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What is the “Doctrine of the International Community”?

The international community has spent the past century agreeing on standards of the human condition which States are bound to uphold for their people.


Values such as the rule of law and human rights are espoused as essential elements in secure, stable, and prosperous states and are evidenced by universal characteristics that include democratic elections, transparent courts and corrections systems, absence of ethnic, racial and religious persecution, and various…


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WEEK 2 ASSIGNMENT QUESTION Think about how you can create a "zone of peace" in your classroom, workplace or community. What guidelines would you need to establish to create a zone of peace with your students or colleagues? Describe the zone of peace and what you would need to do to achieve it, outlining a plan of how you could implement this idea in your context. Please write the assignment in your blog or email it to your instructors.


ANSWER Peace as many people have…


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Whats Happening In Conflict Resolution 06.07.11

Randy Hoerschgen- China’s leadership has put a priority on quieting…


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The Scriptures of Yoga

As a member of a Multi-Region Cooperation Circle within the United Religions Initiative (, I will be presenting at URI-Asia's 4th Annual Holy Books Conference in Karickam this Augus.


Although I generally teach a non-denominational form of yoga in international and US settings, I began to wonder how to devise classes for the staunchly religious populations in a place like India. At some point in life, I'd also like to teach in…


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Marginalization of cbos

It is very imperative to note that communities will not develop very fast unless being supervised and assiste by the community based organisations as these commuitybased structures are there to stay with the communities and they are acquainted with all the problems associated wi te communities

Added by Joseph Areng Ekal on June 7, 2011 at 2:27am — 1 Comment

The Marginalization of CBOs by Development Actors: A Perspective from Zimbabwe

Samuel Maruta of the Southern Institute of Peace-building and Development (SIPD) from Ruwa, Zimbabwe has conducted research about the role of community-based organizations (CBOs) in community development and the nature of their operating environment. He points to the need for a paradigm shift among development actors in favor of CBOs, and for CBOs to build their capacities in critical areas of… Continue

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my new blog

lanka new vision

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Colombia: Onslaught of Repression against Political Prisoners

Colombian human rights NGOs, trade unions and opposition political parties held a national conference in Bogota on the situation of Colombia’s political prisoners. The event, which was co-sponsored by Justice for Colombia, was organised to highlight the existence of thousands political prisoners currently being held in Colombia’s jails. Political prisoners were included in the event, sending written testimonies and participating by telephone. Prisoners had also organised a series of…


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Israel-Palestinian Conflict is in the eye of the beholder

Israel is fighting against the memory of the Nakba, whereas others are searching for ways to give the Nakba its rightful place in teaching and education.

Some six months ago, 54 Israeli and Palestinian students received a series of photos and were asked to describe them and jot down their impressions and the feelings stirred by them in two stages - before seeing the caption explaining them and then afterwards.

One of the photographs shows 10 men, their faces to a wall…


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The shame that turns ordinary people into terrorists

Below is an article I wrote which was published in the Johannesburg Star newspaper on 28 May 2011.  I'm interested in brainstorming how we could communicate directly to foreign militaries and their proxies intervening in the Arab and Muslim world that foreign military behaviour needs to be more sensitive to local cultural and religious contexts.  Any ideas?



Americans celebrated loudly…


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Dictatorship of Oil

Saudi Arabia is created by Britain. At the beginning of the 20th century Britain attempts to seize the Arabian Peninsula from the Ottoman Empire. Ibn Saud, a Bedouin leader, is their choice, a bloodthirsty and simple-minded autocrat.

From 1902 to 1925 Britain finances Ibn Saud, a member of the puritanical Wahhabist Islamic sect, to lead a series of bloody wars against more established tribes across the peninsula. The brutality and fanaticism of Ibn Saud's Wahhabist followers - known…


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         UNITED NATIONS - / MaximsNews Network /  3 June 2011 - While we tend to think in terms of hundreds of millions of deprived and stunted lives, the reality is that each starving child, each malnourished expectant mother, each person who does not have the energy to…


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Our Tahrir Square: DC's Freedom Plaza on October 6th

When other nations' governments go off track, their people do something about it. In Tunisia and Egypt people have nonviolently claimed power in a way that has inspired Americans in Wisconsin and other states, as well as the people of Spain and the rest of the world.

Washington, D.C., is the weakest point in our democracy, without which state-level reform cannot succeed. Most Americans want our wars ended, our corporations and billionaires taxed, and our rights expanded rather than…


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“Give a man a fish; you've fed him for today. Teach him to fish; and you've fed him for a lifetime”

Hello everyone,


My name is Claudio and, as you can…


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The When of Sport and Peace

Notes from Belfast, N. Ireland....

Sport is used at many levels - individual, communal, and internationally. It is used in places all around the world from soccer fields in South Africa to basketball courts in Jerusalem. Where and who a program works with are usually fairly evident. What is less often discussed is the "when" of sports programs. What temporal space do these programs fill? Where along a transition from conflict to peace are the being used? When are they most… Continue

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Understanding the local dynamics of security - by Rens Willems

Why should we get local actors involved in conflict and complex security issues? Are they capable of dealing with large-scale insecurity, violent conflicts and oppressive regimes? Is the state not responsible for security, and is it not up to state security actors to provide security? And if these states are not willing or able to provide security, are international organisations such as the UN, NATO and the like not the most capable of dealing with insecurity in states? Based on my recent…


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UNOY Peacebuilders is looking for a financial officer (based in The Netherlands)

The United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY Peacebuilders) is looking for a financial officer from 1 July 2011 for a 0.6 FTE (full-time equivalent).

UNOY Peacebuilders, founded in 1989, is an international network of 49 youth organizations committed to a culture of peace and nonviolence. Its aim is to build capacity of youth in the areas of peacebuilding, advocacy and gender mainstreaming, to work toward establishing peaceful societies.

The International Secretariat is… Continue

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Creating dialogue through Yoga

I'm sitting in my spacious flat on a Sunday afternoon, drowsy from the heat of the sun's rays coming into the large windows and doors that are west-facing.

The only thing that keeps me awake is the knowledge that my yoga class is about to start. I'm waiting for students to arrive, and finally, one (the only one for the day) does.



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seeded by Shaheen Sultan Dhanji - Imperial Eye on Pakistan

By Andrew Gavin Marshall




As the purported assassination of Osama bin Laden has placed the focus on Pakistan, it is vital to assess the changing role of Pakistan in broad geostrategic terms, and in particular, of the changing American strategy toward Pakistan. The recently reported assassination was a propaganda ploy aimed at targeting Pakistan. To understand this, it is necessary to…


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American Pie, American Community

I cried "the day the music died" (how many of you are old enough to remember that?), and I cried watching this demonstration of a heartland American community coming together in joy and harmony – a demonstration of a culture of peace.

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