5, 2011 at 9:50pm — 2 Comments

seeded by Shaheen Sultan Dhanji - Imperial Eye on Pakistan

By Andrew Gavin Marshall




As the purported assassination of Osama bin Laden has placed the focus on Pakistan, it is vital to assess the changing role of Pakistan in broad geostrategic terms, and in particular, of the changing American strategy toward Pakistan. The recently reported assassination was a propaganda ploy aimed at targeting Pakistan. To understand this, it is necessary to…


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American Pie, American Community

I cried "the day the music died" (how many of you are old enough to remember that?), and I cried watching this demonstration of a heartland American community coming together in joy and harmony – a demonstration of a culture of peace.

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Internationally known and locally respected

Poverty....disease... gender inequity.. illiteracy... drug and alcohol abuse... unemployment... resource differentials...race conflict... religion... historical inequalities and legacies of oppression. When one thinks about the potential drivers of conflict in a country like South Africa, these are often the first issues that come to mind. But when I asked Dr. Marion Keim in a recent interview what she would say were…


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Life on earth demands that we all follow a path. The adventure begins from the day we are born and lasts until the day we shed our physical form. We do not know the length and nature of journey. This is the mystery and challenge life offers each of us. What we have in common is that each of us must walk our own path despite what we might share with others. Regardless of our culture, social background, profession or religion, we are all pilgrims on a path of our own choosing.



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Republished article, to drumbeat the need for more intratrade within the region. This is instrumental in creating the economic union by 2015.



Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago


Will the ASEAN ever achieve economic integration that its member states have long dreamed of? Being an advocate of ASEAN unification, let me once more share thoughts about my humble…


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The "Mind" is the Greatest Gift to Mankind that can be utilize to promote peace.

The "mind" is the greatest gift to mankind that can be utilize to promote peace.

Andrew Canigi, in a book “Law of Attraction, by Napoleon Hill, explained that whatever the mind can conceived; has a great power under your control, a power which is greater than poverty. The power which is greater than the lack of education, the power which is greater than all your fears and superstition combined. It is the power of mind to take succession and direct it…


Added by Francis Okeny Silvio on June 4, 2011 at 7:16pm — 1 Comment

The Economy: Gloomy or Hopeful?

The economic situation -- gloomy? Or perhaps actually hopeful?

Economics is fundamentally the science of how we humans (actually, it could possibly be extended to other species, as well) allocate the scarce resources at our disposal to maximize our utility, or what we might call "happiness." We can arguably say that the most basic of those scarce resources is the time we have on this planet.

Love is another basic resource at our disposal that increases happiness, but love…


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Syria: New wave of Kurdish activism

As the momentum of opposition demonstrations targeting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gains in the face of an increasingly violent crackdown by the state, questions are emerging as to the survivability of a regime widely considered to be among the most autocratic in the region. Like others in the Arab world toiling under decades of authoritarianism, Syrians are protesting the absence of democratic freedoms, disregard for human rights and widespread corruption pervading their society. As…


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Israelis Rush For Second Passports

Perhaps historians or cultural anthropologists surveying the course of human events can identify for us a land, in addition to Palestine, where such a large percentage of a recently arrived colonial population prepared to exercise their right to depart, while many more, with actual millennial roots but victims of ethnic cleansing, prepare to exercise their right of Return.

One of the many ironies inherent in the 19th century Zionist colonial enterprise in Palestine is the fact that…


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The Peace that Resides Inside You

When I help people resolve their differences or deal with conflict I've consistently noticed that the nature of their interactions is deeply affected by how people feel about themselves.  When people feel fulfilled and whole they are far more likely to seek ways to connect with others.  If they come from a place of pain they behave in ways that mirror that inner conflict.  There is no value judgment to either approach, people simply function based on their inner dialogue and beliefs about…


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Peace Camp in Turkey; Culture Shock in Missouri

People to People Peace Camp comes to Turkey

Getting ready to head to People to People International's Peace Camp in Turkey, which begins next week. PTPI is gathering together youth leaders from around the world to tour Turkey, meet its wonderful people and experience its rich culture, and learn about peace and peacemaking. I am a group leader, and will also be teaching sessions on Peace Journalism and Non-Violent Conflict Resolution. Follow our adventures on my blog--…


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Why are we educating youth "for jobs" that do not exist rather than to "create jobs" and businesses

Are we only reinforcing industrial education models that aggravate developing country brain drain?

As we do our digital stories for the UNESCO PPN project we are seeing college graduates back on the farms and in the factories. A tradgety an signal we are making mistakes.

Why are we not educating youth in small business principles, ethics, finance logistics. Why are we not placing thne as apprentices in small and large business as they go threw school?

If Africa has… Continue

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The Crisis in Pakistan Today

Pakistan is faced with a serious political economy crisis. The new budget was presented in the National assembly yesterday. On the positive side: record year of exports at $24 billion and also home remittances at $12 billion, a stable exchange rate, and inflation is down to 13% from a very high of 25% in 2008. The money earmarked in the new budget for the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) has also been increased to Rs730 billion. However, on the negative side: unemployment and poverty… Continue

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The feeling in the US that the US fighting in Afghanistan serves no, or now serves no useful purpose is growing


Perhaps purposing small steps could get peace steps rolling


I wrote a blog article, “Small is Beautiful Afghan Peace Steps”,…


Added by RichardKane on June 3, 2011 at 8:19pm — 1 Comment

Kurdish Children Carry the Burden of Conflict in Diyarbakir

When Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Diyarbakir, the main city in the country’s ethnic-Kurdish east this week, he offered a bright future: a 30,000-capacity stadium, new hospitals, highways, riverside recreational areas and other projects.

But the numerous groups of young boys who roam the streets here, skirmishing, begging and selling anything from flowers to rosaries suggest that the city and even more the region face big social and economic problems for years…


Added by Patrick Mac Manus on June 3, 2011 at 6:22pm — No Comments

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