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Democracy in focus at cross-border event in Tekali, Georgia

Ethnic Azeri child, Tekali, Georgia © Onnik Krikorian 2011


Since independence was declared by the three countries making up the South Caucasus twenty years ago it hasn't just been conflict which has defined the post-Soviet years. Human rights abuses, the sometimes painfully slow development of an…


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Erle Frayne D. Argonza


Improving human rights as a sine qua non in socio-economic development is a big challenge to development stakeholders. Human rights the world over is agog in barbarities, as I said in one article writ in December 2010.


Human rights is among the governance prerequisites of welfare goals of equity and redistribution. Political culture factors into the governance equation, and a culture…


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A Fork in the Road

A friend of mine once said "Washington's not a city, it's a campus." What he meant is that on any given day you can find several, and often a lot, of free lectures, debates and seminars. You almost trip over people willing to tell you about their latest project, research or analysis. If you’re in to learning, it’s very satisfying.

Yesterday I attended a session entitled “Harnessing Natural Resources for Peacebuilding: Lessons from U.S. and Japanese Assistance” hosted by the Woodrow…


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Iran: Against the Kurds

Units of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard have crossed the border into Iraq. Their mission - to attack, disable and destroy military bases belonging to PEJAK, a Kurdish militant group. Accusing PEJAK of being a terrorist organization, Tehran has taken it upon themselves to do what the US backed Iraqi regime refuses to do – crack down on armed militants on the Iraqi side of the Iranian border.

The Kurds have been fighting for their independence and sovereignty since their nation of…


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Aid work, NGOs and islamic extremism in Bangladesh

Shawn Ahmed’s post ‘The Nexus of Aid Work and Islamic extremism’ on some of the challenges that aid work faces in a Muslim country like Bangladesh has already encouraged Dave Algoso to reply as well as Tom Murphy with a …

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Save Somalia new generation!

It has been very disturbing and scaring news about the consequence of drought in Somalia and the rate of malnutrition among the children under 5 years of age, given the ongoing conflict in the country. …


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Buy Africa Build Africa


Over fifty years have passed since most African nations gained their independence. Since then, and despite the expenditure of over $1 trillion in aid, poverty has, according to the World Bank, nearly doubled. But, the idea of aid was to reduce poverty and close the gap in living standards, not let it get wider? CIA figures show over 485 million Africans in poverty, to which we can add 46 million who, according to the World Bank, will be driven into poverty by the…


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Boycott the state, not just the settlements!

Recent legislation passed in the Israeli Knesset, which many people call the "Anti-BDS" bill, has raised a number of questions about a rising tide of "fascism" in Israel. This language is not only used by Palestinian critics, who have long borne the brunt of Israel's undemocratic…


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Malaria Outbreak: An Interactive FrontlineSMS Simulation at George Mason University

Post by Will Chester, Director of Technology


“TJ said his body feels like it's on fire! Hurry!” Shouts like this one echoed through the halls of George Mason University as ten School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution (S-CAR) students participated in a simulated malaria outbreak as part of their Technology for Peacebuilding course…


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Career Upliftment Program for Academics (CUPA)

Krishnaa Human Initiatives is happy to announce the launching of Career Upliftment Program for Academics (CUPA) at Kolkata…


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A Wind Of Change-50-Years After The Freedom Rides

By Search For Common Ground


(May 14, 1961. The first group of Freedom Riders (conceived of by the…

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Towards a Mindful Foreign Policy?

First, a disclaimer. I’m no expert on mindfulness or Zen. I’m (slowly) learning to meditate and, as a peace educator, have been considering some of the connections between inner peace and social, political (dare I even say economic?) peace. Our talk during meditation class recently was focused on “paying attention to your intentions”. Of course this is a lifelong personal journey, but does the idea have relevance for nations as well? Can a country be mindful? If so, will international politics… Continue

Added by Cheryl Duckworth, Ph.D. on July 20, 2011 at 11:02am — 11 Comments


 source: gnaija

A 29-year old woman, Mrs. Grace Jacob, (pictured) has been arrested for battering her 10-year-old son, Emmanuel, and forcing him to sleep in the staircase of their home at…


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If you are interested, kindly check out the link here:

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India as a Culture of Peace

This chapter is forthcoming in the Handbook of Ethnoconflict published by Springer.  I will be happy to send a soft copy  to those who are interested in the paper.

Added by Dharm P S Bhawuk on July 20, 2011 at 9:57am — 1 Comment

Spirituality and Indian Psychology, Springer 2011

"Spirituality and Indian Psychology: Lessons from the Bhagavad-Gita" has been published by Springer recently (April 2011).  


The book is available on at the link given below:…


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Project: Providing the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) with Support for Implementation of a Regional Project for Peace and Security

Terms of Reference (TOR)

1-    General Information

11- Location: Central Africa: Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Guinea, Sao Tome and Principe

12- Contracting authority: Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS)

13-Information on the recipient region


14- Current…


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Peace Direct is looking for a new trustee

Peace Direct is looking for a new trustee to join its volunteer board of directors. As we support and promote locally-led peacebuilding initiatives in conflict areas, we seek someone with at least five years' direct experience of peacebuilding within his/her country of origin, preferably within a context of violent conflict. You should share our passion for the importance of locally-led peacebuilding, be based in the UK for at least the… Continue

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‘Mobile’ Changes in the Arab World

A year ago, Souktel-a non governmental organization (NGO), announced that it would use an innovative ‘voice recognition’ mobile technology in Morocco to connect illiterate job seekers with prospective employers. The country is confronted with a difficult odd; the adult illiteracy in Morocco is among the highest in the world, and as a result there are a large number of illiterate job seekers. The ‘voice recognition’ mobile technology will enable the illiterate unemployed youth to upload their… Continue

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